Content marketing has an important role in digital marketing strategies. But it’s not easy to make your content successful. For proper content marketing, there are some factors to check off.   

The content should be engaged, informative, and should deliver genuine values.  In the present situations, data is very important to inform the marketing decisions.

So, the effective way to achieve this goal is by creating data-driven content marketing strategies. These content marketing strategies can even boost your ranking.

The data-driven content marketing is much better than “guesswork marketing”. This may also help you to increase content engagement rates.

Here, we are going to discuss some data-driven techniques that can be used in your content marketing campaigns.

1. Find the Target Audience

Analyzing the entire details of your potential customers is an important part of a data-driven content marketing strategy.

Here, you need to find out the target customer habits, age, preferences, and so on. Using google analytics and the other analytics tools you can analyze the demographics of the customers.

 Age, gender, income, location, their emotional triggers are some of the customer data that will help you to create data-driven content. 

Finding the targeted audience details is the basic thing to perform before starting the data-driven content.

2. Perform a Proper Data Analysis

Perform a proper data analysis

  • Website Analysis

Do proper auditing on the website and analyze it using a quality tool. Find the blogs from the website that drive more traffic. These topics may be interesting for your targeted audience. 

  • Content Analysis

Content analysis

In content analysis, find the trending topics and topics related to the niche. Take a look at the social media platforms where your audience can be tracked.

From these social media platforms find the topics that your targeted audience mostly viewed. After the research, plan the content strategy with these topics.

  • Keyword Analysis

Finding the most number of keywords related to your topic is the best way to rank your topics. Analyzing the perfect keywords can build a data-driven content strategy.

So, before planning the content format collect the keywords that can be used in your topic for better ranking. These keywords will be used in your content to bring more visitors to the website.   

  • Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis

Go through your competitor’s website and analyze the content strategy they performed. Find their most popular topics, communication style, and engagement ideas. You can make use of this data to boost your content strategy.

3. Use the Data to Boost Your Content Creation Process

Using proper data in your topic can build good data-driven content. Adding graphs, infographics, and other representations may help the audience to get a proper detail on the specific topic.

In many cases, a pictorial representation is much better than a detailed explanation. Also, the complexity of the data can be reduced using the graphs.

Using graphs and pie charts, sankey charts are important factors in data-driven content marketing. So, add these graphs in your content to make your content a detailed and well explained one.   

4. Build a Framework for Your Content Strategy

Creating a framework for your content strategy is the major factor before planning the content. Building a calendar is the best way to plan the tasks for each interval. The calendar allows you to plan your topics by month or by weeks.  

A data-driven content marketing strategy provides content creation and promotion. In many situations, social media platforms are the best medium to get your content in front of the right audience.

5. Plan the Content Formats

Choosing the content format is an important part of content creation. Firstly, analyze the formats that your targeted audience may like. 

Are they engaged with video more than the blog post? The answer depends on the research that you perform. It may require some basic testing and iterations. 

Through different studies, it’s proven that customers prefer to watch the video than reading the content. You can find the interest of the audience using the customer’s demographics, industry, and so on.

While opting for content marketing, align your content in the proper format that your audience may like. The driven data should be arranged in an exact order with the graphs and charts. The data should always be aligned in a simple format (Reader-friendly).

6. Testing and Result in Analyzing

Testing and result in analyzing

A proper content marketing is about testing and testing more. The main part of the content marketing strategy is to use tools such as google analytics and check the performance of a content strategy.

Along with these tools, use social analytics through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Pageviews, engagements, average time spent on site, likes, shares are the important factors to be checked and updated.

Gathering and analyzing the data after publishing the content is an important task. This will help you to know the effectiveness of the content.


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7. Insights Into Action 

A data-driven content marketing strategy includes analyzing the findings and then changing those insights into action. These actions will be having a major role in content marketing.

The data-driven content marketing is getting the standard in the time of big data and analytics. As content marketing is not like the guessing game, marketers who have access to analytics can get them for the best results.

A Few Final Words

The studies reveal that investing more in content marketing is a good option for success. There are a lot of benefits to data while creating the content. 

The data-driven content marketing can be used everywhere, ie from social media to blogging and email marketing.

As we have discussed above, data has a number of roles in improving your content marketing. So, while building the content try to include the maximum number of data that can boost the website and bring more engagements.  

The above-mentioned points will help you to build a better data-driven content marketing strategy for your website.

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