Digital Marketing contains various methods to make more profit in your Business. It has an important role in maintaining the business in a successful way. You can have various ideas in Business to make extra amount or profit in a safe manner. That mainly works from a small space whether it is home or your personal space. We can discuss the various areas in Business where you can connect it with Digital Marketing. Here are some areas you can focus to make money in Business.

They are:

Freelance Business

This can be divided into 5 steps:

What type of freelancing you can start as a business?

Freelancing is a trending business that is available for each post nowadays. You can start as a coder, designer, SEO, social media in this field. Most of the freelancing business is related to the digital. So as if you are working in a Digital Marketing company you can start this business in an easy way.

The Pros and Cons of the business?


  • Easy to start when you have good connections


  • Not much scalable, more projects can’t be handled easily.  
  • Trading your time can’t be added.
  • Each platform required each amount of time.

Which type of market areas that you should concentrate?

The investment that is required?

The time is the biggest investment. If you have free time you can utilize those time in this area. If you are the fresher or 1 or 2-year experience you can start doing freelancing because this time you can enjoy the work as well as utilize when the free hour is available. It helps to enhance the skill. If you are working as SEO in your company, you can take ad words as freelancing.

How much income you can get through this business?

Based on the task you can able to get income. Mainly based on time and words you can charge the amount to the clients.

Membership Sites

Every month you will get the payment from the customers. You can create a membership site where you can provide the services. Basically, membership goes with the updation of courses so that people learn about it through you and will stay for you. Finally, they will take the membership.

eg: Mentorbox: For motivational book readers

What is the type of things you can put in this field?

  • Reselling the products
  • Course and training

Pros and Cons

  • Highly scalable
  • You can get a new business each month, in fact, there should be new as well as old business. The new business will be going to increase value and its volume of the huge business.
  • You need to concentrate on the daily customers
  • Add on business every month
  • You need to update every time in the content will be on that may take time
  • You need to be active

What is the investment you required for this purpose?

You need a system setup, for that, you need the teachable. If you are going to be in the membership side, then you require at least 39$ of package. Basically, it will go with the educational areas.

Drop Shipping Business Model

Here no touch and feel the product. As vendors directly deliver the eCommerce product to the customers. The only role is that you only advertise the product.

Pros and Cons

  •  Scalable
  • Need a single product to promote them to be scalable.
  • More money can be made
  • The con is that you need to think about the refund
  • Advertisement cost will be there

E-Commerce Business

Buy the product from the market and sell on the platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. All you need is to brand the product properly is the main thing you can do in this session. All you need is the E-Commerce website. You can use Znode eCommerce platform to build and manage your E-Commerce website effectively or consider other platforms, depending on your specific requirements and preferences. And Marketing is the place you sell the product.

Pros and Cons

  • If you can brand the product you can easily get profit
  • Scaling the product in more number is also possible
  • It required High investment is a con


There are many types of business opportunities in this field. You can able to sell products like digital products, e-Books, Videos course, Online course, etc. The marketing place this can be done is udemy, teachable, edx, etc.

Pros and Cons

  • High earning field  
  • The brand can be created and sell easily
  • Hard, and time-consuming setup to record them

What are the requirements and income?

Traffic to the site and to the course, systems to set up the course. You can get income easily through your course. Sales and start selling products in an affiliated way. And the earning can be getas affiliated marketing.


You can start with video blogging, content publisher. You get income through this like a completely passive way. You will get to advertise. There are many hot sessions to get income. They are new trends, lifestyles, beauty, cosmetics, etc.

You can use market places like WordPress, Medium, etc.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to start
  • All you need is to just a 4000 rupees to start the blog.
  • You need the quality content to the blog and attract the audience with it.

What is the basic investment?   

Investment main required is domain and hosting, another thing is the content. The content is the king in this session. Then only you can overcome all things and build opportunities.


If you are a software developer you can build plugins, applications, SAAS, Tools, etc. You can sell it on market place like you can sell on people per hour, Upwork them and search for software engineers to develop later on.

Pros and Cons

  • The high cost of development will be the con
  • You own it will be the pros in this field
  • Squeezing the amount can be done

How does investment require?

It will be based on our demand.

Reviewer and Influencer

You can income base on subscriptions.You can be the reviewer. You can easily review the products and branding your products in that review can be done. That brand will reach to you and review the product.

Pros and cons  

  • Easy to build
  • It will be a legit issue, are you an expert in this industry will be a question rise in this field.

Basic investment in this?

  • Blog setup, connect influencers and customers together you can run an influence marketing easily. Her you can meet influencer to the marketer. All you need is to build the best relationship with it in a proper way.

Pros and Cons in Influence marketing are that:

  • High money
  • High work
  • Need a link that is to build by ourselves
  • You need to connect the marketer to influencer

Marketing place to invest?

You can go to Instagram, youtube for investing your ideas. Create a website to buy from your marketplace. You can also earn through commissions.

Pros and Cons

  • All you need is to build your brand
  • Make money on demand if you are a big influencer in your market
  • You will take time to be an expert

All you need an Instagram account to get into the marketing. You can earn through   by another marketer

Affiliate Marketer

It is a simple way of marketing. All you need is to market others product through your platform and earn commissions.

Pros and Cons

  • High scalable
  • Need lots of knowledge in this field.

Market Place used?

  • Amazon
  • Click bank
  • Commission base

Digital Real estate

Buy and sell the domain. Build your website and sell

Pros and Cons

  • High scalable
  • Hard work to rank website and sell them

Market place to sell this

  • Flipper
  • Shopify etc

Digital Marketing Agency

You can scale the business to the next level.

Pros and Cons

  • High scalable
  • Hard Work required


Own hub is required and you need only one or two room to start the business. You can start as a freelance too.

  • System setup
  • Drive traffic to the site


You need the perfect investment, based on services you give to the audience/customer you can earn faster.

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