Social media specialist is a marketing professional responsible for creating, managing, and analyzing social media campaigns for clients. They work on specific goals like improving brand awareness, generating leads, and driving sales. 

Social media specialists can be responsible for managing site metrics, interacting with readers, and creative designs. They try to attain customer engagement, trust, and conversions by utilizing all aspects of social media.

Recent statistics show a total of 4.95 billion social media users, which is expected to grow by 5.17 billion by the end of this year. The amount of time an average user spends is now higher than ever – 151 minutes per day 

The demand for social media specialists is expected to grow in the coming years, although trends and features will overturn completely. Artificial intelligence will influence social media marketing in various tasks like scheduling posts, analyzing data, and content generation.

New advances in solving repeated tasks will encourage the application of human creativity and strategic thinking in promotion campaigns. The new trend of influencer marketing demands good networking with major influencers and other key stakeholders.

The salary of social media specialist can depend on various factors. Being aware of these things can help in negotiating better packages and simplify career design.

Skills in Demand in Social Media Marketing

Social media is a rapidly transforming industry, and being updated on ongoing changes is crucial in a marketing career. Besides being active on various platforms, try to follow threads that regularly update on upcoming changes. Following skills are most in demand and must known among social media social media marketers in 2024.

Develop Social Skills

Developing social skills is important in various ways, such as improving understanding of your audience, making data-driven decisions, and running rewarding social media campaigns for your efforts.

  • Try to learn audience preferences, pain points, and online behaviour to tailor your content, messaging, and strategies perfectly.
  • Research about how people understand your brand, products and campaigns. Identify positive reviews and address negative feedback to measure the overall impacts of your efforts.  
  • Track your competitors and their audience to compare with your strategies. You can also identify spot trends and gaps in the campaigns, which can give you an extra advantage in the competition.  
  • Choose the right tools to utilise advanced features like keyword tracking, sentiment analysis, and competitor monitoring.

Influencer Marketing 

As we have mentioned before, influencer marketing lets you collaborate with popular social media users and brands to promote your services and products. Influencer marketing is booming as the global market size has more than tripled since 2019. The market is estimated to be 24 billion US dollars the end of this year. Continue to read for how to effectively use influencer marketing in your social media marketing. 

  • Focus on the trust and authenticity of influencers since these promotions can have a long-term effect. Consumers trust the opinions of influencers they follow, resulting in a powerful yet ambiguous marketing method. 
  • Influencer marketing lets you reach out to specific audiences as they have communities within specific niches.
  • Choose your preferred content format and promotion platforms from a wide range of collaborations. Take decisions based on reach, conversions, and engagement. 
  • Give influencers creative freedom along with maintaining your brand guidelines.

Social Commerce 

Marketers can leverage social media to sell their products and services thoroughly over platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X. Social commerce enables the entire shopping experience through social media, from product discovery and research to checkout. This blurs the line between e-commerce and social media, so read to understand how to adapt to emerging changes in e-commerce.

  • Social trust and user-generated content(UGC) play a crucial role in social commerce. Brands need to invest time in encouraging user communities, encouraging UGC, and leveraging it to build trust and drive sales. 
  • Social media platforms offer sophisticated targeting options based on user interests and behaviour. This allows marketers to reach potential buyers with advanced precision and improved advertising effectiveness. 
  • Creating engaging content like images, videos, and live streams to drive product discovery and purchase intent is essential. 
  • Identify, negotiate, and manage popular influencers for effective partnerships, creating trust and sales.  

AR/VR Integration 

Imagine a customer experience that lets you use products virtually before buying them, here comes another hot trend, demanding new skills from marketers. This is what is expected within AR VR technologies with respect to social media marketing.

  • VR experiences can take users into brand stories to create an emotional connection and brand loyalty. Knowledge of different AR/VR platforms, capabilities, and limitations would be crucial for effective campaign management.
  • AR/VR games with product integration can provide purchasing options and create engaging shopping experiences. 
  • Designing AR VR experiences that align with campaign rules is the key to strategies. Creating high-quality 3D models of products and environments is necessary here.
  • Adapt storytelling techniques for VRs first-person narratives and ARs interactive nature.   

