Let us define Instagram influencer

In the present time, many people want to become Instagram influencers but they fail because of some reasons which should be avoided. Before starting your journey on Instagram, it is necessary to know what it actually is and how it works?

Instagram is a free visual social networking app that gives a plethora of opportunities to its users to gain popularity by uploading their photos and videos on Instagram.

How to become an Instagram influencer?


Social Media has the power to give you a name and fame overnight but to become a serious influencer you will have to put in a lot of effort and time with good strategy and marketing tactics.

Let us discuss some impotent tips which can help you in your journey to becoming an influencer.

1. Make business account

Having a personal account is good but to grow your followers fast, you will need to make a business account on Instagram so that you can access Instagram’s built-in analytical tool that gives you data and information about your followers and help you to approach services to approach brand and marketing firms.

It is also useful because it brings you all information about your highest trafficking time, likes, comments, daily and monthly growth, etc which gives a complete idea to you of who your followers are and what they want from your side.

2. Always go with high quality photos and videos

Today everyone wants HD quality photos or videos so that they can get clear and soothing effects. So it is like a rule of thumb in Instagram marketing while it is preferable to use a DSLR camera or you can even use your smartphone with good pixels. Instagram always brings high-quality videos in front of its reel’s section.

3. Choose the best position for yourself

It is very much crucial to know your strength and weakness so firstly, you have to select a particular category in which you are interested and focused on a particular generation like if u select fashion, then obviously the young generation especially female follower’s response you more and resonate your fashion related post. 

4. Know the trending hashtags  

Always use popular and brand-related hashtags which can relate with your photo or video to increase traffic and new followers on your account, like #fashion tips, #anti goals, etc. one thing keep in mind that USING SPACE BUTTONS after a hashtag will bring nothing to you so always avoid using space after hashtags and try to create your own hashtags.

5. Go with consistent content  

To be an influencer you will need to bring valuable and high-quality unique posts consistently. It is not like posting once in a month or week, you will have to maintain consistency and actively interact with your followers to understand what people actually demand, what types of posts they are embracing and what they do not like.

6. Analyze properly

It is the most important step which can make you influencer fatly, so it is your responsibility to analyses your account and followers by using tools like Social Insight, Icon square, etc. to understand your followers highest reaching time, their genders, from where they belong, their age group, etc, which will help you a lot to increase your followers.

Now, the question is what are Instagram influencers, how do they work and for what they work?

So, Instagram influencers are regular Instagram users who establish their own credibility and brand value by regular engagement with their followers in a particular field. 

They have the power to influence potential buyers of a product or service and gain authority over others’ buying decisions due to their authenticity and trustworthiness.

They have excellent communication power to present their ideas or skills to influence a large audience. chances of becoming an influencer are mostly depending on the number of followers you have.

You have an open choice to choose your interest to become an influencer. Some of the fields you have are fashion, Travel, Health, and Fitness; Luxury, etc are some best influencer marketing categories that can bring you a lot of name and fame along with millions of rupees.

Why choose Instagram influencer marketing when you have other marketing tactics to promote or sell your products?


Since its launch, Instagram has seen diversified growth in only a few years. It has seen a large shift in the last few years which has added amazing features to get the audiences the best engaging elements which maintain its user base.

Right now it has over 1 billion active users, according to the business of apps. But it is getting tough for businesses to get highlighted in this immense market.

There are many difficulties that are observed by the brands to get in the frame. And this is the place where the Instagram influencers come to light.

An influencer gives the light to the marketing and gives the native solutions to get more audiences for their product. These days most companies reach out to Instagram influencers to get the brand more recognition.

Influencers’ ideas are simple and interactive. While some see it as an excuse to get a real job, others see it as a real job. While this trend of Instagram influencers is not going to stop as there are many companies that are willing to invest time and money in these influencers to engage with their audience to a great extent.

Amount can earn when you become Instagram influencer

With 1k to 10k followers makes you a Nano influencer and more than a million followers make you mega influencer cum celebrities. After touching this number, you can charge between 6,000 rupees and 222,934 rupees (Shopify) for your single post from many brands.

Influencers act as a connector between brands and people on Instagram and business owners approach these influencers to persuade people to buy their brand because people have more trust in the influencer than the brand.

Kamal Pandey, Jannat subarea, Kartika Khorana, Bhutan Bam are some famous Indian Instagram influencers who charge more than 445,869 rupees per Instagram influencer.

With the rapid growth in technology and the internet social media has become an inalienable part of people around the globe and because of this influencer marketing industry is all set to hit 1,114 billion by 2022.

Do you know how much celebrities earn from Instagram?


If you have any doubt that Instagram influencers are good or not, then in a recent report it has been seen that there are many superstars who are right now trending Instagram. Most of them have turned their online personalities into money-making machines. The top celebrities in earning according to Quora are as follow:

1. Dwayne Johnson (10, 15,000 Rs per post)

2. Kylie Jenner (7, 32, 71,139 Rs per post)

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (6, 60, 62,923 Rs per post)

4. Kim Kardashian (63,759 Rs per post)

5. Ariana Grande (63,387 Rs per post)


Now you have read all the important facts to become an influencer, so start your career as an influencer and content creator with certain skills which you already know.

It is better to make money and improve your life by creating your own content and brand value by using this application rather than wasting hours of hours on scrolling its reels, because people like Cristiano Ronaldo charges 6, 60, 62,923 rupees per post on the same application, Quora.

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