So, you’ve been trying to optimize your content through the target keywords and other SEO tactics. Increase of organic traffic is one of the main reasons which will boost your rankings. It’s been a while and yet you have not got the desired results. 

What could be the reason? Could it be because you are targeting the wrong page?

Not getting the desired results can be a problem linked to reduced conversations, increased bounce rate, and reduced CTR. I think these problems are not a catastrophe and they can totally be dealt when you start targeting the landing page optimization.

In this article, I’ve made a checklist of all the popular and effective landing page optimization SEO tips that can get your website the desired results. Here are a few things you need to know.

Search Engine Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization

The web pages that have been ranking better than the one you intend to have high ranking is likely to have elements that are better optimized with the focus keywords. And so, the first step for landing page optimization should be optimizing that page by increasing the efficiency of the keywords to ensure its success among the search listings. Here’s how you can do it:

With the Title Tag

The title tag holds great important since search engines interpret a page’s topic my first identifying the keyword in the title. Google always looks for the title tags before listing the results for a certain keyword. 

Optimizing the Title of your Landing Page

Now that you know how important title is for landing page optimization, it’s time to learn a few tips about it.

  • Always keep your title within 60 sixty characters-it should never be longer, and never use the CAPS LOCK. 
  • Never stuff the titles with so many keywords. Be smart, and justify the keywords within the title. 
  • Place your keyword within the initial parts of your title.
  • Try to include your brand’s name in the title. 
  • Do not add duplicate titles for it can reduce your SEO rankings.

Meta Description

If you own a blog or a website, you sure know what a meta description is. It holds huge importance and yet many people neglect how it affects their SEO rankings. This description shows up in both Social Networks and SERPs when your page is shared, which is a great way of letting people know what your business is all about. Here’s what you need to remember about using Meta Description for your landing page:

  • Always keep the total character length within 155 characters. It should not be longer than that. 
  • Try to create an ad out of your meta description. We suggest writing a description which can serve as an ad for your page because search engine highlights these parts when your business or similar product is searched by a user and show’s the results in SERP snippets. 
  • Always add focus keywords in your meta description.
  • Refrain from using copied descriptions for it can reduce your SEO rankings.

Here is a visual guide on how to write title and meta description effectively.

Header Tags 

The HTML header tags are important for structuring the content in hierarchical order within the page. Their use helps the search engine to learn more about the relevance of the content, and then the header tags also provide main points for visitors so they acquire more information in a short time period. Here are the tips you need to know about header tags:

  • Always place your headings and sub-headings in the hierarchal order. Your content should be thoroughly structured from H1 to H2.
  • Your headings should be optimized with the main keywords as an optimized header boosts the page ranking. 
  • Same as your title, try to make your headings stand out with good content, different font size, formatting, and unique style.

Content Rules

content in landing page

Do I even need to point this out? Content is the king like it has been all these years. Check this guide on effective tips for content marketing.  You’ve to churn out the best of the content to increase the ranking of your page there is no short cut for this rule. But here are some tips for a landing page that will make google rank your great content higher among the search results:

  • Use keywords in your content effectively. 
  • Position the first focus keywords within the first hundred words of the page because that way the search engine will find it sooner. 
  • Use all varieties of related words instead of targeting only selective phrases because not everyone searches for a topic or product with an exact same phrase. 
  • Ensure that your content has a considerate length because Google ranks page with large content higher than those with a smaller number of words. 

Internal Search 

If your landing page has a lot of content, it’s good to have an internal search bar within it, for it will integrate the page with Google Analytics. This is one of the best practices for landing page SEO checklist since it increases your page’s visibility instantly:

  • Try to understand what your users have been looking for and what they’ve been checking. 
  • Add what is in demand and when you follow a lead, the bounce rate will reduce.
  • Keep trying to find new keyword ideas depending on the queries of your users within the search box. 


Voice Search SEO

Visual Optimization of Your Landing Page

Yes, visual optimization is a thing, and if you have not heard of it yet, you need to update your knowledge cloud. Through visual optimization, an attempt is made to add elements that can make your page more attractive to the users. It also gives the search engine a hint that that page is more fitting for a particular query. 

  • Try to use the related visual in your landing page 
  • Use high-resolution graphics or images 
  • You can also use infographics for adding both information and visual together.
  • Share the visuals or Infographics to your social media pages for more visibility. 

Schema Markup for the Landing Page 

Here’s another excellent thing for you to consider for Landing page SEO. It is a number of a set of vocabularies which you can use for making your pages. It helps your page to stand out in the SERP. For instance, your page can have elements like a number of reviews, star ratings, and images. Here’s what you can do for Schema Markup:

  • Google has a friendly tool which you can use as an extension to help your page with the schema markup.
  • One of these tools is the Markup Helper which adds a markup on the website. 
  • Another one is a testing tool which helps preview the snippets. 

Open Graph

Open Graph landing page seo

Open Graph is being widely used for making snippets from the links when they are shared through social media. In this way, you are in control of how your page’s content is shown when shared to social media. It makes sense and increases both conversions and clicks. Here are some tips for Open Graph tags:

  • Optimize both your open graph and the description by using each wisely. 
  • These elements will not be used for the SERPs, so you don’t need to optimize them, but make sure they speak to your target audience and convey your message. 
  • Your OG image should be captive and have the ability to make a memorable association.
  • Place textbox over the image for recapping all the main points for your content. 

Multimedia on Your Landing Page

multimedia in landing page

All the videos, images, infographics, and tutorials make your content more engaging and they also increase the time spent within the site. It also adds to the user experience and can further be optimized for the target keywords.

  • Try to optimize all the attributes of your multimedia used. You can do this by picking the right images like diagrams and the infographics and by adding the alt text next to them. 
  • Let your visual or multimedia description increase the context of your content by adding the secondary keywords to them. In this way, your visual will be visible in the search results. 
  • Adding a video transcript adds further bonus because it comes handy in case a user cannot watch a video or do not understand any part of it. 


With this article, you got a checklist of all the popular and effective Landing page SEO tips that can get your website the desired results. Consider each of them when you are creating content for your website or publishing them. Each one holds importance since they add both value and credibility to your content. Use this checklist of nine elements for your landing pages and you will never have to worry about poor rankings of your landing page. 

Extra Tip:  If you want your landing page to rank higher, optimize your webpage technically. You can do this by removing technical issues that slow down your page’s responsiveness. Google ranks pages with high speed higher than those with slow ones. Since Google focuses on Page Speed, it’s time for you to do the same.

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