Google Ads Specialist is a digital marketing career with promising growth in recent decades. This role lets you manage and optimise Google Ads campaigns for the company.

This includes creating, launching, monitoring campaigns and making necessary changes to improve performance. The candidates should have a strong understanding of Google Ads and PPC Advertising. 

Digital marketing jobs have been replacing other advertising methods with the rising influence of technology. The research of leading media company Magna Global says the Indian digital advertising industry is expected to grow at a rate of 13.9% in 2024

Job responsibilities of Google Ads Specialist

The core responsibilities of a Google Ads specialist can be broadly categorized into three main areas: campaign management, performance analytics and staying up to date with effective collaborations. 

  • Create and launch new campaigns with specific goals, target audiences, budgets and bidding strategies. Campaign managers strategically select from appropriate campaign types based on business objectives.
  • Manage and optimize existing campaigns by aligning them to the latest trends and relevance. This involves monitoring campaign performance, analyzing data, editing ad copy, and other settings to improve results.
  • Identify relevant keywords that customers will likely search to ensure the campaigns reach the right audience.
  • Monitor key metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per click and return on investment to understand the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Regularly present performance reports to stakeholders, including insights, recommendations and justifications for budget allocations.
  • Collaborate with SEO specialists, web developers, content creates and other marketing professionals to ensure effectiveness of marketing strategies

These are the core responsibilities of a Google ads specialist, and they can vary depending on the company, industry, and campaign goals. However, understanding core areas will give you a general idea of what this role requires.

Qualifications of Google Ads Specialist

Focusing on developing core skills and knowledge can take you to your first job. However, having a good combination of education, experience, and skills helps you for a smooth journey in your career. While a bachelors is not mandatory in the career of a Google Ads specialist, it can help you understand the foundation of marketing principles necessary for career growth.

Google Skill Shop courses offered by Google cover all aspects of the curriculum, from the basics to advanced campaign management. Try to gain primary experience in PPC campaigns on platforms like Google and Microsoft. 

Certification in related fields like digital analytics or conversion optimization can strengthen your profile and demonstrate your commitment to professional development. 

Essential Skills of Google Ads Specialist 

When it comes to being a successful Google Ads specialist, some definite skills stand out from the rest. These skills are the foundation for managing effective campaigns and driving results.

  • In-depth understanding of the Google ads platform, including campaign structure, ad types, targeting options and bidding strategies. 
  • Ability to analyze campaign data ( impressions, clicks, conversions, etc ) to identify trends, solve issues, and measure performance. 
  • Skill in setting and managing campaign budgets and optimizing bids for maximum return on investment.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively is essential for career growth. Creating clear and concise reports to communicate campaign performance and updates is part of the daily work of Google ads specialists. 
  • Knowledge of effectively targeting audiences with respect to demographic, geographic, and psychographic groups in ad campaigns.
  • Understanding SEO principles can provide a more productive approach to Google ads, although both of them are not directly related.

Career Path

A Google ads specialist begins his career as a PPC analyst and gets promoted to team leader in the company. Following the career map and continuously updating your skills can carve out a successful and fulfilling career as a Google ads expert.

PPC Specialist

PPC specialist is the entry level post in this career, and you will work under experienced professionals, managing small campaigns, learning the platform basics and gaining hands-on experience. Try to focus on mastering the Google ads platform, campaign management basics, and related things.

Google Ads Specialist

As you gain experience and expertise, you can get promoted to a Google ads specialist role. You will be provided with opportunities to manage larger campaigns, take on more responsibility and potentially lead smaller teams. You can specialize in one of the specific campaigns types for your future growth.

Team Lead/Manager

Once you are an experienced professional with an excellent portfolio, you can climb the ladder to become a team lead or manager. You can lead and mentor junior specialists, manage large scale campaigns, and contribute to the overall marketing strategy.

Besides working in agencies and in-house teams, you can manage to get freelance work in a borderless job market. Focusing on building networks and developing strong client relations would help you get potential projects.


The salary of a Google Ads specialist in India depends on several factors, like 

location, industry and company size. It is always recommended to research specific job postings and negotiate your salary based on your skills and job experience.

Based on data from various job boards and salary comparison websites, the following three cities offer highest salaries for Google ads specialists in India

  1. Bangalore 
  2. Mumbai
  3. Delhi

Entry-level positions normally receive lower salaries, while senior specialists with experience can expect much higher salaries. As per the latest statistics, PPC specialists in India normally receive 3,80,871 per annum. Mid-level positions like Google ads specialist receive INR 4 Lakh to 9 lakhs per year. Senior positions can earn between 4 lakh and 14 lakh per annum. 

E-commerce, IT, and finance industries tend to pay higher salaries for Google ads specialists. Additional skills and certifications in relevant areas like analytics or conversion optimization can improve your salary potential.


Google ads specialists are in high demand across various industries and companies. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common employers

Digital Marketing Agencies

These agencies offer a diverse environment of clients and projects, allowing beginners to gain experience in various campaign types. Most ad specialists work in digital marketing agencies as of the current employment trends. 

In-house marketing Teams 

Most of the companies, especially larger ones with higher advertising budgets maintain dedicated marketing teams. They hire Google ads specialists to manage their paid search campaigns.

E-commerce companies

Since Google ads play a crucial role in driving traffic and conversions, e-commerce platforms can’t compromise in hiring Google ads specialists. E-commerce giants like Myntra, Lenskart and Bigbasket have regular openings for Google ad positions

Application Instructions 

                     Submit your resume and cover letter

Create a resume that showcases your experience, skills and knowledge in Google ads. Include relevant keywords from the job description to grab the attention of application tracking systems

                      Online application

Online job portals and professional networks like Linked In are great ways to reach out to recruiters. Use these gateways to find apt career opportunities and upload your resume and cover letter directly.


Create a portfolio, including samples showcasing your previous projects and campaigns and providing necessary links to them. 

                     Prepare for Interviews

Research about your employer and their industry to share your mutual missions and goals. Ask yourself the question, “Why should they hire me?” yourself in different stages of preparation.

                      Stay in touch with recruiters

Send a thank you mail after each interview to show up your enthusiasm. Contact the hiring manager if you haven’t heard from them within a time period. 

Wind Up

Google Ads specialist is a secure career that job seekers can trust on. We are aware of the rapid shift in marketing trends from traditional digital media to online marketing in recent decades. Keeping up with updates in the industry and being relevant is essential in the modern job market.  The journey of any successful career begins with applying for your first job and learning from your mistakes. 

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