Factors Influencing Social Media Specialist Salary in Calicut

The salary you can negotiate depends on various factors like skills, experience, and achievements, and how well-suited you are for the social media job description. Being aware of general and specific facts about these factors can help you for a better negotiation during your boarding into a workspace.

  • Beyond general and basic skills, possessing specialized skills like content creation, influencer marketing, and community management can boost your earning potential. 
  • The industry you work in and the size of the company can significantly impact your salary. Larger companies and certain industries like IT, finance, and healthcare tend to offer higher salaries for social media specialists.
  • Don’t hesitate to demonstrate your past achievements in various roles to strengthen your negotiation. 
  • Consider the overall work environment, benefits, package, and growth opportunities while evaluating job offers. 
  • While Calicut might not offer same salaries as larger cities, the cost of living is generally lower, impacting the overall financial well-being. 

Salary Trends and Statistics of Social Media Specialists 

The recent reports on the social media landscape and digital marketing industry are promising, especially considering the upward trend in digital marketing salaries, as mentioned in the statistics earlier. According to Indeed, the highest-paying cities for social media specialists in India are Bangalore, Mumbai, and Noida. Job posting platforms such as Ambitionbox show an average annual salary of 4.4 lakhs, with a range of 2.0 lakhs to 9.0 lakhs. The variation for different roles can be understood as follows:

Entry-level: ₹1.8 lakhs – ₹3 lakhs per annum

Mid-level: ₹3 lakhs – ₹6 lakhs per annum

Senior-level: ₹6 lakhs – ₹15 lakhs per annum (or even higher with extensive experience and specialized skills)

Try to demand your expected salary and be prepared to justify it. Highlighting your value proposition and unique skills can convey your confidence in your skills during the hiring process. 

Enhancing Your Value as a Social Media Specialist

Focusing on specific skills can help you to be a valuable employee in your company. Here are some of the skillsets you can focus on from the social media industry. 

Content Creation  – This includes everything from crafting engaging blogs, visuals and to mastering specific formats like video and live streaming. The industry demands fresh ideas and innovative approaches to stand out from crowded social media.

Community management – Building and maintaining positive relationships with your audience is crucial in building a trusted community of customers. Clear and concise communication is key to interacting with the audience on social media. 

Paid Advertising – Understanding paid advertising options and effectively managing budgets on different platforms is a valuable asset in a social media marketing career. Unlike other digital marketing platforms, Budget management skills can be an extra advantage in hiring. 

Copywriting – Write creative and attention-attracting captions and other content to force users towards your brand. Copywriting is as important as publishing content in promotional campaigns.

Project Management and Adaptability – Jumping through multiple platforms, campaigns, and tasks requires strong organization and planning skills. You need to be attentive to constant changes in the industry and prepared for daily updation in your skills.

Career Path of Social Media Marketer

The career path of social media marketers is promising and interesting with respect to payment and career growth. Start with an entry-level choice to explore different specializations and network with other professionals to find your spot within the industry,

Social Media Cordinater

Social media coordinator is a beginner position with roles like executing pre-defined strategies, managing campaigns, and analyzing basic data. Try to focus on building positive relationships with your audience in the initial stage of your career.

Social Media Manager

You can lead social media strategies, manage teams, develop budgets and create reports for stakeholders in this position. You will also have opportunities to manage paid advertising campaigns and optimize for specific goals and target audiences.

Social Media Strategist

Develop high-level social media plans to align them with marketing and business objectives. You can play lead roles in this position if you exhibit excellent management and communication skills. 


The salary of a social media specialist is influenced by a number of factors, as we discussed here. While starting salaries may seem modest, there is a space for growth as a professional in a fast-growing industry. Social media specialists investing in their career growth with continuous learning and adapting to the latest trends can negotiate higher salaries and advances in position.  

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