As the new year is at the edge, the digital marketing platforms that include PPC, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, etc is going to witness a dramatic transformation. Yes, it is an evolutionary period where brands are striving to reach out to customers for long-term relationships.

Real-time connections are now possible through social media banking, search, advertising, videos, mailers, podcasts to bring winning strategies. Experimenting with different strategies to win customer satisfaction and target audience is no longer a dream nowadays.

Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing to Watch Out

Here are 10 emerging trends in digital marketing that will pave the way for many transitions in the existing strategies. Update your marketing strategies for your business to get the best of it.

Automation Tools

This is one of the emerging trends in digital marketing for a great intelligence platform to examine through Big data and draw perception. The digital marketers also achieve what a sales personnel need to benefit at a larger marketing scale with the emerging predictive analysis niche. Hereafter, marketing will not be limited to tracking activities and campaign creations of prospective clients, but complete recommendations on every key customer core points.

However, daunting challenges while using automation tools are quite common. The marketers will have to check with the technology abundance and will be in confusion to choose the right technology for their marketplace. Yes, this may be the first challenge and can be named as “integration”. They may also face a challenge of “prioritization” to conclude the best initiative point to take the business further.

The next-generation automation tool in marketing is capable of providing powerful open Application Program Interfaces (API’s) which can be used to drive more conversions.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants as Virtual Advisers

Intelligent virtual assistants as virtual advisors

Do you use Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana on a daily base? There are many users who interact with them at every other second, so there is a chance of evolving them as virtual advisers in 2020. Also, these Virtual/digital assistants will suggest the best destination for a party, nearby shopping malls, restaurants, etc and with more data being given to these systems, advertising will be easy.

These assistants will play a big role in monitoring marketing activities with every user interaction. They will likewise integrate with CRM, investment options in making the right decisions and proposals. They will act as the point of convergence by analyzing user keywords and search items in detail and become inevitable for marketers to target audiences through their interests.

Artificial Intelligence All Over The World

2020 will be taken over by Artificial Intelligence! There is no doubt about that. It is the AI (artificial intelligence) that analyzes customer search patterns, using data from blogs and social media networks to help businesses understand the searching criteria of products and services.

It is been said that in 2020, chatbots technology users will exceed 25% of customer service which was 3% in 2018. Those businesses which are adopting Artificial Intelligence in 2020 can save costs and stay ahead of the competitors in the digital marketing industry.

Advanced Tools for Content Creation

2020 will definitely witness various advanced online and offline content creation tools. These tools will be capable of headline-generating, content creation, topic generating, tweaking, proofreading, and plagiarism checking. Also, these tools will emerge as a user to find real-time trending content from other websites worldwide.

The demanding content will be found out by the interface like BuzzSumo. Thus content creators and marketers can save lots of time researching.

Let’s check how these tools work

Base on the content search by other users, the tools will pick up a few pieces of various contents which are written on similar topics and real-time. Followed by this, the tools guide the content creators, marketers whoever included in the content marketing to scratch right from the base.

After content creation, it can be shared across various social networking sites. The articles/blogs will be shared with sharing tools where friends can see these posts after sharing.

Programmatic Advertising is Reaching Far

Programmatic advertising

In order to target a more specialized audience, programmatic advertising can be implemented by using AI. By doing so, ad-buying can be automated to target a specific group. One of the main examples of programmatic advertising buying is real-time bidding or auctions.

Programmatic advertising is quite faster and efficient that brings lower acquisition costs and higher conversion rates. The studies show that in 2020, 95% of the digital display ads will be completely programmatic. Yes, digital marketing is getting transformed swiftly.

Hypersegmentation And New Possibilities

Hypersegmentation is one of the emerging trends in digital marketing which is quite powerful in reaching the audience. For those digital marketers who are looking to target niche-oriented customers will have a storehouse of information provided by social networking sites and search engines.

