Did you just finish your 10th, 12th, or graduation? If so, you might be wondering what’s next. In today’s world, just having a basic degree might not feel like enough. With so many people competing for jobs, how do you stand out?

One great way is to look into short-term, job-oriented courses. These courses are designed to give you specific skills that employers want. And the best part? You don’t have to spend years studying. In just a short time, you can be ready for a good job in a top company.

Now, if you’re thinking about where to take these courses, consider Kerala. Why? Because Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India at 94.00%. That’s way above the national average of 75.30%. This shows that Kerala values education and quality training. So, whether you’re into Digital Marketing, Accounting, Analytics, Finance, or IT, Kerala offers some of the best courses to get you job-ready.

The Upsides of Choosing Job-Oriented Course

Learn Useful Skills: Job-oriented courses teach you skills that companies really want. This means after finishing the course, you’ll know how to do specific tasks that your job will require.

Get a Job Faster: When you have special skills from these courses, employers are more likely to hire you. It’s like having a shiny badge that says, “I’m trained and ready!”

Save Time: These courses are shorter than regular college degrees. So, you can learn quickly, get your certificate, and start working sooner.

Real-World Practice: Instead of just reading books, these courses let you practice what you’ll actually do in a job. It’s like a test drive before the real thing.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Courses

Today, many businesses are using online tools like social media to reach their customers. This means that almost every company, big or small, is trying to be active online. This surge in digital adoption means there’s a growing demand for professionals who understand the nuances of digital marketing.If you’re exploring job-oriented courses in Kochi, consider diving into digital marketing. It’s not only cost-effective but also a powerful way to enhance your skill set and meet the needs of modern businesses.


One of the advantages of digital marketing courses is it doesn’t have any eligibility criteria like others. If you are seeking job oriented courses after 10th in Kerala, you are the right person to get a decent job in digital marketing with the highest pay in the industry.


Time duration varies from each course. There are courses which can be completed in one month to one year.

Study Areas

Digital Marketing Course covers numerous channels in particular SEO, Pay per click and Affiliate Marketing, web analytics, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, mobile marketing and so forth.


By completing any course in digital marketing you will be eligible to get a good job in various roles like Digital Marketing Manager, Content Manager, Web analytics Executive, SEO Manager etc.

 SEO Certification Course

SEO Course Calicut, Ernakulam, Trivandrum

With an SEO certification course, you will be capable of learning search engines in detail. Right from on-page and off-page optimization to search engine algorithms, the main aim of this course is to create a comprehensive knowledge in every aspirant regarding the subject.

SEM Certification Course

SEM Course Calicut, Ernakulam, Trivandrum

Are you looking for job oriented course? You can get a deeper understanding of the advertising techniques of best search engines along with creating ads, decipher user technology, analyzing market etc. The course helps you for increased advertisement visibility and to increase the website traffic. A certified SEO course from a leading digital marketing professional will gives you to get live projects, free marketing tools, 100% job assistance and in-depth learning from industry experienced faculty.

 SMO Certification Course

SMO Certification Course Calicut, Ernakulam, Trivandrum

Besides lots of career opportunities in social media optimization, you can also get financial advantages for your own business. If you are looking for job oriented courses after graduation arts to start your own business, this is the right time for you to join SMO course with a leading digital marketing institute. After the course is complete you get a chance to find a high paid job or else you can start your own business and promote it through social media to grab the customers towards you.

Business Accounting and Taxation

Jon Oriented Courses

This course is composed with a particular spotlight on helping you to be a professional accountant. The course is intended to give hands-on-skill in Accounting and Taxation. BAT course program sets you up not only for a career but rather gives you reasonable exposer to develop in your job as taxation and accounting experts.


Any students, graduates, postgraduates and working experts yearning for a career in Accounting and Taxation are qualified for this course.


It’s a full time instructional class and typically time term to finish this course training is around 3 months.

Study Areas

This course covers accounting ideas, distinctive finance policies, direct and indirect taxes, IT proficiency and MIS reporting, financial explanations, QuickBooks, SAP modules, advanced excel, GST model etc.


In the wake of finishing this course, you will comprehend different useful parts of accounting and ready to manage tax assessment and different compliances. This will make you an accomplished expert in taxation and accounting. On a normal, you will get a pay of 3 to 12 lakhs for every annum after this short term course.


Courses in Calicut, Trivandrum, Ernakulam

Tally is particularly outlined software remembering Indian traders and dealers. This is, for the most part, favored because of effortlessness, simple to work, less cost associated with usage and maintenance. This software handles accounting, stock administration, tax administration and finance and so forth.


Any Graduates, working experts, twelfth pass students, seeking jobs after CA and MBA are qualified for joining for Tally course.


Regularly duration to finish Tally course training is around 3 months.

Study Areas

It includes Accounting, Payroll, Banking Taxation, Billing, Inventory, Reporting and so forth.


If you get Tally certified, you will get a chance to work with the Hospitals, banks, accounting sector etc. It causes you to gain entry to the corporate world through accounting. Normal pay for tally employees will be 5 to 30 lakhs per annum.

Business Analytics

Certification Courses

Regardless of whether you are in Finance, Sales and Marketing, Operations, or Planning, you will be in contact with million data points each day. Business analytics course discovers approaches to comprehend accessible data in regards to a business. It utilizes tools and methods like information mining, pattern matching, and prescient displaying to anticipate and advance results and get benefits from the data.


There are no aptitudes you must have to take this course, albeit basic mathematics will be helpful. However, the course is intended for individuals with minimal knowledge in mathematics.


Ordinarily, time term to finish Business Analytics course training is around 3 to 5 months.

