There are plenty of search engine marketing businesses which are promoting their services to attract the customers and thanks to Google that they now have the opportunity to gain an extra edge over their competitors.

The Google AdWords exam gives individuals a chance to test their knowledge of the AdWords program, as well as the process of managing multiple AdWords accounts.

By taking this exam, you will also earn a certification that shows prospective employers that you have an adequate knowledge of this valuable tool.

For professionals who are dealing with the AdWords accounts of many different clients on a daily basis, this exam will certainly bolster the knowledge they already have.

Moreover, this will enhance their reputation in the market which will help them to bring more businesses.

Google Adwords Exam

Over the past few years, the Google Adwords exam has changed a lot. Totally there are 6 certifications.

  1. Adwords fundamentals
  2. Search Advertising
  3. Display Advertising
  4. Video Advertising
  5. Shopping Advertising
  6. Mobile Advertising

But to become a Google Adwords certified professional, you need to pass two exams.

The first exam to get qualified will be Adwords fundamentals which is compulsory and the other one which you can choose out of the other five certifications like Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising or Mobile Advertising.

Your efforts will be appreciated if you can also get certified in all 6 tests too.

Get the details of test modules of each exam here.

Test Modules

  1. Adwords Fundamentals: This exam covers basic and intermediate concepts of Adwords, benefits of online advertising and Adwords and best practices for managing and optimizing Adwords campaigns.
  2. Search Advertising: the search advertising exam covers advanced concepts and best practices for creating, measuring, managing and optimizing search campaigns.
  3. Display Advertising: This advertising exam covers advanced concepts and best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing display campaigns.
  4. Mobile Advertising: the mobile advertising exam covers every facet of mobile advertising including basic and advanced concepts, ad formats, bidding, targeting, campaign measurement and optimization.
  5. Video Advertising: This exam includes basic and advanced concepts of video advertising, campaigns across YouTube and other channels, best practices for creating, measuring, managing and optimizing video campaigns.
  6. Shopping Advertising: Shopping advertising exam includes fundamental and advanced concepts, how to create a merchant centre account, product data feed, creating and managing shopping campaigns.

Cost: Though earlier you need to pay $100 for the exams, these days the test is absolutely free.

Time: Time is not same for all the exams.

For the AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, and Display Advertising exams you have 120 minutes and within this time, you need to answer roughly 100 questions for each.

For the Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Mobile Advertising you have 90 minutes to answer 70 questions for each.

Score: The passing score is 80% for all the papers.

Retake: If you will not pass the exam, you can reappear in it after 7 days.

Validity: The AdWords certification is only valid for one year.

You will have to renew the AdWords Fundamentals test along with the second test of your choice to maintain the certification status.

How to Do Sign Up?

  1. Sign in with Google Partners: If you are not signed up for Google Academy for ads , then this is the time you need to do so.
    This is not an intricate process. Any agency or individual who manages AdWords accounts can sign up.
    By signing up, you will get more opportunities in future. You can go to google partners website in order to sign up.
  2. Navigate to Certifications and Adwords: Once you have finished your sign in part, you will see the Certifications tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
    Then you need to select AdWords tab.
  3. Take the Test: This is a common test and thus, you don’t need to pre-book your seat in advance.
    Once you are ready with your preparation, you can take the test by clicking “Take exam” under the Adwords exam section.
  4. Repeat the Process for the Next Exam of Your Choice: At first, you need to take the Adwords fundamental exam.
    Once you have passed it, then you can choose any of the complementary tests depending on your interest and the nature of your business.
    If you are dealing with e-commerce sector, then take shopping as your second exam test.
    Once you have passed the two exams, you will receive the official certificate from the team.

Preparation for Google Adwords Certification

It is always advisable that you study properly before taking the exams. These exams are not a walk-through so please ensure you have prepared adequately for the exams.

Google’s Exams Study Guide: Google has a thorough study guide center to help you in preparing for each exam. This is a great resource and most the information you will need can be found here.

The entire thing is broken down into sections for each exam. You can also print off the entire study guide so you can study offline.

There are some test questions on some of the study material so can practice them which will help you to understand the pattern of the tests.

AdWords Help Forum: Another good resource is the AdWords help forum which will boost your knowledge for the exam.

The forums are full of Google AdWords users asking a range of questions covering all topics related to Google AdWords.

The forum has a lot of good contributors some of which are actual Google employees.

You will certainly get benefitted if you go through the various topics and questions that are published here.

iPass Exam: If you really want to score good marks in your Adwords exam, then don’t miss this forum. Their system is the perfect way to practice and pass the AdWords exams.