The niche consists of a very special group of people looking for a particular segment within a particular place with similar behavioral activities. With brilliant signals, the emerging software will be capable of identify influencers automatically and predict future attitudes. Also, potential customers of an organization who are likely to purchase and give a positive rating can also be predicted.

This software features highlights on developing a personalized segmentation model that suit product marketing challenges and analyzing targets across various dimensions. While considering improving sales, micro-targeting and hypersegmentation prove to create an impact in business.

Enter Native Advertising

This is one of the emerging trends in digital marketing as it is pushing marketing to be creative. Since the ad blockers are increasing, marketers are facing difficulty in pushing ads. So, if new customers are to be made and to maintain the existing ones in 2020, the ad must be creative with more content in it.

The best way is to enter native advertising. It can be challenging to know if the content you are looking for is a native or sponsored one. There is also a possibility that the customers in the future may request a clear differentiation between the content types that promises less disruptive and creative marketing levels.

Native ads are becoming an inevitable part for many companies who look forward to making their marketing stronger. Also, in the coming years, every single business will implement native ads strategy through Facebook, Instagram stories that customers hardly mind as advertisements.

Chatbots: Important Part in 2020


Chatbots emerge to be an essential part of digital marketing in 2020. Chatbots helps to send instant messages and chat at any time with the customers or visitors of the website.

In 2020, there will be more than 80% of savvy businesses that use chatbots. And by 2023, banking and healthcare industries can save around $8 million per annum by using chatbots.

It’s a truth that customers and site visitors prefer chatbots over other communication modes due to the responsiveness, prompt answers, recall entire buying history and never bring annoying factors. This brings excellent customer service, meeting customer satisfaction along with focusing on other important tasks.

The best example of a business using successful chatbot technology is Uber. They communicate with the users with chatbots to hire cars on Slack, Facebook messenger, or through Google maps. Customers can check the menu, hire the car and type of ride, track car location, and even make the payment too.

Personalize Marketing

Do you wish to stand ahead of competitors? Then, personalize your products, content, emails, and on the whole, personalize your marketing. With consumer links, purchase history, personalized content has never been easier.

To be true, personalization always enhances customer relationships. You can see many businesses have already leveraged the personalization. For example Amazon and Netflix. Immediately after logging on to the account, you can see a personalized banner, artwork text, carousels, and orders for your perusal.

Video Marketing is Gaining Popularity

Video marketing

How about live-streaming the channels every minute? Definitely, it boosts exposure and keeps customers and viewers entertained. Always an uninterrupted viewing captures viewers’ attention and imparts a good user experience. This is the way webcasting uses its technology to market products and services or to announce the launching of a product.

Live-streaming helps to interact with remote users and also they can interact with the organizers and presenters of live-streams too. Some of the services will be accessible through paid subscriptions and some brands will market their live-stream to the target audience through emails, search engines, and other social networking sites. Brands will also be accessible to many real-time analytical tools to track user performance and participation.

It is quite true that live video is becoming popular in its ways and many businesses are using it for product demos, reviews, product manufacturing, office life, “behind the scene” events, etc. Smartphone usage is increasing day by day and the cost of film equipment is decreasing and thus the marketers are looking forward to sending personalized messages instead of emails, phone calls, which is known as 1:1 video approach.

Importance of Using Video Marketing in Your Business in 2020

  • Brand video sharing: 70% of consumers
  • Improved conversion rate: 72% of businesses
  • More confident in online purchase decisions: 52% of consumers
  • Visit marketer’s website: 65% of executives
  • Contact a business after viewing a video: 39% of visitors


Digital marketing has a bright future. With marketers finding to be more creative and virtual augmented realities providing new engagement, brands will be responsive to their customer requirements easily. As each business become familiar with chatbots, Artificial intelligence, video marketing, more personalized and sophisticated user experiences could be given to enhancing customer satisfaction. A complete digital world is not far away!

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