Calicut, the city of literature, spices, and sculpture, is also now home to the growing IT industry. 

Calicut, a city in Kerala, has established itself as an emerging IT hub in Kerala with two cyber parks, Govt. Cyberpark, and UL Cyberpark (co-operative sector). There are over 100 companies and over 3,000 professionals employed in these cyberparks.
This Malabar coast of Calicut (also known as Kozhikode) had been a favourable destination for traders for centuries. This is because of its proximity to coastal areas and other major trade destinations in India. Today, Calicut stands as one of the major destinations for tourism, education, IT, and healthcare fields. Its connectivity to major ports and airports, proximity to major cities like Kochi, Bangalore, and Chennai, facilitates the transfer of goods and makes it easy for people to commute. These are some of the features that contribute to making Calicut a favourable hub for companies and businesses. Explore your perfect job opportunities in Calicut with our guide.

Booming industries and lucrative career choices in Calicut

Some rapidly evolving sectors in Calicut are IT, Tourism and hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, and education. These industries offer several rewarding career options.

IT Industry

The flourishing IT industry in Calicut offers a handful of opportunities in this sector for those people with in-demand skills. Cyberparks, along with other start-ups and companies, offer diverse opportunities for those seeking a career in the IT field.

Tourism and Hospitality

Calicut is a city with a rich history, culture, and food. This Malabar coast is one of the major tourist destinations in Kerala. Tourists from around the world visit this city to revisit the age-old culture and historical artefacts of Calicut. Tourism and hospitality is a major industry that provides various job opportunities.


Calicut has an efficient healthcare system with hospitals, medical colleges and clinics. The healthcare field offers diverse job opportunities. In addition to Doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists and counsellors, healthcare offers varied career opportunities in administration, hygiene, public health, research and development.


Calicut has a distinguished education system. Calicut has several prestigious schools, colleges, and universities. There is an NIT and IIM located in Calicut. There are several career opportunities linked to the educational system, such as teachers, administrative staff, research scholars, librarians, language trainers, educational consultants, etc.

We have handpicked a few careers that offer diverse opportunities within these industries in Calicut. Let’s dive deep into these exciting careers:

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a blooming field, and it is in vogue right now. Digital marketing is the practice of using digital media to promote your business or products. With more than half the world’s population using social media, there is no better way to showcase your products and services to the world. Digital marketing is the best and fastest way to advertise or sell your products or services online. Digital marketing is a highly sought-after career with a great pay scale. 

In Calicut, you can find a plethora of opportunities in this field. With a substantial increase in the number of companies and businesses opening their branches in Calicut, there is a high demand for digital marketers to promote their business on social media. There are several digital marketing agencies in the city which offer complete digital marketing solutions to companies. If you complete a digital marketing course in Calicut, you can get jobs in these areas. Some of the job titles a digital marketer can hold are listed below.

Digital Marketing ManagerSEO SpecialistContent strategist
Marketing AnalystSocial Media ManagerBrand Manager
Content SpecialistMarketing ManagerEmail marketer
Product Marketing ManagerContent Marketing Manager

A digital marketing specialist in Calicut earns up to ₹ 5.2 Lakhs per annum. This data is subject to change based on one’s experience and employer.

There are several courses that train you to be a digital marketer. You can opt for an undergraduate degree in digital marketing, or you can select a short-term digital marketing course in Calicut, like the one offered by Aviv Digital, Both options will offer you a rewarding career in the field, as it is rapidly growing with numerous employment opportunities.

Top Digital Marketing Institute in Calicut

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Software Engineer

Calicut offers several opportunities for software engineers. Software engineer develops and maintains software applications. To become a software engineer, you need a minimum requirement of a four-year bachelor’s degree in Computer science.
Calicut has many IT companies which open up diverse career opportunities for software engineers. Cyberparks in Calicut alone offer a wide range of opportunities for software engineers. This is one of the most popular and well-paid jobs you will get in the IT field. A multitude of career paths awaits a software engineer, such as;

Database EngineerFull stack EngineerSoftware Architect
Frontend DeveloperSoftware DeveloperWeb Developer
Back end developerCloud EngineerDevOps Engineer
Systems AnalystJava DeveloperMobile Developer

The average salary range of a software engineer in Calicut is between ₹1.5 Lakhs to ₹7.4 Lakhs. This data varies according to one’s experience level and employer.

UI/UX Designer

A User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Designer works with website design. Often used interchangeably, these are two distinct terms. A UI designer focuses on designing the part of the website that the users interact with, and the UX Designer works on providing a better user experience while the audience interacts with the website. Every business and company needs its own website, and thus, UI/UX designers are in high demand. It is really important to ensure the website is user-friendly and meets the users’ needs. A UI/UX designer ensures that the website contents reach the users in an engaging way. UI/UX designers play an important role in website design as they can catch audience engagement and attention to the website.
UI/UX designer is a highly sought-after job in Calicut. Most companies are in need of UI/UX designers.

