A career in technology ensures endless possibilities. UI/UX is an area that you can focus on for better career opportunities. UI/UX is a career that is high in demand as it is an essential part of most companies. It not only requires technical knowledge but also a creative mindset. The primary focus of a UI/UX designer is customers and enhancing their overall experience with creative and engaging designs.

The popularity of UI/UX is attracting more people towards a career in this field. In this article, we shall discuss in detail about UI and UX and everything you need to know to land a career in UI/UX. 

What is UI/UX Design

Often used interchangeably, UI/UX are two distinct terms. UI and UX are integral parts of a website or product development and are vital in ensuring customer satisfaction when interacting with the product.

The UI (User Interface) is the part of the product or website with which the users interact. This part is crucial in keeping the users engaged. The buttons and menus of a website, the touch screen of a mobile phone, etc., are examples of user interfaces. The UI part of the website should be visually appealing and easy to use. 

User experience (UX) concerns the user’s experience upon interaction with the website or product. Focusing on UX design is necessary to create efficient and pleasant experiences, which in turn improve user engagement and lead to user retention. The UX design should ensure simple navigation, ultimately resulting in increased sales.

In simple words, UI deals with the visual and interactive elements, while UX deals with how the user feels or experiences. Both play a vital role in the design process. Extensive research on customer behaviour and needs are core to develop an intuitive and engaging design.

Role of a UI/UX designer

A poorly designed website can adversely affect the conversion rates and user retention. Nobody wants to stay on a website that loads slow, is complicated, and difficult to navigate. The responsibilities of a UI/UX designer includes,


The users are the prime focus of UI/UX designers. It is important to understand the user behaviour and user needs inorder to create an effective design. They conduct extensive user research to understand the user types and needs. The design should maintain inclusivity and must be accessible to everyone, including people with different challenges. Everyone should be able to easily navigate through the website despite the challenges they face. 


The designers are required to work closely with developers to ensure the proper implementation of the design they envisioned. They must also maintain proper communication with the clients to understand their goals and execute them properly.


A UI designer focuses on the aesthetic appeal of the product. There are a lot of things to take care of when creating the design, like aligning with the brand identity and creating consistency in colour and design. In order to create an effective design, the UI designers go through processes like creating wireframes and prototypes to draft and evaluate the designs. A UX designer plans the whole thing and develops strategies to ensure a better user experience and engagement with the product.

Testing and Feedback

The prototypes need to be tested with specialists or target audiences to gather feedback about the design and address any potential issues. Testing is an important part of product design before launching the final product. The prototype is tested at various stages of the product design. Collecting user feedback and addressing the issues should be carried out diligently. The product should be open to feedback, with continuous testing to incorporate the latest design trends.

How to become a UI UX designer

If you are passionate about designs and have a creative mindset, you can become a UI/UX designer. This is a technological career with big demand. But if you are wondering how to become a UI/UX designer, here are a few steps you can follow. 

Learn the basics

You can land a UI/UX career through self-learning, enrolling in a UI/UX course, or earning a professional degree. If you are a self-learner, start by learning the fundamentals of UI/UX like researching and design principles. Learn from books on the topic and follow video tutorials and podcasts on social media platforms. You can also try to connect with professionals from the field to discuss and clarify your doubts. UI/UX Design and Development courses are available in colleges at graduate and post-graduate levels. You can also opt for Diploma or Certificate courses in UI/UX offered by various institutes.

Designing tools

To put your theoretical knowledge into practice, you can explore and work with various designing tools. There are video tutorials on how to use these tools, and you can also find online communities where you can discuss these tools. Plenty of UI/UX tools are available, but the popular ones are Sketch for macOS, Figma, and Adobe XD. Other tools are available in the market such as Axure RP, InVision Studio, Adobe Photoshop, etc. If you want a complete package including files and resources, use UI design kits to simplify the designing and development process. Practice and polish your UI/UX skills using these tools. 

Volunteer and Freelance

Landing a career can be difficult if you are self-taught. To gain professional experience, you can start by volunteering or participating in internship programs. To start with this, you can try connecting with people from the same background on LinkedIn. Freelancing is also a great way to start your career. Platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer can be used to get freelance work.


Building a network with professionals from this field can help you learn and land a career in UI/UX. One way of connecting with like-minded people is through online communities. If you dive deep, you can find various communities for UI/UX designers, where people discuss new technology, tools, and trends in UI/UX. Also, seminars, conferences, and meetups are places where you can find professionals from your field. Here, you can participate in discussions and establish connections with fellow UI/UX designers.


Create a digital portfolio to showcase your skills and experiences. Your passion and creative thinking ability must be highlighted in your portfolio. This might help you catch the attention of recruiters and land your dream job. As a beginner, you can add your internships, freelance projects, or work you have volunteered for.

UI UX designer qualifications

Getting a bachelor’s in graphic design or computer-related courses can be beneficial. However, if you know the basics of computers and have an eye for design, you can always learn the skills needed to become a qualified UI/UX designer. There are some companies that would require a bachelor’s degree as a basic qualification to land a job. Still, even popular tech companies nowadays evaluate you based on your UI/UX designer qualifications, including your skills and experiences.

UI UX designer course syllabus

The course includes subject areas such as Information Architecture, Design Principles, the Basic concept of UI/UX design, Wireframing and Prototyping, Colors and Typography, and designing software and tools.

Job Titles

A UI/UX designer can work in different job titles. So, if you are applying for a job, here are a few job titles you can look for in various industries.

  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Information Architect
  • Graphic Designer
  • Product Designer
  • UX Architect
  • UX Researcher
  • Visual Designer
  • UX Engineer
  • UX Developer
  • UI Designer
  • Web Designer

The salary for a UI/UX designer’s entry-level position can be quite competitive. The average base pay can be around 4 Lakh to 8 Lakh per year. As you advance in your career, your salary increases, and you can earn up to 15 Lakhs per year.

Our UI/UX Design Courses Duration And Fees:

UI UX design course typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Advanced Diploma Course in UI UX Design6 Months₹ 60,000
Advanced Diploma in Web Design & Development Course6 Months₹ 60,000


Landing a career in UI/UX can be fairly easy with proper guidance. With dedicated learning and practice, you can easily polish your skills. UI/UX offers a rewarding career in the tech industry, with systematic learning plans, mentorship, and working experience, you can land a stable career in UI/UX. Good Luck with your journey to becoming a UI/UX designer.

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