Do you know the term for the promotions that are performed online? It is nothing but, Digital marketing and the term is self-explanatory. It is quite different from the traditional methods of marketing too. Since digital media has emerged to be the fastest mode of communication that works with the internet, digital marketing has a broad range of scope in the present-day world. You should be very well updated with the emerging trends in digital marketing.

With various smaller divisions that perform the job in different directions, Digital marketing has a strong impression that contributes to the overall growth of an organization. As the world is more digitalized day by day, the opportunities for digital marketing jobs are also increasing. You can build a bright career in the challenging digital industry with the available digital marketing jobs in Kerala.

To make a clear definition, digital marketing is also known as data-driven marketing that works in a digital arena for the promotion of products and services.

The Scope of Digital Marketing in the Future

The industry of digital marketing is booming all over the world, especially in India. Digital marketing opened up around 1.5 lakh job opportunities in India in the year 2017 and the year 2018 showed 8+ lakh job opportunities. It is also obvious that 2022 could accommodate more than 20 lakh new employees in the digital marketing niche.

Likewise, you can find lots of opportunities for digital marketing jobs in Kerala and digital marketing solutions for your business. The growth in digital marketing career opportunities is due to the growth in the digitalization of the nation. Yes, the Prime Minister’s campaign of digital India has attained much popularity. So, just imagine a nation’s scope of digital marketing when the government itself is taking a step forward in digital promotions.

What might be the reason for the positivity of digital marketing? The reason is simple. If you search for a viable and cost-effective method to send your message out to the world and to build a strong customer base, the answer will be “Digital marketing”. Digital marketing paves the way to be in healthy competition on a limited budget with big organizations of the same industry without getting trampled.

Digital Marketing Jobs in Kerala

Digital marketing jobs in Kerala

Now you have an idea with the future trends and scope of Digital Marketing in India. Now let us discuss the job opportunities in the digital marketing industry in Kerala. Here are 6 reasons why you should be choosing digital marketing jobs in Kerala.

  • You Have Great Demand

Whatever the business, marketing is going to be the real winner. Product development is quite important, but knowing client requirements and communicating with them is as important as developing the product. Thus to gain benefits of businessYou will be in great demand and to increase ROI, marketing and sales are much important for a business. So, if you get the right training in digital marketing, you will be in high demand in many workplaces in Kerala.

If you are a good digital marketer, high-quality campaigns can be conducted that supports brand to attain success right from scratch. The suddenly increased usage of smartphones and other electronic gads with high-speed internet has changed customer behavior and the media to be used. But there are no skilled professionals in the digital marketing industry. Remember, the great demand is due to the lack of proficient digital marketers.

  • Highly Paid Job Opportunities

When there are no skilled digital marketers who have not gained the right training, the demands will definitely increase. And it is obvious that the skilled ones will get highly paid digital marketing jobs in Kerala.

  • Helps You to be an Entrepreneur

Many startups invest capital in their business from their savings or through investors and they build products in no time. But if they fail to market those products, the business won’t reach heights of success. Scaling the business is only possible if the marketing is done right.

If you are a trained professional in digital marketing, you will not only excel in better job opportunities but also helpful for your future entrepreneurship. Understanding client requirements, market evaluation, and products’ fitness in the market will be easier with digital marketing training.

  • Most Challenging Job

Most challenging job

Only if you are exceptionally skilled you can win the game. Otherwise, you will not be able to handle the uneven categories that come with digital marketing. New online campaigns may or may not be successful, but with the time you can easily scale up.

Also, since you are working online, the place you are working from doesn’t matter as long as you complete the work. Thus, digital marketing jobs pave way for an exciting work time that makes you a successful professional.

  • Different Sectors to Choose From

Digital marketing is a very vast industry and you can choose a wide variety of sectors under one umbrella. A multitude of roles is available for various skill dispositions. You can be an email marketer, content writer, social media analyst, inbound marketer, PPC Executive, SEO analyst, PR expert, etc. Yes, more jobs and more departments to choose from.

  • No Specific Educational Qualification Required

Do you know that you don’t require specific educational qualifications to get into digital marketing jobs in Kerala? The answer is big No. it is the passion matters and not the qualification. If you are quite serious about your careers, then you can do wonders in the digital marketing industry.

