As we become more reliant on machines and software in our daily life, usability and accessibility have become really important. Almost all business is moving to the world wide web. With the increase in the growth of digital products and services, user experience has become very important. UI and UX design has become important for product success and the importance of excellent UI and UX design is being repeated in top businesses all over India. In this post, we bring you the best UI and UX design institutes list in Kerala.

What is UI and UX Design?

User interface (UI) design is the process designers use to create interfaces in software or computerized devices, which focuses on looks and styles. The aim of the designers is to create interfaces which users find quite easy to use and enjoyable.

Designing UI for Users

User Interface Come in three formats:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUIs)- Interaction of users with visual characterization on digital control panels.  Computer Desktop is a Graphic User Interface.
  • Voiced controlled Interfaces (VUIs)- In these users interact through their voices. For eg: Siri on iPhone and Alexa on Amazon devices are Voiced Controlled Interfaces.
  • Gesture based Interfaces- In these the users occupy 3D design spaces. eg: VR (Virtual Reality) games.

How to make Great UIs

To give impressive GUIs, you should follow these steps:

  • Shape the buttons and other common elements execute as expected, which helps the users to utilize without conscious thought.
  • Keep high discoverability. Evidently mark icons and involve well signified affordances. 
  • Respect the user’s eye and awareness in regard with layout.
  • Reduce the amount of actions for performing tasks and focus on one main function per page.
  • Keep the users informed in regard with the system response with feedback.

User experience (UX) design is the process used to build products that give meaningful and pertinent experiences to users. The most important thing is, UX design is bothered in giving solutions that label points and needs. Designing an experience adds not only makes the software effortless to use. 

UX design is a huge and an interesting field. It configures the products and services that we use regularly, and will male or crack the victory of a business.

Difference between UX and UI Design

When we talk about UX, the term UI design cannot be avoided. But it’s very important to understand that UI and UX are two different things even though they’re often being used mutually.

It is important to figure that UI design is not as same as UX design.  UX is the experience a user has with the product or service during the journey of landing in a website to the end action taken by the user. 

UI is design oriented and concentrates more on the look and feel of the product.

Benefits of learning UI/UX design

  • You will be able to learn more than just design skills
  • You can create an impact 
  • Will help to grow the business
  • Will help to work with new technologies
  • Will help to increase your earning

Job role for UX designers

  • Usually UX design is at all times done first which begins from the market research to create a product. An efficient UX designer will label out the target users at the beginning.
  • UX designers do questions to discover why people use a particular product, requirements of the customer, the things that customers are interested in and not interested.
  • UX designers also perform competitive analysis in the field, which means the similar product available in the field, their cost of the product, the reason of people using that product and after the deep research, they can come to the conclusion about the extra features that can be added in their own product.
  • UX designers also create wireframes which involve basic designs or in other words structure of the product.
  • UX designer performs user testing as well, UX professionals make the user understand the flow of the product and will ask to complete a particular task to receive the feedback from the user like what are the issues the user is currently facing.

Job Role of UI Designer

  • After the role of UX designer, UI designer will take the details, wireframes from UX designers and will make a precise wireframe or will use photoshop software for mockup design.
  • The brand of the product, color will be decided by the UI designer
  • UI designers also set up style guides.
  • Visual communication and graphic design come under UI designer’s responsibility.

Top Seven Institutes for UX and UI Design:

Aviv Digital

Avivdigital - UI UX design institutes list in Kerala

Aviv Digital is the top and a dedicated Institute in Kerala for various courses especially for UI and UX Design course in kerala. In today’s world for promoting a business, we need a website, mobile app or a portal which is functional and dazzling. Page design should be very attractive and visitors should be able to easily find out what they are looking for.  There will be a lot of thoughts for web design. Sometimes a talented artist might not be enough. From Aviv Digital a UX design course certification, you will be able to design the websites like a skilled designer.

In Aviv digital’s UI and UX designing course, candidates will be able to learn not only the basics but also the technique of user-centric design and so on. In Aviv Digital, we have award-winning UX Professionals who will help you understand this field’s vast opportunities. Taking training for UI and UX design in Aviv Digital will lead you to a successful and excellent career.

