Digital Marketing is simply marketing done through digital platforms on the internet. Traditionally, people relied on word of mouth and news magazines for information on products and services. Today, everybody spends time on social media and Google for product research and looking for product reviews before purchases. Reaching out to the right audience with the right products is what digital marketing offers. It creates conversions and customer satisfaction in the modern business world.

This has opened vast opportunities for students looking for the right career opportunity. Recent research by leading investment company Goldman Sachs reports that digital marketing in India will be worth 160 billion US$ by 2025, three times of its current value.

The dynamic character of digital marketing, affected by unprecedented changes in technology and trends, demands constant attention from learners. The skills of adaptation really matter in the growth of your career as a digital marketer. 

Calicut is a promising city with development and business growth, especially in IT industry. The rise of digital marketing agencies and institutes shows a growing number of interested students and industry in the city. You do not need any qualifications to be a digital marketer, and what matters in your career is knowledge and creativity in skills. 

This guide introduces you to career opportunities, essential skills, and practical tips to start your career. Being aware of the various specializations and new opportunities can help you to design your career flawlessly. Being the right candidate from the beginning takes you to better opportunities, payments and career growth.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

Understanding why businesses choose digital marketing can tell you how serious this career journey is. The points below explain the reasons behind the change from traditional marketing to online marketing methods. 

  • Digital marketing allows businesses to reach people worldwide regardless of their location. Compared to traditional methods like print ads or flyers, digital marketing allows businesses to expand cost-effectively. 
  • The targeted advertising provided by digital platforms makes your efforts more fruitful and generates a better return on investment. The ability to reach the desired audience with greater precision reduces advertising costs.
  • Digital marketing tools allow you to track and measure the performance of marketing campaigns. Based on data-driven decisions and engagement metrics, these tools enable you to continuously improve your strategies
  • A strong online presence through engaging content and social media interaction helps build brand awareness and establish credibility. These platforms allow you to have two-way interactions with your audience. 
  • Utilise personalized communication with customers based on their preferences and behaviour. You can deliver personalized content, offers, and recommendations by leveraging customer data and marketing automation tools. 
  • Having a strong online presence is inevitable for staying ahead of the competition. Businesses using digital marketing can differentiate themselves, build brand awareness, and attract and retain customers effectively.

 Career Opportunities

Career opportunities in digital marketing differ in platforms and skills needed to run marketing campaigns. We explore the employment options and career paths based on your areas of interest. Each career path distinguishes between entry, mid, and senior levels. You can also choose between freelance, in-house, and agency roles in your job. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist 

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the ranking of websites in search engine results pages. Higher results for user search queries through strategies, techniques, and tactics of SEO specialists lead to better traffic and brand exposure. It’s their responsibility to find the right steps to generate leads and thus drive revenue for clients

If you have good analytical, creative, and communication skills, SEO specialist roles can be suitable for you. Sagefrog’s 2023 report found that 49% of respondents use SEO tactics at their company, and senior company executives planned to allocate 23.5 of their marketing budgets to SEO. 

SEO specialists in India earn ₹2,98,690 per annum, according to job portal Indeed’s report.

Social Media Specialist 

Social media management defines overseeing and implementing a brand’s presence on various social media platforms. It includes creating, curating, and scheduling content for different social media channels. Having strong skills in content creation, community management, and social media strategy gives a headstart to your career journey. A social media specialist is a customer, detail-oriented professional capable of multitasking successfully. 

The study by Zippia calculates at least 10% growth for social media careers from 2018-28. Apparently, job openings in the Calicut advertising sector show us the rising value of managing social media platforms. The report of Indeed shows an average annual salary of  3,15,928 per annuam in India.

Content Marketing Specialist

Content marketers are behind the content produced for digital marketing campaigns. They develop content strategies and execute them for the target audience. They create content like blog posts, videos, e-books, and social media posts that align with the business objectives. 

Choosing content marketing as a career is interesting because of its creative journey and the secure future it provides. Having an interest in content development, SEO tools, and analytical skills makes you fit for this career. Advancing in your career can take you to content manager and content strategy director positions. Semrush director of organic search Kyle Byers states, “Understanding what audience needs and values will be your key to content marketing success this year”. Content marketers earn a range of 3,37,370 annually, as per the Indeed records. 

E-Mail Marketing Specialist

E-mail marketing specialists manage email marketing campaigns to promote a brand or product. They use email automation software, send out email lists, and manage leads. This marketing initiative is based on return on investment strategies. Their ability to drive conversions determines career growth.  

Content creation skills are needed to create e-mail content that works for different audience segments. They are also responsible for analyzing campaign performance and drafting reports providing ROI. Experience with platforms and a portfolio of successful campaigns can help advance your career. The recent report of Ambition Box shows an annual salary of 4,30000 for E-Mail marketers in India.

How To Begin Your Digital Marketing Journey?

Understanding the concepts of digital marketing can help you make appropriate choices. Platforms like Hubspot Academy, Google Digital Garage, and Coursera offer free online courses. You can also subscribe to leading blogs like MOZ, Search Engine Journal, and Neil Patel’s Blog.

Following influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter keeps you updated with industry trends. Spend time understanding what each field provides and where your interests lie. Specialization can help you be more competitive in the job market. 

Apply what you have learned by starting your blog or website and familiarizing yourself with tools and platforms such as Google Analytics, Canva, and Mailchimp. Attending digital marketing workshops and seminars opens opportunities to learn and network.  

Prominent institutes in Calicut offer structured courses in different batch timing and platforms. Consulting with them directly can provide you with more details related to admission. The institutes also offer direct internship opportunities and connections. 

Remember the relevance of content in marketing campaigns. Having extra skills can improve your employee value and more opportunities in the hiring process. 

Build Your Online Presence

The average internet user spends 7 hours a day online, either using social media, working, or playing games. Marketing yourself proves your efficiency in the marketing job and sets you apart from others. Find the area where you can shine with expertise, experience and a new approach you can bring.  Following these steps can bring better results for your efforts

The importance of using LinkedIn in professional growth remains unknown among professionals in Calicut. Create a LinkedIn profile with details of your educational background and work experience. Engage regularly by sharing industry-related content and participating in discussions. 

Utilise X to follow digital marketing influencers and to connect with professionals. X is the best option for real-time engagement and staying updated on industry trends.

If you are into visual content, Instagram offers the best options for your personal branding. Choosing the right platforms really matters in the success of your efforts. Research your audience and their topics of interest before making your decisions

Be active and analyze results to make necessary changes. Staying active also includes regularly engaging with your audience and sharing your content. Comment on posts, share others’ achievements and participate in discussions.   


Digital Marketing offers a secure career everywhere, from your home to around the globe. However, finding similar skills with scalability and flexibility is doubtful, especially at a time when even traditional courses fail in the job market. This guide leads you to foundational steps and basic details on beginning a career in Calicut. Whether your interest lies in SEO, content marketing, or social media, taking brave steps will lead you to growth and opportunities.

Digital marketing is a journey about learning, connections, and experiences rather than a destination. It is always about improving your skills and getting all the gears in your marketing machine working efficiently. Factors like minimal investment, lack of eligibility criteria, etc., create a welcoming atmosphere for passionate learners. Learning, gaining experience, and building industry connections should be the motto for a beginner. Remember, the faster you start learning, the better for your career.

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