Why Choose Digital Marketing Jobs in Kerala

For the past two to three decades, Kerala is witnessing immense job opportunities in the digital marketing industry. From campaigns to small publicities, from outsourcing to indigenous, from promotional events to product launch, digital marketing has multiple facets. If you are creative enough, you will never find a career in digital marketing boring as it can offer a colorful portfolio. Digital marketing jobs include lots of roles as Manager, Copy Writers, SEO Executives, Content Managers, Content Writers, Social Media Experts, Inbound Marketing Manager, Conversion Rate Optimizers, and Search Engine Marketers, etc.

  • Digital Marketing Jobs in Calicut

As small and medium-sized organizations and start-ups are choosing digital marketing, it is a real blessing for those who seek digital marketing jobs in Calicut. With increasing online users, jobs are increasing parallel by improving career opportunities on a daily basis. Also, the digital marketing field is growing with its branches and the career opportunities will never be decreased in the coming years. When you get trained and certified from the right digital marketing training institute, you are ready to set challenges and opportunities every second. The roles may differ from industry to industry, but the demand never fades away.

Calicut is blessed to have UL Cyber Park, Govt Cyber Park, and Hi-Lite Business Park which creates an innovative eco-friendly business area with world-class IT infrastructure in Kerala. UL Cyber Park, set up by a labor cooperative society has different business interests including IT solutions and Digital marketing jobs in Calicut in the domain areas like Global Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Health Care, Business Intelligence, and Analytics, to customers worldwide.

Some of the best digital marketing companies you can seek for an exciting job at UL Cyber Park and Hi-Lite Business Park Calicut:

  1. Acodez IT Solutions
  2. Webertise technologies
  3. Web Namaste Consulting Pvt Ltd
  4. Ipix Solutions
  5. Luvia Global Marketing agency
  6. ibird
  7. MuseOn
  8. Vinam Solutions
  9. Weberge
  10. Corehub Solutions Pvt Ltd

Apart from Hi-Lite Business Park and UL Cyber Park, Calicut has many other digital marketing companies. So once you get trained and certified from a skilled digital marketing institute, Calicut welcomes you with open hands for more exciting job opportunities.

  • Digital Marketing Jobs in Kochi

Digital marketing jobs in Kochi

Yes, Kochi(Cochin) awaits you with lots of digital marketing opportunities. With around more than 50 companies, Infopark at Kochi was started by Kerala Government in 2004 which spreads across about 250 acres of land. It consists of Phase 1 and 2 where phase 1 alone has 32,000 IT professionals and hosts up to 80,000 professionals in phase 2. There are hundreds of big and small IT companies at Infopark. Many of the companies offer services like digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, Google Ads, etc. some companies serve clients abroad and others serve domestic clients as well.

Some of the best companies you can apply for digital marketing jobs in Kochi are as follows:

  1. Social pulsar
  2. Spiderworks
  3. Aabasoft
  4. iTruth Solutions
  5. Airo global solutions
  6. Calpine group
  7. Eben telecom
  8. Foundingminds
  9. Hashroot
  10. GSTi Technologies India Pvt Ltd

The world is almost digital now and in 2022 all the organizations will have an online presence that creates more job opportunities. As the industry is progressive and the technology is developing on a daily basis, it is quite important that you have to improve your skills accordingly for steady career growth.

  • Digital Marketing Jobs in Trivandrum

Digital marketing jobs in Trivandrum

The opportunities for a digital marketing professional are very high in Kerala. A fresh graduate can easily get a salary around 20-25k as a Digital analyst role, while experienced can get a range of 6-20 lakhs per annum. Every role in the digital marketing job in Trivandrum and the salary profile is based on talent and expertise.

Technopark at Trivandrum offers good job opportunities for digital marketing professionals and it depends on your better and smarter work. Technopark, being one of the largest IT parks in India, the companies accommodate more than 56000 IT professionals as a whole.

Here are some best digital marketing companies you can apply for a job in digital marketing.

  1. Techrista Systems Pvt Ltd
  2. Analyse Digital Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
  3. Ayruz
  4. Waybeo
  5. IIC Web solutions
  6. HUG Digital Pvt Ltd
  7. iTrends Technosys

Statistics reveal that there is a growth of 43% in digital marketing, whereas other industries lie between 5-10%. In the coming years, the rate will be multifold and thus the digital marketing jobs in Kerala will also be up. Thus there will be a great demand for those experts in digital marketing who have undergone the best and skilled training.

So make sure you never leave your digital marketing career dream without approaching a professional trainer in the industry. The future scope of digital marketing will be coming up with more business opportunities, better user engagement, informative Ad campaigns, modified content strategies, automation in marketing, etc. Make use of this exciting alarm that invites all young and certified graduates for advantageous career growth.

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