With e-commerce making giant strides, there is a huge demand for UI and UX designers. Today’s customer has to be pampered with superlative experiences. This can only be achieved with great UI and UX in web and mobile apps. Becoming a UI and UX designer is an excellent career decision. In a city like Chennai with dozens of IT companies and startups, there is tremendous scope for UI and UX designers.

There are several institutions that offer good training for UI and UX courses and it can be difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, here we present the best institutes for UI and UX design courses in Chennai where you can get thorough training and be equipped to get a good job.

The scope and opportunities for UI and UX designers are vast; you can be assured of a high-paying job once you complete the course successfully. Enrolling in a UI and UX design course at a reputed institute will help you gain all the requisite skills, know how to use the right tools, and more.
UI design deals with the interface – the part of the app the end-user deals with while using a digital product or service. User Interface determines the interactivity, appearance, behaviour, feel, and usability of a product, and includes everything the user uses to interact with the app like the images, buttons, voice control, and more. Basically, it aims at making the user’s experience smooth and enjoyable.

UX or user experience design deals with enhancing the user interface and involves all interactions between users and apps, OS, products, etc. It deals with the operation, product design, and meeting user requirements. It can be said that UX design teams use this process to develop products that deliver meaningful experiences to users. UX design involves elements like function, usability, design, and branding.

It is critical that you impress customers in the first few seconds that they interact with your app or website. This is where UI and UX designers play an important role. If you have a flair for art and design and a problem-solving aptitude, a UI and UX design course is the perfect career choice for you. Let’s now look at the responsibilities of UI and UX designers and the career opportunities available to them:

Career Opportunities in UI and UX Design

UX Designer
Web Designer
UX Analyst
UI Designer
UX Architect

The Primary Job Responsibilities of UX Designers

Conducting user research
User flows and wireframe Design
Product prototype creation
Product testing with real users
Improve the products over a period of time

The Primary Job Responsibilities of UI Designers

Implement every stage of visual design
Create wireframes, user flows, storyboards, and site maps
Set up and develop the brand’s design guidelines, standards, and practices.

It is important to receive training and certification from a proper, reputed institute that will also help you with placement and ensure you are able to get a high-paying job in a good company.

Let us check out the best institutes in Chennai for UI and UX design courses:

1. Aviv Digital

Avivdigital - UI and UX design courses in Chennai

Aviv Digital is one of the top institutes to learn UI and UX Design courses in Chennai. With close to 15 years in the industry, Aviv Digital imparts superlative training to students and helps them to kick-start a successful career. The UI and UX design course at Aviv has been designed by expert professionals with in-depth industry experience.

The curriculum is well-thought-out and comprehensive and covers all the topics needed to make you an expert UI and UX designer. You learn all the concepts from basic to advanced, the various tools, and also get practical experience so that you are industry-ready by the time you finish the course. The faculty comprises certified professionals who bring a wealth of real-life experiences to the classroom, and familiarize students with smart UI and UX strategies that can help them do the job better.

Students who successfully complete the training are awarded certificates that are recognized by the Government of India; they also get the chance to intern at Acodez IT Solutions, a leading web design and development company in India. By working on live projects, students get the confidence to work on projects on their own.

Students who enroll at Aviv Digital are given classroom training and e-training that allows them to learn at their own time and pace. Students are given personal attention so that their training is thorough. The faculty is very approachable and helpful too.

avivdigital- UI and UX design courses in Chennai

Key Highlights of Learning from Aviv Digital

International Standard
Flexible Learning Options
Expert Digital Professionals
Industry-Validated Syllabus
Gain Current Industry Knowledge
Globally Recognized Accreditation

Skills you will learn in UI and UX design course

Concepts of UI & UX Design
Design Thinking
Information Architecture
Wireframing & Prototyping
Typography & Colors
Intro to Design Tools (XD/Figma/Sketch)

UI and UX Design Course Curriculum

Module 1: THE BASICS

Introduction to user research
User Research Process & Methods
Waterfall, Agile, Scrum Process Models
Intro to Software Tools

