Do you know about a test that analyzes and credits business intelligence in Facebook ads? Yes, Facebook has officially launched the Facebook Blueprint Certification Test to support your business or career to view the best results and to set you apart in the digital marketing industry. To be clear,

It is a global training and certification program by Facebook that is designed to help businesses to meet their goals in the productive and well-customized way possible.

This doesn’t mean those advertisers who are uncertified will be barred from Facebook, but those certified advertisers gain more credibility.

How do you differentiate a certified and uncertified individual on Facebook?

Check next time when you see a badge for an advertiser which says he is Facebook Blueprint Certified. When you are certified and gained a badge, you can add to your website to exhibit your Facebook ad skills.

Why Facebook blueprint certification or getting an electronic badge is important and a pride?

This is because, the certification is quite difficult than you might think and it cannot be taken anywhere, anytime. You must take it as seriously as your school or college exams. Facebook blueprint certification is a must for digital marketing professionals to maximize certain advanced-level competency in comprehending and executing the latest Facebook advertising strategies.

Let’s hear about what Facebook says about Blueprint Certification

Facebook teaches business to market and promote in the most outcome-oriented manner and also acts as a powerful advertising platform. The Blueprint certification by Facebook has all essence of marketing strategies that make Facebook in the same manner as Google is with its Google Analytics Academy and Google Adwords Guide. Facebook says: 

 Blueprint eLearning center has 35 online courses and it also has tracks organized by category for direct response marketing and tracks for specific roles like digital buying. The certification program integrates with other learning programs and tracks progress and results.

If you need to stand out in the industry, get Facebook’s new Blueprint Certification that helps you as a digital marketer or as an agency. You can quickly hire talented professionals or set a bar for existing staff and confidentially pitch various works as an agency. Your qualifications and skills can be objectively measured and verified to stand apart from the competition as a digital marketer. 

Since this is a serious test, there are some rules to abide with:

  • Don’t access your personal items like mobile phones, tablets or other electronic devices, books, coats or notes during the exam.
  • Don’t use any writing material or paper while attending the exam.
  • Turn off mobile phones and electronic devices.
  • You are not supposed to take a break during the exam and if you do so you will be disqualified.
  • You are not allowed to discuss the questions and answers before, during or after taking the exam.
  • Before you start the exam, you must read and agree to the Candidate Non-disclosure Agreement.

For any exams you qualify, there will be some benefits to it. Right? Similarly, the Facebook Blueprint Certification test has some benefits: 

Regardless of your role in the advertising industry, the certification provides you the edge you require.

reveals Facebook while introducing certification programs.

Top 3 Benefits of Facebook Blueprint Certification

  1. Quick recognition with the badges: If you clear the exams, a badge will be offered by the Facebook and you are allowed to display anywhere like professional websites, Facebook pages, online resumes, email signatures etc. you recognition in the digital marketing industry will be quite high when you get and share a badge on your social sites.
  2. Certified proficiency in job-related skills: Facebook Blueprint certification helps you to attain better job opportunities as you can easily get credentials and qualifications verified. Stand out from the competition with a certified proficiency in Facebook marketing.
  3. A great boost to business opportunities: With the certification, it shows your expertise, in particular, job-related skills which is a precursor for an enhanced marketing career and also helps to get profits in the business by conversions.

The Certification program includes the following skills:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Buying and Planning on Facebook properties
  • Messenger Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Facebook Analytics and Reporting

What can you get certified through the test program?

Facebook awards two certifications:

  1. Facebook Certified Planning Professional (FCPP)
    If you are a qualified digital marketing professional in planning and implementing effective Facebook advertising campaigns, you are the right candidate for this certification as it is designed for digital media planners. FCP certification boosts Facebook Marketing career and you will get certified in different marketing idiosyncrasies and related strategies of Facebook. You must be expert in the following areas as an FCPP:

    • Accurately selecting and using Facebook marketing objectives
    • Expert management of Facebook pages
    • Best Facebook planning implementation and related practices
    • Effective targeting audience that ensures impact
    • Facebook measurement solutions make you understand everything about Facebook Marketing
    • Effective understanding utilization of Facebook products in Facebook advertising

    To be a Facebook Certified Planning Professional, you must qualify for two exams:

    • Exam 310-101: Facebook Advertising Core Competencies
    • Exam 322-101: Facebook Certified Planning Professional
  2. Facebook Certified Buying Professional (FCBP)
    Do you wish to get certified for an effective, profitable and impactful Facebook marketing as you create and buy Facebook Advertising for maximum campaign impact as a digital advertising professional? You must be expert in the following areas as an FCBP:

    • Expert Facebook page management
    • Accurate section of objectives for Facebook advertising
    • Creation and purchasing of Facebook ads which are result-oriented
    • Understanding of SDK, Facebook Pixel, Ad KPIs, product catalog, reporting, etc
    • Ad issues troubleshooting and leveraging of consumer insights required for a successful Facebook marketing

    To be certified as FCBP, you must qualify for two exams

    • Exam 310-101: Facebook Advertising Core Competencies
    • Exam 321-101: Facebook Certified Buying Professional

Tips to pass the Facebook certification test

Taking the help of Facebook Blueprint, refresh your Facebook ads knowledge and prepare for the test. It has more than 50 eLearning modules to guide through basics and also complexities of managing Facebook ad and Facebook ad campaigns. It also has useful videos, lessons, and tests that can be reviewed at any time. The real test will be harder and require analytical thinking.

Types of Facebook Blueprint Certification exam

Simply log on to the exam session and you can start the exam with continuous supervision. The test hinders from cheating as there will be a person who monitors you through webcam. The test session will be quite interactive and easy to complete.

The types of exams are:

  1. 310-101: Facebook Advertising Core Competencies
    This test is required to measure your Facebook tools knowledge, advertising policies required for Facebook page management. It teaches on creation, buying and managing ads, choose and use advertising objectives, the target audience for maximum influence, and understand Facebook media planners’ and buyers’ roles. This is a compulsory exam before you take the other two exams.
  2.  322-101 Facebook Certified Planning Professional
    This exam measures master-level skills in choosing and using advertising objectives, managing pages, audience targeting for enhanced impact, optimizing reach and frequency, audience insights, executing planning strategies and best practices, understanding from analyzing solutions and tying Facebook products into best marketing and communication strategy.
  3.  321-101: Facebook Certified Buying Professional
    This test measures advanced level skills in creating and purchasing ads, ad-buying types, troubleshooting ad issues, improving performance and delivery through ad auction, targeting audience, mapping KPIs to buying objectives, understanding and testing the Facebook pixel and SDK and investing in user insights and product catalog.

How to Take Facebook Blueprint Certification Exams?

Schedule an appointment at your convenience in advance and when you take your exam make sure the room is empty and quiet. It can be a bedroom, office room or living room, etc. To get qualified you need to get 700 out of 1000. The exam time will 75 minutes and you will have 50-60 questions. You will get the results within 48 hours of completion of the exam.

What About Failing in the Exam?

If you fail the exam, you can re-attempt it after 30 days. You can take the exam as many as you wish but only once in 30 days. The fee of INR 10,000/ $150 must be paid for every exam you attend. So, study the exam properly to pass the exam in the first attempt itself.


The certification programs help you learn from the brands that enhance your career growth. The certified individuals make their marketing campaigns in a target-oriented and well-optimized manner. Thus it is an extremely affluent resource that can be extremely beneficial for every digital marketing professional.

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