Looking for a good institution to learn UI and UX design courses in Vadakara?

Then you are on the right platform. Read through the article to find the right institution for you to learn UI and UX design courses. 

Pursuing UI and UX design course is a wise option considering the progress of digital platforms over the last few years. People these days prefer convenience and flexibility for each and everything starting from shopping to even paying bills. There is a tremendous increase in online platforms since more businesses are shifting online to meet and connect with their target customers.

Naturally, the scope and demand for UI and UX designers increased. But, the extreme competition in the market makes it vital for you to possess advanced skills and knowledge on tools to become a competent UI and UX design professional. Thus, it is essential for you to pursue a course from a great institution that help you in meeting the requirements of an accomplished UI and UX designer.

Before moving on to the details of the institution to learn UI and UX design courses in Vadakara let’s look more into what is UI and UX designers and what are the career opportunities of the same. 

A Brief on UX and UI Design

UX design or User Experience Design includes planning the experience of the people while interacting with applications, products, or operating systems whereas, UI or User interface design includes everything that a user interacts with whilst using digital products or services. UI designers create a user interface that makes it easy to use and enjoyable for the users while UX design is designed to make enhancements to UI. 

The main job responsibilities of UX designers

  • Performing user research
  • Designing of user flows and wireframes
  • Creating prototypes of the product
  • Testing the product with real users
  • Make necessary improvements on the product over time

The primary job responsibilities of UI designers

  • Carry out all the stages of visual design
  • Creating wireframes, user flows, storyboards, and site maps
  • Setting up and promoting the brand’s design guidelines, standards, and practices.

Career opportunities in UX and UI design

  • UX Designer
  • Web Designer
  • UX Analyst
  • UI Designer
  • UX Architect

Now, let’s move on to the best institutions that offer UX and UI design courses in Vadakara. The following are the list of institutions where you can pursue UI and UX design course in Vadakara

  1. Aviv Digital
  2. Web Academy
  3. Futura Labs
  4. Codeme Hub of Tech Learning
  5. Image Creative Education

UI and UX design courses in Vadakara

1. Aviv Digital

avivdigital - UI and UX design course in Vadakara

One of the finest training institutions to learn UI and UX design courses in Vadakara is Aviv digital. The superior training along with the comprehensive curriculum will give you a great insight into UI and UX design to help you achieve career success. With years of experience in providing training, Aviv digital makes sure to give attention to all students with an interesting learning approach. 

You can learn the course online as well as through an in-house training program, giving the students flexibility and convenience where they can learn according to their pace and time. The training provided by experienced senior faculties helps you to a great extent to enhance your aptitude and skill as a UI and UX designer and mentors you in successfully completing hands-on projects. 

There are numerous reasons why you should pick out Aviv digital to learn UI and UX design training programs such as:

Custom learning:

Aviv digital offers e-learning as well as an in-house learning method. Thus, the students can learn according to their time and space giving them flexibility and convenience. Irrespective of the method of learning Aviv digital ensures that each and every student gets the required attention to build up their skills and knowledge in advanced tools making them proficient in the field.

Training offered by Industry Experts

The students will receive training from certified industry experts and professionals to gain great insight into real-world projects. The training comprised all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to become a competent UI and UX designer. 

Placement Assistance

Aviv digital helps the candidate with placement assistance. Starting from interview preparation to submitting applications, Aviv digital offers 100% job support to candidates to help them find the right job that offers career growth and development. 

UI and UX Design Courses in Vadakara

Free Marketing Tools

The candidates are offered training by making use of essential tools. This is to help them get a deeper insight into real-world situations. They will be guided well by their mentor in doing many mini-projects that can be useful in the field of work. 

Govt of India Approved Certificate

Upon the completion of the course, the candidate will receive a certificate that is approved by Govt. of India. This will be a great addition while hunting for a job. The certificate will help you to find the right job that offers great personal and professional benefits. 

Hands-on-projects and Assignments 

Candidates completing training from Aviv digital will get a chance to do an internship program at Acodez IT solution which is a leading web design and web development company in India. During the internship program, you will get to experience many hands-on projects where you will be guided by your mentor. This will help you to have a deeper understanding of the real project situation and help you to learn strategies and tricks that will be useful in your work field.

