The Benefits of Google Ads is something widely discussed. If you are going for an interview or you are working, if you want to tell them the importance of the Google Ads, why you should need to do Google Ads, you have to know about them deeply. Reach to the right people at the right time at the right location. That’s the main reason for Google Ads being a success in this Industry. If the Person is in need they will look for some solution on the problem that he/she is facing on. So that will be the right time and the right person you are providing the solution. Such solutions won’t be provided by any other platform. That is the reason for Google become more interesting and more than 100 Billion Dollar Industry currently.

Other than this there are advantages to this. If the client is asking Why should he/she need to use this method, you can explain that it is possible for them to track the clicks, track the links that they are a click, you can track with multiple devices like mobile, tabs, pc, etc which your links are being clicked. These are the basic things on which you can start talking about this to the client.

Benefits of Google Ads

Using Keywords

It will be an important point when it’s come to Digital Marketing. People search based on such keywords to get the results. If they want to search Digital Marketing Courses in Calicut, Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala, the query that will follow is this. So such Keywords are to be focused here, the right keyword to pitch on.

Ad Location

 Here is where you want to represent the ad. If you are staying in a small place, small city, etc, you need just to target that particular area, no need to concern about other areas. By focusing on a particular area you can easily track, only less expense will there, you can easily run the Ad is such a small radius in an effective way. You can also set languages if your targeted location is having a specific language.


 You can able to schedule the Ad in advanced. For example, if your company is leaving on sat, here you can effectively use the scheduling method. You need to set time, date of scheduling and run them. It will automatically schedule on the date that you set. Whenever you are available you can run if you are not available you can pause. The frequency also be tracked

The Devices

 Target based on the device you need to show the advertisement

Controlling the Cost

 We used to see that when it comes to the budget they are having a very small budget, or if they already fixed that this will be their budget, they need to state in this budget, so with the help of Google Ads have opportunity to control to that budget. How much budget you need to put on that Ads. You can post Ads for a specific period. No need of 24 hr ad. You can save money and click. Hence no limitation in the cost of starting ads.

Paying For Click

 You can set the amount mainly on weekly, monthly or yearly. The best part is that you are only paying after the click. Google has very much focused on the click.

Measurement and Analysis

 Targeting process is easy, you can get the details of the Clicks like the time, place, etc. If the clicks are coming from the same IP address. If any invalid clicks are processed from the same IP address will be tracked by Google and will pay back the amount. You can analyze the lead, cost of the lead and you need to put G track to track it through which device they are tracking and the frequency of the time. Hence you can optimize and invest campaign forward. Note that you do not need to run the campaign for all day. All this comes together with sync!.

So if your business is anyway related to online, it is the best way to have Digital Marketing to it. If you take your business digitally you can increase ROI investment. So as you ready to process and do some amazing things in business then Google Ads is for such people.

Why Do You Start Advertising on Google?

Google provides you many tools, plugins, and software which can be used and managed as in easy and many ways. As we know that Google has updated its interface now that is very useful. It is easy to update your advertisement there and can start advertising on it

Tips to be Noted About Google Ads

  • If you are running a business or you are in an agency, try to create a My Client Center (MCC) that will be provided by Google.
  • It is similar to the facebook account, you can manage the client in time together. Hence managing your account there will make things go easy.
  • There is also a tool called Google Ad Editor which is an offline tool, where you can work on the editing section.
  • When you get the connection all you can easily upload those things you edited during Offline mode. So these are the benefits of Google Ads that you can focus on.

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