YouTube has a vital role in Digital Marketing. When its come to YouTube The watch time is something important in it. YouTube advertising is essential to small companies due to the fact of the attainable for your video to go “viral” or get heaps of views from a lot of conceivable customers. … It is over and oversharing on social media sites or utilizing e-mail with hundreds of viewers generating a massive quantity to visitors to your video and your website.

1. Watch Time

What is the Watch Time?

How much time do you spend on watching the video on YouTube? That time is considered as the watching time. YouTube algorithm is that they push towards the audience. They will stay for a longer time in that video. So try to increase the watch time of the video to attract the audience. The more watch time, the more they refer to others.

The concept is that if any YouTube channel contains the longer video, the people will be there.

How you keep your audience into this for a long time?

It is must to have the contents that are more useful to the audience. You should value their time also. Because if they need to stay, you need to convey the best information which is helpful to all. So the estimated time should be 7min-12min. The content quality should be a qualified one. You should concentrate on our intro too. Always keep in mind that your introduction should be brief and should target and specify the topic.

2. Impression click to rate

How viewers interact with the videos you upload after you see it?

Here the click-through rate you can get an increase among ranking. Usually, subscribers do get a notification to watch. When subscription increases push more customers to watch your video. High clicks to the video are right, but they will stay 5 seconds. Some people create a thumbnail. When viewers move fast from the channel or your video if a more time-consuming video you put. It should not contain more thumbnails. The value will increase only when you enter proper video, which is utilized for viewers. How are the viewers interacting with your videos? What is the staying period for your videos matters? These can be solved with this thing

3. Average View Duration

Goto Traffic Sources and you can check the average view duration by traffic source. It is the video engagement with the viewers. Less video engagement leads to less length and watches time.YouTube won’t push the videos automatically to the algorithm to the other people. Because the video is not good enough or encouraging one to be promoted. Usually, the average view duration is 70-80%.

4. Audience retention 

You can find how long the viewers stay in your video can be found in YouTube analytics> interest viwers> click on the audience retention section. High retention leads to a high ranking.

You can check the highest retention from the audience. 

Absolute retention curve: Which are the retention videos? You can check the person doing in that within the 15 seconds. 

Relevant retention curve: The performance of the video.

5. Re-Watch

How many of the people rewatch the video can be tracked. Its a plus point to us if the customers rewatch the videos. The more is the content quality. And youtube will push the videos to more audience.

6. Engagement

It’s one of the essential sessions in Social media. The likes, dislikes, subscriptions, etc. are the engagement can be done. These will decide the quality of the video that you are publishing on YouTube. The most important thing is to ask the audience, their reviews are essential to make further changes when you upload the next video. If any suggestions they give you need to appreciate them and give reply properly. More engagement videos you put more ideas will arise and produce a good impact on it.

7. Real-Time Report

It’s the total view of the video. The cart click-through rate is necessary because it is a call to action.

8. Unique Viewers

The viewers those who watch the video often. It is possible to get those viewers.

9. Traffic Source

Which all areas the traffic is coming can be tracked perfectly. It will help to find the platforms that you can find them reaching.

10. Google Analytics

 It is an important thing you can do while you upload videos on YouTube.

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