The program gives you practice tests which are very similar questions to the real exam.

By practicing these questions, you can understand which area you need to improve before appearing for your final test.

You can buy questions from this forum but you need to spend your money, so better you can trial the free versions. iPass also offers study materials but their tests are more valuable and important for the candidates.

Do Some Real Tests: If you want to fetch some astounding marks in your AdWords exam, then first get some actual AdWords experience which will build up your confidence and will give you an in-depth idea about the test.

If you can successfully complete the Adwords experience tests, then you will certainly score good marks in your AdWords certificate exam.

Even Google recommends on-the-job AdWords experience before attempting the certification tests.

Exam Tips: Read the questions carefully before making your choice. Take your time and think about the questions before you answer them.

If you don’t know the answer mark it and move on then return to the question when you have time.

Google really cares about its users so sometimes it helps to think like a Google user when answering some of the questions.

Tips to Crack Your Adwords Exam for the First Time

  1. Choose Your Time Properly: There is no fixed time for this exam.
    If you are more productive at night, then choose your time accordingly.
  2. Choose Your Location: Your location plays an important role in your exam.
    So, wisely choose your location.
    Try to avoid any noisy or crowded place rather you can select a place which is serene and calm.
  3. Read the Questions Carefully: Since you have enough time, so don’t rush through your answer.
    Read each question carefully before making the answer.
    If required read twice before proceeding.
  4. Are You Sure? Review all answers before submitting them. Don’t take the things lightly.
    You can skip your answer if you are not confident about it. But make sure all your answers are right.
  5. Know Your Knowledge: If you are familiar with the Adwords guide, then don’t waste your time by reading everything.
    Try to focus and polish your knowledge on those areas where you need to improve your skills.
  6. Be a Formula Friend: Your exam will include several areas like various formulas, Adwords API, conversion optimization, etc.
    If you have an inadequate knowledge regarding all the technical areas and formulas, then you need to prepare yourself to memorize all the basics.
  7. Get Comfortable: Refresh yourself before taking the exam.
    You need to fuel your energy so that you can perform aptly for 120 mins.
    If required take a small break before appearing the exam and invigorate your energy.
  8. Don’t Get Fooled: Some questions are quite tricky and the options are very similar to each other.
    Don’t get fooled with these types of options.
    Read the question carefully and choose the answer which fits the best.
  9. Take Your Time: You have enough time to complete the test, so utilize your time prudently.
    You can’t skip questions in this exam as you are allowed to use materials.
  10. Failure is Not the End: This exam is absolutely free for you. If you didn’t score well, then retake the exam after completion of your preparation.
    You don’t need to invest a single penny for retaking the exam. Failing the first time is not the end of the world.
  11. Go for Double: Try to attempt AdWords fundamentals and Search exams one after another. If you have the time, then take these two tests at a time.
  12. Partner Status Can Take Time: If you have passed the exam with a good score and still not accepted as a partner, then don’t panic. Because this will take time for your status to update. So, be patience after the exam.

Why Should You Get Google Adwords Certification?

Google Adwords certification is valuable in many cases. Let’s discuss some of the benefits that you will get once you get Google AdWords certification.

  1. Improved PPC Account Performance: One of the pivotal features of AdWords Online Training site is improving account performance.
    With free live Webinars, advertisers can gain knowledge, mileage and get some outstanding results from AdWords.
  2. Learn About New Features: Though you are doing PPC for years, still there are some features that you are not aware of or don’t know how to use for your benefits.
    Taking AdWords Certification exam, you can learn things like Website Optimizer, Conversion Optimizer, the Content Network, Google Analytics, and more.
    Even the experts in AdWords may not know all these features.
    If you want to pass the exam, then you need to understand everything related to AdWords and should have an in-depth knowledge of Adwords, even those you don’t use on a daily basis.
  3. Enhance Your Market Reputation to the Clients and Employers: If you are offering PPC account management services, then Adwords certification will improve your reputation and you will get preference by the clients.
    The perception of the client gets changed when they get to know about the certifications. They will treat you as a professional PPC manager.
    If you are an in-house PPC manager, then your employer will get impressed with you if you have this Adwords certification with you.
    If you are looking for a job, an addition of Google AdWords Certificate in your resume will speak for you.

Hope, the above information will help you in preparing your test for AdWords Certification.

Prepare yourself methodically if you want to secure good marks in your upcoming Google AdWords examination.

Since you are aware of your limitations and weak point, so you try to overcome these once you are planning to start your preparation for Adwords certification.

Google Adwords and its process are not very intricate, once you start your preparation, you can easily get accustomed to it. 

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