Finding a proper SEO tool that can manage your SEO campaign successfully is an arduous job.

Nowadays, the markets are thronged with many free tools and paid tools which are indispensable for your SEO campaign and give you the best results.

While considering an SEO tool, you must choose the type of SEO tool which comprises of the following features like keyword research, link building, content analysis, competitive analysis, PPC, brand analysis, reporting, and tracking.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is the ultimate paid SEO tool which helps you in various facets of SEO like from keyword research to competitor analysis to site audit.

It is not a facile job to increase your organic traffic. You need to invest a chunk of time, research and effort to find the proper and high-performing keywords.

You can easily find the profitable keywords by researching your competitors and that’s why you need SEMrush tool.

This tool helps you to find out your competitor’s keywords, their backlinks, and many other relevant information.

Detailed SEMrush Review

The SEMrush tool is created by some of the top SEO and SEM professionals.

The tool consists of a large data of 120 million plus keywords and also contains near about 46 million of domains including AdWords ad copies and positions, organic positions for domains, landing URLs, search volumes, CPC, competition, the number of results, and much more things.

This tool is used by some of the eminent sites like PayPal, Forbes, Hyatt, etc.

The tool has 30 databases which will help you in finding the accurate results of the number of backlinks and search traffic that a website gets.

Find Top Performing Keywords and Landing Pages

Keyword research is the core key if you want to dominate in Google. But this is not at all a simple job.

With the help of this tool, you can easily find out all the top and prime keywords that used to send more search engine traffic to your competitor’s sites and blogs along with their top landing pages.

semrush review

Performing Site Audit

If you don’t want to hit by Google updates like Panda or penguin or want to fix and recover from Google updates, then you must use SEMrush tool.

This tool provides you with a list of all the issues your website has, and you should rectify them if you want to enhance your site performance in search engines.

Sometimes, you may face that despite posting good you are unable to enhance your website search traffic. In this case, you need to check the loopholes of your site.

By performing a thorough site audit of your site or blog, you can easily find out what is missing.

The SEMrush tool gives you all the necessary data that you required to perform a thorough site audit for your blogs or websites.

SEMrush site audit and review

Performing Backlink Analysis

Backlink analysis is the ultimate thing which will help you in enhancing your organic traffic.

If you know how many links are pointing to your site, then you can make a perfect and robust SEO strategy for your site.

You can effectively perform backlink analysis with the help of SEMrush tool.

It depicts all the links in dofollow and nofollow pie chart option so that you can easily find out the number of quality backlinks of any website.

Moreover, it also helps you to know how many total backlinks a website has including the referring domains. This is very helpful when you want to analyze the backlinks of a site.

You can also unearth link building opportunities from this report.

If you click on the “Referring Domains” under “Backlinks” section on SEMrush dashboard, then you can easily get to know the list of all the domains that are pointing to your competitor’s site.

Link building is the effective strategy which will help you to get a higher rank in search engines.

If you can access the full version of SEMrush, then you will be able to find all the link opportunities from competitor websites.

Once you are occupied with the list of all the sites where you can get links from, then you can improve your site’s organic traffic.

Use SEMrush for Doing Keyword Research

keyword research using SEMrush

You can find a chunk of highly searched and profitable keywords by using SEMrush. You just need to enter any keyword of your choice into SEMrush search box.

This will automatically give you monthly volume for that keyword and will also provide you with some more valuable keywords.

So, it can be concluded that this tool will help you in increasing your website search traffic as well as sales.

Using SEMrush for Finding Keyword Rankings

SEMrush will help you to find your keyword rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

This tool will also help you to find keyword positioning in specific countries and device of your choice. For this, you just need to enter keywords which you want to keep track of with country of your interest and device type in SEMrush tool.

The tool will automatically give you with the keyword ranking report.

SEMrush has recently launched its database which will help you to check all the keyword rankings for the Indian market.

So, if you want to explore your business in the Indian market, then by using this tool you can get a huge benefit.

Content Tool

SEMrush has added some new services including content tool, lead generation tool, traffic analysis, brand monitoring tool, etc.

The content tool will help to track your content’s performance.

The content tool provides you with some of the features.

Track your content’s performance: SEMrush Content Tool will give you an idea regarding how your content is performing on external sources.

It provides you with all the metrics that you need in order to evaluate your content’s performance on various other sites.

Helps you to know which websites are referring your content: This tool will help you to track all the backlinks that your articles or contents have acquired.

This will help you with a trust score and page score for each backlink.

