Content creation has become a valuable part of marketing to reach the target audience effectively. It is the process of generating media content, from brainstorming ideas to researching and publishing a topic. The types of content can be anything from blog posts to videos and podcasts.  

Regular production of quality content helps inform and educate customers about updates and promotions of a brand. Creating engaging content leads your audience to take the desired action, like buying a product. Eventually, building relationships and communities with your content is inevitable in business growth. 

The latest study by Semrush proves that 97% of brands use content marketing as they accept consumer preferences for using digital media for communication.

The advantages of content marketing over traditional methods of marketing include cost-effectiveness, improved brand awareness and sales. By keeping up quality value through content, you can stay ahead of the business curve and establish yourself in the industry.    

Various short term courses– and long-term courses are available to equip you with content creation and marketing skills on online and offline platforms. Courses like content strategy, copywriting, social media marketing, SEO, and storytelling. Before introducing these, let’s look at various content marketing types to choose from.

Content Marketing Types 

Content marketing offers versatile options to opt for your career, which depends on your creative skills and interests. Research the best career opportunity based on your skills and the scalability of the skills. Remember, trends in tech industry are unpredictable, so instead of sticking to one skill, try to learn multiple skills and expertise them. The following list covers major options that can get you paid today.   

Blog Posts, Ebooks, Scripts, and Social Media Posts

Written and readable content has kept its relevance from the beginning of Internet marketing. Even after the arrival of new trends, blogs act as a crucial source of information and website traffic. E-books provide in depth and authoritative content on complex topics with comprehensive research. Content writer courses are suitable for handling these jobs. Drafting social media texts and preparing scripts for video advertising also demands professional skills to create the best results. 

Photos, videos, infographics

Photos and videos have become powerful and dominant parts of content marketing strategy. Visual content can attract attention from the audience easily and improve conversion rates of your business. The images and videos can evoke an emotional connection in viewers that words cannot in advertising. Social media marketing depends on these contents with increased chances of sharing. Courses like graphic design, photography, and video editing enable you to handle these positions.  

Podcasts and audio content 

The recent trends of podcasts and other audio content hold a strong storytelling power that helps to build a personal connection with your audience. Content-packed podcasts can educate your customers about your products and services. Some examples of effective podcast marketing are  Grammarly’s “Ask a Grammar Girl,  Nike’s “Running With Purpose,” HubSpot Marketing’s “The Science of Social Media,” etc. Podcasts and audio Content marketing skills can be acquired without a need for particular courses. A blend of passion and commitment to using self-learning materials can help you record your first podcast. 

Career Paths for Content Creators

Content Strategist

Content Strategist offers a potential career for anyone interested in storytelling, data analysis, and strategic careers. They work with their team to brainstorm ideas for content that can produce the best results in advertising campaigns. From tech giants and startups to marketing firms education sector, everybody needs a content strategist to develop their strategies for clients and audiences. The average pay for a content strategist is ₹3,87,656 per annum, depending on industry and expertise.

Content Writer/Copywriter

Content writers produce well-researched informative articles to connect the audience with relevant information about the firm. One should possess strong writing and editing skills, knowledge of SEO principles, along with research and analytical skills to handle content writer posts. With gaining experience, they can also work in posts like technical writer, social media content writer, content editor, etc. Content writers earn an average of 3,25,907 per year. If you believe in your creativity and storytelling skills, content writer jobs pay respectable payments according to current industry standards.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a blend of creative and technical skills offering vast career opportunities. You should have strong visual communication skills, proficiency in design software, and constant updation with industry trends to grow in this field. Learning graphic design skills lets you handle positions like brand designer, UI/UX designer, publication designer, etc. You can influence brand perception, shape user experience, and be a part of a creative community with a better income. The average annual salary is ₹2,67,379, depending on their skills and specialization.

Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing defines the grand umbrella of all these careers, which has evolved over the past two decades. Content marketing fuels online marketing by pushing advertisements across platforms like websites, search engines, and mobile apps. Digital Marketing analyzes marketing data and crafts effective strategies to push the content in a proper way. Digital marketing courses are widely available on online and offline platforms, including in cities like Calicut. The skill shortage in the field makes it easy for students to find jobs after completing the courses. Digital marketers earn a scale of 2,74,462 per year in India.

Best Institutes to Learn Content Marketing Courses in Calicut

The list of following institutes is prepared after thoroughly researching courses and curriculum. Calicut, as an emerging IT hub in Kerala, has numerous institutes offering the same courses with different curriculum and fees. Go through the following list to understand different courses and curriculum and take your final decision. 

Aviv Digital 

Aviv Digital is a premier institute in Calicut, offering design, coding, and digital marketing courses. They have been in the field for over 6 years with two branches, Calicut and Kochi. Aviv is award winning institute with partnerships and accreditation of companies like Google and Bing. The institute offers 100% job placements after successful completion of courses.

Aviv offers personalized learning with individual trainers for each student. They are also offered Govt of India approved certificates after the course. You can learn from industry-experienced professionals to easily teach students about real-world situations. The hands-on projects and assignments, in collaboration with Acodez IT Solutions, the premier web design institute in India, help students gain practical experience.      

Students can choose from one of the three courses in digital marketing from Aviv according to their preferences. Understand about specific differences between them below 

Advanced Diploma Course In Digital Marketing

Advanced Diploma course offers a lengthy and comprehensive curriculum for learning digital marketing. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can take admission to this course. The course lasts 4 months in the classroom and 2 months of internship. You can participate in five live projects and two assignments during the course period. Students are free to customize the curriculum according to their preferences.

Diploma In Digital Marketing

A diploma in digital marketing is a relatively short and practical-oriented course. You can finish the course within 5 months, which includes one month of internship. The course covers topics like SEO, SMM, social media, content marketing, branding, and marketing analysis. Students can choose from flexible timing and batches from Aviv.

Digital Marketing For Entrepreneurs

Being informed about trends and techniques in digital marketing helps entrepreneurs to stay ahead in the marketing race. The course has a short duration of 2 months with a customizable curriculum according to your needs. Besides entrepreneurs, anyone working in traditional marketing, brand management, and sales is also encouraged to join this course.

ISTP Digital

ISTP is one of the best institutes in Calicut to learn marketing under professionals. They have been in the industry since 2011 and are growing with new courses and institutes. The institute provides live projects and assignments for students to gain practical experience. ISTP provides short and long-term courses with flexible timing and hybrid mode of classes. You will be provided with industry-approved certificates upon successful completion of assessments. Experts with experience in academic and industry-specific courses curate each curriculum. They have branches in major cities like Cannoore, Kochi, and Calicut. 

Areva Digital

Areva Digital Academy offers a well-structured curriculum for digital marketing courses in Calicut. They assure placements for every student enrolled in the course. You can be a part of in house team of Areva during your course period to gain exposure and experience. The institute maintains a practical approach to learning with the help of experienced faculties. Course modules are regularly updated to keep up with the trends in the industry. The student testimonials prove the efficiency of training the institute provides for learners.

Winding Up

Technology has created a golden age for creative minds in different forms. Anyone can showcase their creations on social media accounts and attract visibility. The marketing industry pays deserving respect to artists for utilizing their skills in advertising. Influencer marketing has been growing rapidly in recent years with respect to localized marketing. The digital marketing course introduces you to several marketing methods, like content marketing and social media promotion. Another advantage of these courses is the welcoming nature for students from any background. You are paid for your skills and professionalism rather than a bunch of certificates. Learn more about your interests and choose accordingly to shape your career futuristic.

Aviv Digital is one of the leading Digital marketing course in calicut. We offer a wide variety of globally recognized certification programs that include SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing and Inbound Marketing courses. For more details, Contact us at: +91 8156998844