Study Areas

This course covers Summarizing data, Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Time Series Modeling, Decision Tree and Clustering, Market Basket Analysis and so on.


The utilization of Business Analytics is far reaching over all industries, including Information Technology, Healthcare, E-commerce, Banking and Insurance, Law Enforcement, Biotechnology, Human Resource Management. The normal pay for a Business Analyst is Rs 5 to 10 lakhs for each annum.

Big Data and Hadoop

Job Oriented Courses in Calicut, Trivandrum, Ernakulam

Big data is a term that depicts the huge measure of information for both structured and unstructured. Big data and Hadoop course can drive you settling on better choices and vital business moves. Hadoop is a software structure for putting away and handling Big Data. It is an open-source apparatus expand on java stage and spotlights on enhanced execution as far as data processing on groups of hardware commodities.


Any Graduate/Post-Graduate, who is yearning for good opportunities for work in Hadoop are qualified to seek after this fleeting course. If you are searching for the most recent technologies to be actualized in your association, to meet the challenges of data administration, Big Data and Hadoop course is the best alternative.


Typically time term to complete Big Data and Hadoop course training is around 1 to 3 months.

Study Areas

This course incorporates hands-on involvement in Core Java and great analytical skills to get a handle on and apply the ideas in Hadoop. Hadoop includes numerous ideas and modules like HDFS, Map-Reduce, HBASE, PIG, HIVE, SQOOP and ZOOKEEPER to play out the simple and quick handling of big data.


Hadoop is one of the most sweltering profession choices accessible today for software engineers. There is an immense measure of employments presently for Hadoop designers, Chief data officer, Data analyst, Big Data Engineer, Data Architect and so forth. Normal pay of a Hadoop Professionals is 5 to 30 lakhs per annum.


So, as of now, you might have understood various courses to get a highly paid job within a short span of time. If you are interested to go for a job right after your tenth or plus two or graduation, you have plenty of options in digital marketing and other areas of interest. Check out the courses listed and choose the right one for you. If you choose the right one, success is not far away from you.

Short Term Job Oriented Courses After 12th

Time is valuable and you have to start thinking or deciding the next step of your career in this brief timeframe. Just a graduation degree is insufficient in this focused world. You must be represented considerable authority in some part which drives you to land a conventional position.

Short Term Job Oriented Courses After 12th

Many of you may anticipate seeking after some Short course or you may searching for higher studies and begin getting ready for any entrance test.

Chosen learners from our preparation organization will be offered temporary job opportunity with our advanced showcasing organization. We provide 100% training with guaranteed job placement in the wake of finishing the temporary job with us. We get the normal request from other advanced advertising organizations and organizations asking for prepared computerized promoting experts.

Digitalized channels and internet-based life have turned into the most basic of all cutting-edge showcasing instruments. Every one of the capacities in business includes advanced stages. That is the reason each individual requests the fundamental learning and systems which are being utilized usually in advanced advertising. Digital marketing course is one of the most economical and beneficial skills that is trending in youth nowadays!

We are providing hands-on information on job oriented short term courses to students who are completed their 12th, Graduates, and Engineering in Kerala. Many of you are in confusion about what to choose and where to choose! So here in Kerala, we are providing the best job oriented courses after 12th with 100% placement!

Guiders are committed to satisfying the unending corporate requirements for employable applicants. We are centered around changing understudies to end up capable pioneers of tomorrow by supporting the progression of information, setting your talents and make out the potential of the genuine individual.

Recognizing that every one of our understudies is honored with best talents that focus on all round self-improvement of each person. The courses are planned and organized to offer difficulties in all dimensions. A committed group of guides is in the persistent quest for making employable applicants with the correct abilities and the right mentality.

Job Oriented Short Term Courses in Kerala by Location

The Class XII board, also known as Upper Secondary, the step for one’s future are made and eliminated for this academic year, and the results have also been published. The education system in India is seeing the emergence of new trends in which students choose to specialize in the chosen field of study through diploma courses. These courses provide students with experience in their field of study and are highly coveted. In fact, some of these courses even have an entrance exam. Let us check the various job oriented courses in Kerala that are available at technologically leading places like Calicut, Kochi, and Trivandrum.

Job Oriented Courses in Calicut

Job Oriented Courses in calicut

There are many students who choose to take a year off, so they can work to obtain admission to a university of their choice by reappearing on the entrance exams. Well, such students must first understand that without the school and board exams they must face, they will have more than enough time to prepare for the papers. In fact, in most cases, too much time on hand can be harmful.

These students in their free time can do the following short courses, which will not only help them in the future, but also give them a break from the monotony of their subjects, and there will be something important to project in the CV for the sabbatical year.

Searching for the best center for short term courses in Kerala? Aviv Digital is one the most trusted education center located in Calicut, Kerala for short term courses.

Job Oriented Courses in Kochi

Job oriented courses in Kochi

In addition to the new tendency to opt for a short term course instead of a degree, some may even have a financial restriction that does not allow them to attend college. Well, these students do not have to worry because at the current age there are countless options for short term courses that will help them find a job easily in the future. There is the availability of job oriented short term courses in Kochi, Kerala.

Job Oriented Courses in Trivandrum

There are short term courses to get settled with a job rather than choosing more degree! There are many among us who cannot afford amount to study those 3 yr courses. You can choose many competitive short term courses to settle your life with a good salary in the future. Your dream job is closer than you think. Training courses available on digital marketing in Trivandrum.

Aviv Digital is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in Cochin, Kerala. We offer a wide variety of globally recognized certification programs which includes SEO Training, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing and Inbound marketing course. For more details, Contact us at +91 8157998844