There are more job titles other than UI/UX designer in this career field. Here are some of them:

UX DesignerUX ResearcherUI Designer
Information architectInteraction designerProduct Designer
UX WriterUX LeadVisual designer
Motion DesignerUI InnovatorUX Prototyper

You can train to be a UI/UX designer through short-term UI UX Design Course in Calicut. If you are looking for a similar course in Calicut, you can check out the UI UX Design Course in Calicut with an internship at Aviv Digital.

A UI/UX designer in Calicut earns a salary between ₹1.5 Lakhs to ₹9.0 Lakhs.

Hotel management

Hotel management is related to the management of lodging facilities like hotels and resorts and managing guests. In addition to lodging, guest service, and food and beverage also comes under hotel management. Calicut is one of the major tourist destinations in Kerala, and a lot of tourists visit the city. Calicut is also famous for its culinary delights, and there are many restaurants in the city. This offers many opportunities for hotel management graduates in the hospitality field in Calicut. Event management and catering are also areas where hotel management graduates work. A Bachelor’s in hotel management is a three-year course. Here are some of the job profiles in the hospitality field:

Event plannersTravel consultants.Restaurant Manager
Kitchen StaffKitchen ManagerHotel / General Manager
Front Desk EmployeeFront Desk ManagerHousekeeping Manager
Head ChefMarketing ManagerSales Manager
Hotel ReceptionistCruise Ship AttendantEvent manager

A hotel manager earns up to ₹14.8 Lakhs in Calicut. This can vary according to the experience, job title, and employer.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing career is aimed at promoting the products and services of a company. Marketing plays an important role in promoting and generating revenue for a business. The sales and marketing team keeps a connection with customers and clients. Communication, and creative and analytical thinking are important skills needed to outshine in a marketing career. In Calicut, you’ll find many opportunities in this field. This is a high-paying job as you often get incentives for your sales. Calicut has a lot of start-ups and companies that recruit a lot of people for their sales and marketing force. This city has a lot of ed-tech firms that hire a huge team to carry their sales. You’ll find a lot of rewarding career opportunities after a marketing degree. Calicut is also home to one of the IIMs, India’s top management school. A marketing graduate finds many rewarding career opportunities and there are also strong chances for career advancement. Given below are job titles that you can pursue after a marketing degree.

Sales AssociateSales RepresentativeSales Manager
Business Development ManagerSalespersonSales Consultant
Sales Development RepresentativeSales ExecutiveBusiness Development Associate
Director of Business DevelopmentMarketing CoordinatorMarketing Manager
Communications ManagerDigital Media ManagerMarket Research Analyst

A Sales and marketing manager earns a salary range between ₹2 lakhs to ₹15.9 lakhs per year. This data can vary according to the seniority level, experience, and employer.

Media and journalism

Journalism is another field that offers plenty of opportunities. A career in journalism gives you an opportunity to connect with the world and make your voice heard. Calicut has made significant contributions to the history of Indian press development. The city has several media companies and publishing houses. With the advent of digital media, there are numerous opportunities in the field. You will normally require an undergraduate degree in media and journalism or a diploma in journalism like the ones offered by Calicut Press Club to land a job in the media. You’ll find opportunities in print media, digital media, and publishing houses. Here are some careers you can explore in the media ad journalism industry;

News copy editorBroadcast journalistPhotojournalist
News editorColumnistNews producer
CopywriterNews reporterSportswriter
Technical writerEditorial assistantJournalist
Editor-in-ChiefContent writerPublisher
VideographerMedia DirectorCamera Operator
Digital Media SpecialistGhost WriterAudio and Video Equipment Technician

The salary of a journalist starts from ₹1.6 Lakhs per annum.

Where to look for jobs in Calicut?

You can find Calicut jobs in popular job portals like Naukri, Indeed, Linkedin, etc. IT-related job opportunities in Calicut can be found on the official websites and social media pages of Cyberparks and CafIT (Calicut Forum for IT (CafIT), formed by the IT professionals of Calicut, is a non-profit organisation started with an aim to bring together the IT companies in Calicut and their services under a single roof.

Why Calicut?

Calicut offers good living conditions. It has good hospitals and transportation facilities. Also, the reasonable cost of living makes Calicut a better city to work and live in. In addition, it has a rich culinary history. Calicut offers a wonderful experience to the people. Also, the number of booming start-ups indicates that the city is a favourable spot for entrepreneurs to start a business.

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