The digital world is a dynamic platform that changes every now and then. There are so many factors in this aspect that determine the success rate of the websites. Only an expert professional will know how to tame the factors in the favor of the business.

Every professional who is working on this digital platform needs to learn the basic and advanced techniques of digital marketing in order to become proficient. The biggest problem faced by the professionals is that not all the aspects are covered. This gap in knowledge of the digital marketing aspects causes hindrance in the forming proper digital strategies for optimizing the commercial website. This is where a free online digital marketing training comes into the picture.

Need of Digital Marketing Training

Almost every business has its online presence which, on the other hand, creates a tremendous opportunity for the digital professional to prove their capabilities. Somehow, the vast sphere of the digital marketing techniques cannot be covered in depth. This digital online training will aid in filling the gap in knowledge of the professionals to a considerable extent. Because of this online training, a social media marketing professional will be able to learn Search Engine Optimization techniques; a novice digital marketing enthusiast will be capable of constructing a proper platform of insights and knowledge of digital marketing. In fact, a business owner who owns a website can also go through this training. This training is intended to deliver the basic understanding of digital marketing aspects so that the learner can utilize it in a full-fledged way to cook a proper marketing strategy in the digital aspect.

Course Aspects

Every digital marketer needs to learn the basics of the digital marketing segments so that all the pieces can be set in the right places to form a proper strategy. The important parts that will be covered in this free online digital marketing training are mentioned below.

  • Digital Advertising
  1. Digital Business Analytics
  2. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
  3. Digital Project Management
  4. Pay-per-click analytics


  • Social Marketing
  1. Content strategy
  2. Social media management
  3. Creative direction
  • Website Design and Development
  1. UX design
  2. Web development
  3. Front-end development
  4. Consumer or behavior analytics
  5. Content creation and management
  6. Product management


  • Content Development
  1. Content development
  2. Web and traffic analytics
  3. Digital Project Management
  4. Content creation and management
  5. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  1. Mobile design and development
  2. Web and traffic analysis
  3. E-commerce analytics


As mentioned above in the subcategories of the digital marketing, it is quite clear that how many new spheres have to be learned and conquered by the digital marketer. In fact, some spheres are common in many areas like analytics, content creation, and project management. This training will be very purposeful when you are working in a small firm or own a commercial website. The insights in all the aspects of the digital marketing will enable you to work on the multiple spheres when expertise is not available.

This training is intended to broaden and enhance the digital marketing skills of an individual by imparting apt knowledge via online materials and illustrations. It is quite tough for the traditional marketers to enter and understand the critical digital marketing techniques as they are poles apart from each other. The techniques are based on the online platform, but the intention behind them is same. The only way to bridge this division between a traditional marketer and a digital marketing expert is via the apt training. The void for the digital marketing skills can be quickly filled with the aid of the training, and the professional will be able to handle and perform well in the digital marketing world.

One can also specialize in a particular sphere after learning all the necessary skills in this training as per choice and capabilities. The world of internet has opened a lot of facilities and opportunities for those who want to learn and grow. The courses are structured in the form of tutorials and certificate programs. The certified programs offer proper courses that have to be completed within a stipulated time span whereas the online tutorials can be easily sought anytime anywhere to learn the basics. The certified courses will charge you, but the online tutorials are free of cost.

Free Training on Digital Marketing

As we have seen earlier that there are multiple aspects that need to covered to learn and gain better knowledge in this digital marketing circle. In order to get free, but, effective digital marketing training, all you have to do is to visit the specific websites to cover the specific parts of the marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is the most important tool that a digital marketer must master. The only way to gain apt knowledge in this aspect without any charges is via The website offers proper knowledge regarding the essentials of search engine optimization. The free training will be enough to gain basic insights. If you want to the deep digger, then the same website offers seminars and boot camps at a very nominal cost.

  • Analytics

None other than Google can offer the best analytics training. Google’s Analytic Academy is the best place to learn basics of analytics for free. The data analysis tools and their proper utilization will be taught in this website. The basic knowledge will guide you to analyze your website’s penetration rate. The beginner’s tutorial will take you through the dashboards, report setup, goal setup, and campaign tracking techniques. This platform also allows a user to take an exam for free certification by joining the Partner program.

  • Inbound Marketing

The aspects of Inbound Marketing are aptly covered by the video courses provided by HubSpot. The website also offers free online certification courses based on the basics of inbound marketing, sales, email marketing, and content marketing.

The aim of the free online course in HubSpot is to deliver an in-depth knowledge of the methodology and application of the techniques based on the way internet users act these days.

  • Social Media Marketing

HootSuite is where you will get the best free online social media management training. The training will solely target to impart knowledge regarding managing social media profiles and optimize it as per the digital marketing strategies. The techniques will also teach you to develop proper media strategies and advertising techniques to flourish the business online. You can also go for a certification exam by paying a nominal fee and get the credentials.

There are many social media platforms to conquer. The basic training will provide right insights to understand how social media management works. In this way, you will be capable of elevating the profile of the business in the most popular social platforms in the world.

  • Content Marketing

HubSpot is the king in this division. Being an integral part of the Search Engine Optimization, content marketing is a very important step to cover. Almost every digital and inbound marketing course includes this particular mix. The certification training offered by HubSpot contains a curriculum based on content marketing.

The knowledge imparted in this course will cover the apt ways to come up with the best content for an online platform. The beginner’s course can be done in Content is an essential part of the digital marketing mix as the chosen words will connect with the target audience and convert them into customers.

  • Email Marketing

It is and always will be one of the most sought ways to penetrate and grab the market for digital marketing strategies. The best way to connect with the prospective buyers out there is via email marketing. The basics in this aspect can be gathered in HubSpot’s email marketing course. You can get certified by pursuing this course and become a professional email marketer.

  • Web Design

No one needs to learn HTML or CSS but the basic knowledge of the language will offer good insights regarding the framework of the website. The superficial knowledge of the mechanics of the online platform will enable you to fix small issues without bringing down a professional. Codecademy is the recommended venue to pursue free coding courses.

There are many online digital marketing course providers that impart apt knowledge by charging a nominal fee from you. Online Marketing Institute (OMI) and Coursera are mention-worthy names in this aspect. Learn more about digital marketing and add special skills in your quiver.

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