Module 2: RESEARCH

Design Thinking
Empathy Mapping
User Interview
User Persona

Module 3: ANALYSIS

Competitor analysis
User-centric analysis
Data analysis
Heuristic analysis
Task flow evaluation
Identify User Pain points
Google Analytics
Human-computer interaction


User Flow & Journey Mapping
Information Architecture
SEO and accessibility
Card Sorting
Navigation & hierarchy creation


Design Principles
Understanding Android & IOS design guidelines
Navigation & hierarchy creation
Intro to Design Tools (XD/Figma/Sketch)
Converting Wireframes to Visual Design


Create Style guides & Assets
Create interactive prototypes (Figma/Protopie/Marvel)


Portfolio creation in different platforms
Interview Preparation

Who can sign up to this program?

You can join this program if you are:

Freshers with basics
UI Developers
Mobile Developers
HTML Developers

Minimum Eligibility

Bachelor’s or Equivalent Degree
Any 3 Year Diploma
Plus 2

Course Duration

6 Months (4 months of Classroom Training & 2 Months Internship at Acodez)

Course Faculty

avivdigital- UI and UX design courses in Chennai

Our Students Work on Brands Like

avivdigital- UI and UX design courses in Chennai

2. BTree

avivdigital- UI and UX design courses in Chennai

This is one of the best institutes to learn UI and UX design courses in Chennai. They provide live interactive classroom training, and give access to students to the top frameworks and tools. With a curriculum designed and taught by industry experts, they have successfully trained and placed dozens of students in reputed companies. They equip students with skills like UX research, styling, design thinking, prototyping etc. through daily lab sessions to make sure they get thorough training in all concepts.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to UI/UX
Product design
Design process
User research
UX design elements
Design presentation

3. FITA Academy

FITA -UI and UX design courses in Chennai

FITA Academy in Chennai has a UI and UX Design Course that is highly job-oriented and meets the requirements of the global industry, making it an excellent choice to learn UI/UX design. Developed by industry experts who understand the most important components of web design, the curriculum and courseware are one of the best in Chennai. Their trainers have more than 10 years of experience in web development, making them the ideal professionals to teach students. 100% support is provided for placement, and all eligible students are also properly guided in job applications. They offer convenient batch options like fast track, regular, and weekend.

Course Curriculum

UI and UX Web Development Process
Wireframes and Strategies,
Visual Design Principles.

4. AND Design School

AND Design - UI and UX design courses in Chennai

AND Design School offers one of the best UI/UX design courses in Chennai, that suits both students and professionals. In-depth training is provided on UI/UX design concepts, and portfolio creation. This is a job-oriented course that will help students learn skills in the key areas of UI/UX design, like design thinking, user research, data visualization, design strategy, usability, and so on. They provide in-depth training on concepts and give practical experience on real projects.

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of UX Design
Visual Design and UI
Research Methodology and Techniques
UX Strategy
Brand Experience Design
Fundamentals of Visual Design

5. WebD

WebD -UI and UX design courses in Chennai

Successfully training students since 207, WebD has helped over 500 students get placement in prime companies. They provide unlimited access to their lab so that students can practice and become perfect. The classroom sessions are conducted by experienced industry professionals who give frequent tests and evaluations. Students are given individual attention, and the trainers help them become industry-ready by the time they complete the course. Small batch sizes help ensure that every student is properly tracked and given the help they need.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to UX and UI
Visual Design
Design Tools and Strategy
Sketching, Wireframe and Prototyping
Visual design output


UI and UX design is a professional, job-oriented course that is an excellent choice as there is a huge demand for UI and UX professionals in the industry. Enrolling in a UI and UX design courses in Chennai will help you take the right step towards a bright future in the IT industry. We have hand-picked the best institutes in Chennai that will help you in this regard.

Aviv Digital is one of the best institutes for UI and UX Design Courses in Kerala and Chennai. We have carved a name for ourselves with our exceptional training, curriculum, and results in UI and UX training programs. Additionally, we provide many other certificate programs that are internationally recognized. For more details, do call us on +91 8156998844