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About Aviv Digital

Aviv Digital is an award-winning digital institute-the first and No.1 dedicated institute in Kerala run by a digital agency


An Acodez - venture

With Digital Marketing taking the world economy by storm, businesses world over are bringing their online dreams to fruition. AvivDigital, the brainchild of leading web solutions company- Acodez IT Solutions, is on the mission to impart their Digital Marketing expertise through advanced certification courses to infuse skilled professionals into the field. Starting from the basics to the latest trends in the field, we can help you build your online business or to leverage the soaring career opportunities in this dynamic industry.


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Who we are?


While the world is embracing the internet pertaining to the fantabulous options that it bombards people with, there is a lack of digital marketing professionals, who can execute great digital ideas to attract, engage, convert and retain customers. And, thus, AvivDigital came to be launched – a joint venture from Acodez IT Solutions.

Business functionalities over the web are empowered by digital marketing. It is the connectivity point that connects millions from across the world to one place over the web. But, only an expert can implement great ideas that bridge the gap between connectivity and communication over the web. This is when Acodez IT Solutions emerges with an objective to impart certified digital marketing courses for aspiring candidates, who will transform the online world of business into a money-mining mill.


Aviv Digital – the mastermind of Acodez IT Solutions

We have customized an amazing package of digital marketing curricula where you will be trained across the various sectors of the online business marketing starting from the basics to the extreme intricate details, which will help you to find a career calling with some of the most popular organizations in the globe or to run a business successfully.

AvivDigital foresees the world of digital marketing today, beyond and forever. It is never too late to begin and here is your opportunity to chase your dreams and turn these into a reality. A well-structured syllabus, imparted by a team of certified digital marketing experts, we ensure that you have a great learning experience while acquiring a great deal of practical knowledge within the specified time. The hands-on experience and case-study features are our highlights that will mould you into an industry expert, which you aspire to be.

Acodez IT Solutions is the mastermind behind the establishment, AvivDigital.


About Acodez IT Solutions

This is one of the leading web design and web development companies in India, offering intricately designed solutions and services to client-businesses world over. Felicitated with multiple international awards, Acodez IT Solutions, launched in the year 2011 is one of the most sought-after IT services providers, which is also a Google and Bing Ads Accredited professional agency, to add more.

You have the skills and passion, and we specialize in training aspiring professionals to realize their dreams of digital marketing. Why wait? Enroll in today and walk the extra mile in conquering heights above the skies transforming yourself into a digital marketing superstar. More than half the world’s population is online today and there is a lack of expert digital marketing professionals to fulfill their business needs, so the time is ripe to show what you are good at.

AvivDigital is where we create digital marketing professionals that the online world needs today.

Aviv Digital is a fully owned subsidiary of Acodez, one of the leading web agencies in india with 6 offices across india and a 100+ members team













Affiliations & international certifications

Certified Digital Marketing Courses

Global Standard

The Global Standard

We have a team of digital marketing experts that plunge into the ocean of digital marketing and dive back with ideas that are globally tried-and-proven,which we incorporate into our learning curriculum.

Flexible Study Options

Flexible Study Options

This is one of the most attractive features of choosing AvivDigital for learning. We offer learning options that are structured to fit in your convenience and availability.

Leading Digital Experts

Leading Digital Experts

Another one of the highlighting features of learning from us is the advantage of leading digital industry-experts who train the career aspirants.

Industry-Validated Syllabus

Industry-Validated Syllabus

Our expert curriculum strategists are constantly observing and analyzing the updates in digital marketing, which happens every fortnight and we update our curricula accordingly to imbibe in the latest industry trends.

Gain Up-To-Date Industry Knowledge

Gain Up-To-Date Industry Knowledge

With industry-experts training you along with an update syllabus, we guarantee that there will be no loopholes to miss anything from the wide world of digital marketing.

Internationally Recognized Accreditation

Internationally Recognized Accreditation

Taught across 80 different countries, with more than 20K+ successful candidates today employed in the most sought-after global organizations, while others realizing their entrepreneurial dreams, we provide you with digital marketing certifications that are internationally accredited.


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