We know that the coming market is going to be viral through video marketing. It is because the entire video marketing is increasing day by day. We can see that social media like Facebook is going neck to neck competition with video creations and video channels. If a normal video is having followers around 1lakh to 2 lakh views, is people go for reading small content watching the video that is pinned to it and then goes to the site.

How can we take our video to the viral state?

  • Whenever if you are doing a video choose the best platform to place your videos. Eg: INSTAGRAM, FB, other channels like the periscope of twitter. Fresh contents are been out. Initial boost is given. If you guys remember the egg history of the Instagram, that campaign goes viral. When this was started, some influencer shared this at it go viral. It becomes one of the most liked images on Instagram.
  • If you use the same video that someone already used won’t work out. It won’t go viral. Your video should have some uniqueness. All you can find ideas.
  • Quality of videos should be important. It will reach to the big audience. When it is clear, good sound then people will listen to what you share. You can make editing which is necessary according to the videos.
  • Focus on branding! For eg check our site Aviv Digital basic branding method. Through such a method, you can do boosting to make your video go viral.
  • You need to optimize with the right keyword. The particular audience is been targeted. Your main keywords are not the same as SEO keywords. SEO needs long term keyword but for youtube, you should target high traffic keywords are necessary. If watching time increases, it increases traffic.
  • 72-80% are attracted with the Thumbnails.  aSo the right descriptions are necessary.
  • The main factor is content must be short, informative, actionable and effective one. Because people will fall bored while you present long videos.

Eg: Tags to the keywords, add descriptions with keywords, etc.

Is there any limitation in description while you upload the video on Youtube?

Minimum you should have 300 words in the description section. That should contain highly targeted keywords. Google won’t penalize you for this. Optimize properly. You should get back the link from a youtube to the website.14-125 tags can be used in it. It should be closely related to the targeted people that should not die in the future. You can search the topic in youtube and the 1st 10n youtube videos will have the tags so use that tags to make the reach. You can collect them and put them in the keyword planner tool and find the traffic to it and plan accordingly. Take in a note that you should search the good keywords and the most relatable ones.

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