UI and UX courses in Kerala

Courses offered In Aviv Digital for UI and UX Design:

Web Design, UI and UX design courses

The Course offered in UI and UX is a six-month duration course with a classroom training of 4 months and two months of internship at Acodez, UL Cyberpark at Calicut. For the convenience of students, the batches are split into two. The classes for the weekday batches will be from Monday to Friday and the classes for weekend batches will be on Saturdays and Sundays. For Online batches, the course will be conducted on all days of the week.

The main feature of the course includes assuring maximum pass percentage (minimum 90%pass), covering 11 modules in the syllabus, practicing 10 assignments and 2 mini projects. The classes will be handled by the industrial experts and upon competition of the course, placement assistance will be provided to all the candidates. 

After completing the course, candidates will have the opportunity to pursue the positions of UX Designer, Web Designer, UX Analyst and UX Architect.

The minimum eligibility to join the course is, the candidate must have successfully completed a degree program from recognized universities or should have obtained a three-year Diploma from any of the Government approved institutions.

Course Faculty

Course faculty - UI UX design institutes list in Kerala

Our Students Work on Brands Like

Contact Address is shown below:

1/3446 D, Sivam Complex, Kannur Road, West hill, Calicut-673006. 

Phone: 08156998844

Campus G

Campus g - UI UX design institutes list in Kerala

Campus G is a graphic design coaching institute located in Cochin. It provides Online training courses in Web and Visual media tools. Campus G also provides training in graphic designing, website designing. Campus G brings forth training and support needed by organizations and individuals to flourish in the designing sector.

Course Offered: Web UI Design

Mode of Training: Small group/ Instructor-LED Online Training

Course Duration: 10 Months


Matthens UI/UX Studio

Matthens UI/UX Studio - UI UX design institutes list in Kerala

Matthens is one of the best UI and UX designing institute in Kerala, Cochin. The institute provides coaching for designing and corporate training for mobile and web apps with placements in Cochin. Matthens coaches the next generation of designers on what they need for their success in the competitive field.

Course Offered: UI/UX Design Master Course

Duration:14 weeks

Mode of training: Live Online class with dedicated mentor


Zoople Technologies

Zoople Technologies - UI UX design institutes list in Kerala

Zoople Technologies is a reputed mobile app development company located in Cochin. With the newest and most productive tools, they give consideration even to the small demand of the clients. Zoople technologies gives clarity to the customers and the client suggestions are taken to consideration.

Courses offered: UI/UX Design

Duration: 4 Months

Mode of Training: Online

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)  - UI UX design institutes list in Kerala

This UI and UX  designing institute is located in Cochin. IxDF shapes the design skills for your career and builds a greater future. This institute provides online designing courses at low cost. IDxF provides excellent faculty for the training. 

Courses offered: UX Design

Duration: 24 hrs. 22 min over 5 weeks

UI Design Patterns

Duration: 24 hrs. 22 Min over 7 weeks

Training Mode: Online


Academy of Media and Design (AMD)

Academy of Media and Design (AMD)  - UI UX design institutes list in Kerala

AMD is an organization established for the growth of creativity. The options of the course are arranged for working professionals and it helps to increase their knowledge in all aspects. Courses are arranged by the experts from industry and distributed to industry experts. Based on the feedback, the syllabus will be upgraded.  

Course offered: Advance certification in web design, UI/UX

 Training mode: Online and Offline.


Nestsoft Technologies

Nestsoft Technologies  - UI UX design institutes list in Kerala

Nestsoft technologies is one of the leading software company founded in 1997 provides innovative IT solutions, located in Cochin. Nestsoft comes up with online training for numerous courses at any time upon your convenience. After the completion of course, Nestsoft will provide experience certificate.

Course Offered:  UI/UX Design Training

Duration: 6 Months

Training Mode: Online


In this article we have mentioned the best UI and UX design institutes list in Kerala. If you are confused to choose between UI or UX for your career, then it completely depends upon what you want to do and what you like. If you are passionate to understand what the customer needs from the product and if you are able to solve the problem then UX design is the option. If you love designing a product, size, color and the animation with your creativity, then UI is the better choice. But in most of the organizations they recruit a single person for both the roles. 

Aviv Digital is renowned as a leading institute for UI and UX design courses in Kerala. We have established ourselves as experts in delivering exceptional training in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. Our institute offers a wide range of globally recognized certification programs, providing comprehensive instruction in crucial areas. To delve into further details, feel free to reach out to us at: +91 8156998844.