Track your SEO performance: The content tool will help you to see how well your article is getting traffic from search engines by finding all the keywords that are already incorporated into your article.

Help you to know which article is getting a better response: With the SEMrush content tool, you can get an idea of the most successful authors and can also discover which articles are getting better results.

Brand Monitoring

SEMrush’s brand monitoring tool will help you to track your online reputation.

Keep track of online mentions: With the help of brand monitoring tool, you can easily keep track of online mentions and customer reviews of your and your competitors’ company, products, and services.

You can also get an idea about their potential reach in various social media sites and online communities. You can identify those communities where people used to discuss your or your competitor’s products and services.

Find new opportunities to promote your brand: Brand monitoring tool will also give an idea of your competitors and other experts who are promoting their brands wisely in various online mediums.

You can adapt and analyze their strategies and can make your own promotional strategies which will boost up your growth. You may also find new and exciting opportunities to promote your brand.

Track and manage backlinks: The brand monitoring tool also helps you to identify backlink sources that can serve as an effective marketing channel if you want to successfully promote your brand.

This tool gives an idea about where your company’s name is being mentioned on the internet and from where your backlinks are coming from.

PPC Keyword Tool

SEMrush’s PPC Keyword tool helps you to monitor, manage and implement all changes that you need for your PPC campaigns. With the help of this tool, you can build a perfect and impeccable keyword list for your PPC campaigns.

You can collect keywords in many ways: You can import keywords from various resources like AdWords campaigns, .csv, .xls sheets and .txt files.

The PPC Keyword tool helps you easily to organize your keywords at the campaign and ad group level.

Manage and optimize keywords list: The updated filters of the PPC Keyword tool helps you to select the best keywords based on certain factors like CPC, volume, difficulty level and other vital metrics.

By clicking remove duplicate button you can extirpate the remove keywords.

Say no to cross navigates: By using the ‘Cross-group negatives’ feature of this tool, you can avoid any crossover between groups and can optimize your PPC campaign.

If you are planning to manage big campaigns, then this ‘Cross-group negatives’ button will save your time.

Polish your keyword list with a recommendation: Sometimes you might overlook duplicates, negatives or other irrelevant elements in your keyword list.

But the “Recommendations” feature of this tool will help you to polish your keywords and will help you to organize a perfect campaign.

Detailed Competitor Analysis

Perform deep analysis: With the help of this tool, you can easily accomplish the deep and organic research. By clicking organic research, you can get all your required data.

Spy on competitor’s traffic stat: By clicking traffic analytics in the sidebar, you can get the overall traffic statistics of your competitor’s site.

The tool provides the information related to a website’s organic traffic volume and the trend of that traffic over time.

But this tool only provides desktop stats, not the mobile traffic stats.

Find keyword competition: The ‘Organic Search Positions’ feature helps you to know all the keywords any domain or specific page is ranking for.

The tool provides the result by analyzing the keywords that are estimated to bring in the most traffic. You can easily handpick the best performing keyword.

Assess SERP competition strength: The “Position Changes” feature shows you changes in organic rankings for any domain or URL.

You can check the top 100 organic search results for new keywords, lost keywords, improved keywords and declined keywords.

You can filter out the result based on any of the above-mentioned category.

SEMrush Tool Pricing

The SEMrush tool offers three option and they are Pro ($99.95 per month), Guru ($199.95 per month) and Business ($399.95 per month).

Pros and Cons of SEMrush Tool

Pros of SEMrush

  • This is the ultimate and one in one SEO tool which helps you to get every detail that you need to know. So, by using this tool you can save a chunk of money as you don’t need to purchase any other tool
  • You can easily find all the high potential keywords
  • Want to know how good or bad a website is performing on Google? Then you can simply use the audit tool and you will get the detailed information
  • Competitor research is outstanding

Cons of SEMrush

  • The pricing is a little bit of high specially the start-ups can’t afford it.
  • You need some time to get accustomed with this tool. Although their interface easy still you need to watch tutorials and videos before using it.
  • Sometimes, backlink data is inappropriate.

SEO is undoubtedly a complex job and you need a proper tool which will help you to execute your SEO job successfully.

SEMrush is the utmost SEO tool for you that helps you an in-depth idea about your competitors’ keywords along with the backlink analysis.

Using this tool will certainly add advantages to your SEO campaign and this tool will indubitably increase your web traffic volume.

So, if you want to become the ruler in Google, then without any second thought just grab and use this SEMrush tool.

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