As Google has revealed that scientific feature is the ranking method. So as it becomes a ranking factor, what are the things comes when it comes to Webpage speed is the thing you have to be a focus on. How can you increase the speed of the website?

When the page is slow like SEO ranking is one of the main factors to decide based on the Indexing. So, as your website is slow, the indexing will be reduced, no proper indexing will be there. As it becomes slow the ranking of pages will be lost. That will be one issue you will get to solve through this session!

There are lots of research done us, in that we come across the site speed is directly related to your conversion. So as conversion increases if your low time decreases.

The Factors Your Page Getting Slow

 Slow Hosting

Hosting is one of the aspects when it comes to the digital part. We need to host the site in the cool hosting path provided. Most of the time the client will go through the cheapest option and their website is getting lots of traffic. If you have good traffic you need to get a switch to a good hosting provider.


Most of the time we used to optimize our website, articles that we posted on various sites, we should make sure to optimize the images. All the images that we upload should be in kb, not in MB. You should focus on images size, you should try to decrease the size as much as you can. As many paid videos, images, etc are happening so these increases the low time.

Apps, Plugins, and Widgets

If you are using a WordPress you may know all these 3 things. So if you are using WordPress, you should use to avoid the unwanted plugins.

Eg: People may search like how to paste header footer code? Such things can be done manually in an action. So try to use the tag manager.

Site Theme

Site theme matters like how they are built on. So if you are buying a new theme you need to check what is the speed that is going. There is a good hosting option, that you can always go with direct rather than the shared ones.

Eg: WPS hosting

Through this, you can get complete access to hosting and you will be the core. Note that you should only go if you are having enough traffic. So better is to go with dedicated hosting.

Eg: GoDaddy, site guard, host gather.

Third Party Scripts

What are the third party scripts, that you use in website? So many are using like Google maps and other apps that load with the pages. So such things should decrease the speed. All the better thing is to wait for the user for the period. So these things will help you to convert properly

Quote Pads

Developers can see unwanted quotes, java scripts, etc can be removed and increase the section of the site. Many redirections are hidden in the link that makes the site slow. Normally we see that there are 2 or 3 redirections to a single link. This makes the page to run slow. So these are the things that you need to focus on.

Hence we understand the importance of the speed when it comes to the conversion point. Because we don’t like to use the website which is slow. Here the user-friendliness is gradually decreased and affect the site badly. The point to be noted is that the relationship between low time and conversion rate is around 25%, decrease in conversion rate is the extra second low time. This mainly happens in the e-commerce section. If you are handling an e-commerce site you need to focus on these things. Google page speed should be checked frequently with the help of that software. They will provide the tips to increase the site speed.

Mainly we use the GT Matrix. This site provides us with the exact speed of the site. So try to use such sites to make the work easy.

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