Aviv Digital will be a great platform to learn all the advanced tools and techniques when it comes to web design and development. The training program is designed to build skills and knowledge in UI/UX design programs. 

Some of the skills you will learn from the UI and UX design course are:

  • Concepts of UI & UX Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Typography & Colors
  • Intro to Design Tools (XD/Figma/Sketch)

Who can learn this program?

You can learn this program if you are:

  • Freshers with basics
  • UI Developers
  • Mobile Developers
  • HTML Developers

Minimum Eligibility:

  • Bachelor’s or Equivalent Degree
  • Any 3 Year Diploma
  • Plus 2

Course Duration: 6 Months (4 months of Classroom Training & 2 Months Internship at Acodez)

Course Faculty

UI and UX Design Courses in Vadakara

Our Students Work on Brands Like

avivdigital UI and UX courses in vadakara

2. Web Academy 

Web academy - UI and UX design course in Vadakara

Web academy is another best software training institution to learn UI/UX design courses. With years of excellence in the industry, Web academy offers great training in web design. The curriculum of the training program comprises all the basic and advanced tools of web design, online database administration, simple image editing, dynamic imagery, elementary HTML, .NET, and PHP. All the training programs of web academy are as per the latest trends in technology with the motive to offer excellent value for students.

Web Academy Course List

Advanced Web design Course 

Web and Graphic Design Diploma course 

Advanced Graphic Design Training in Kerala

PHP Training 

MYSQL Training Course

Academic Project Training and Live industrial project training 

3. Futura Labs

Futura labs - UI and UX design course in Vadakara

Futura Labs is a training and career development institution established in 2016 by the best IT experts. The UI/UX design training program offered by Futura Labs helps the candidates to perform work with great passion. The students receive training by giving exposure to real-life situations to enlighten them on the strategy and tactics to become experts in UI/UX design. The courses of Futura Labs are carefully designed by IT experts to give the candidates in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to help them master the concept. 

The key Highlights of the course are:

  • Hands-on Practical session for better learning
  • Proper Placement guidance and assistance
  • Training on the latest programming languages 
  • Expertise training in Python.
  • Virtual office environment 

4. Codeme Hub of Tech Learning

codeme - UI and UX design course in Vadakara

The next best training institution to learn UI/UX design courses in Vadakara is Codeme hub of tech learning. This is a training institution of the reputed software company Vitez Lab Pvt. The training program comprises all the advanced-level tools and techniques based on industry standards taught by industry professionals. Moreover, upon the completion, of course, Codmee hub of tech learning institution helps the desiring candidates to get placed in top companies.

Highlights of Codeme Hub of Tech Learning

  • Training by Industry experts
  • E-learning subscription
  • Training on the latest technology
  • Placement support
  • Resume preparation assistance
  • Mock Interviews

5. Image Creative Education

Image creative education - UI and UX design course in Vadakara

Image creative education is India’s first professionally managed software training institution established in 1996. With 15+ years of excellence in training, Image creative education has over 32 fully operational institutions all over India with over 72000 students. The curriculum is based on the latest industry trends to prepare the candidates to be industry-ready.

Course Content

  • Understanding Design Requirements and Audience
  • Research and Visual Exploration
  • Procuring Images for Print and Digital Media
  • Digital Image-Editing Techniques
  • Designing Communicative Visuals
  • Web Optimization Techniques
  • Designing Interactive Presentations
  • Testing Browser Compatibility and Website Usability


Winding Up

UI and UX design courses are one of the best courses to safe zone your career. There is a huge requirement for professionals skilled in UI and UX design courses. But, to find the right job with amazing career benefits and development, you need advanced skills and knowledge of tools. To achieve this you need to get training from the best institutions that offer training based on the latest industry standards. The above-mentioned are the 5 best training institutions to pursue UI and UX design courses in Vadakara which helps you to build up all the requirements of a competent UI and UX designer. 

Aviv Digital is renowned as a leading institute for UI and UX design courses in Kerala. We have established ourselves as experts in delivering exceptional training in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. Our institute offers a wide range of globally recognized certification programs, providing comprehensive instruction in crucial areas. To delve into further details, feel free to reach out to us at: +91 8156998844.