Digital Marketing has already established its dominance as primary marketing channel in the globally connected world. Calicut emerged as a tech hub with the right time initiatives in digital infrastructure and IT education to adapt to new changes, which helped in business growth and job creation. 

We have been witnessing how traditional marketing is overtaken by new marketing methods through digital channels. The need for skilled professionals in the industry to navigate this change promises job security and competitive salaries. Get information about future growth and salary expectations of digital marketing careers in the context of Calicut from below.

SEO Specialist

SEO specialists manage ranking of websites through content optimisation, keyword research, and link building processes. They collaborate with content creators to ensure website content is SEO friendly and aligns with keyword strategies. The future for SEO specialists is promising, with ongoing demand for skilled professionals to manage search engine algorithms and strategies

Salaries and job opportunities for SEO specialists vary with location, company size and industry. Calicut offers the best salary packages for digital marketing roles along with Eranakulam and Kochi. The salaries of different levels of position are given below 

Entry Level – Approximately INR 1.8 lakhs – 3 lakhs per annum.

Mid Level –  Around INR 3 lakhs – 6 lakhs per annum.

Senior level –  Typically INR 6 lakhs – 12 lakhs per annum

Social Media Marketer 

A social media manager manages clients’ online presence by developing effective social media strategies. Their responsibilities include developing engaging content, community management, monitoring latest trends and team coordination. 

Social media management demands creativity, flexibility, and understanding of human behaviour. The growing influence of social media in daily life attracts businesses to social media marketing. The following list shows salaries earned by social media marketers in different positions in their career 

Social Media Coordinator: Approximately INR 2 lakhs – 4 lakhs per annum.

Social Media Specialist: Around INR 4 lakhs – 8 lakhs per annum.

Social Media Manager: Typically INR 8 lakhs – 15 lakhs per annum

Content Marketer 

Content marketing managers craft various content for clients, identify the target audiences,  and plan content calendars. The content spans various formats, from blog posts and website copy to social media posts. They collaborate with writers, editors and designers to ensure brand consistency in content production.

The entry level skills needed for content marketing are writing and editing skills, learning SEO basics, and assisting content creation and scheduling. The senior level roles deal with managing content teams and budgets, developing content strategies that align with business goals and optimizing content performance. The salaries of these positions are 

Junior Content Marketer: Approximately INR 3 lakhs – 5 lakhs per annum.

Content Marketing Specialist : Around INR 5 lakhs – 10 lakhs per annum.

Content Marketing Manager: Typically INR 10 lakhs – 20 lakhs+ per annum

Pay Per Click Analyst  

PPC analysts craft and manage PPC campaigns on platforms like Google, Meta, and Bing ads. Analysts have to manage campaign budgets strategically, set bids for keywords, and adjust expenditures based on performance data. Individuals with skills in analytics, strategic thinking, and data driven decision making can opt for PPC for career growth.

The improvements in AI, voice search technologies and advanced analytics open up new opportunities for PPC careers. Explore the salary options for PPC analysts below

Junior PPC Analyst: Approximately INR 2.5 lakhs – 4 lakhs per annum.

Senior PPC Analyst: Around INR 4 lakhs – 7 lakhs per annum.

Head of PPC: Typically INR 7 lakhs – 12 lakhs+ per annum.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer is a strategic role that oversees all aspects of the client’s online presence. Knowledge of core concepts of SEO, paid advertising, and analytics is essential for handling these roles. Senior level candidates must be expert in executing marketing strategies, managing budgets, and analysing performance data.

As the rise of digital marketing firms continues in Kerala, experienced and skilled professionals can start looking for various positions. The approximate income of different posts are 

Digital Marketing Coordinator: 4 – 6 lakhs per year

Digital Marketing Specialist: 5 – 7 lakhs per year

Digital Marketing Manager: 8 – 10 lakhs per year

E-Mail Marketer 

Email marketing play a crucial role in bringing brand awareness and customer engagement by sending relevant emails to large numbers of customers. They should master email marketing tools, writing, and design skills to assist with campaign executions. Email marketers enjoy competitive salaries with their experience, expertise and complexities of marketing campaigns. Improvements in AI have brought hyper-personalized email experiences to improve marketing campaigns. Check out the salary packages of email marketers below

Email Marketing Coordinator: Approximately INR 2.5 lakhs – 4 lakhs per annum.

Email Marketing Specialist: Around INR 4 lakhs – 7 lakhs per annum.

Email Marketing Manager: Typically INR 7 lakhs – 12 lakhs+ per annum.

Opportunities and salaries of Freelance digital marketing 

Freelance digital marketing is an independent practice of leveraging your skills with clients on a contractual basis through online platforms. Unlike traditional employment, freelancers manage their projects, schedules and payments themselves. Freelancing income varies with different factors like platform, specialisation, and track record. The AHREF research shows that 10% of digital marketers work through freelance platforms, 40% on in-house teams of corporate companies, and the rest, 50% with agencies. You can also avail of local freelance marketing projects through connections. An approximate income revolves around 

Entry-level: $25-$50 per hour

Mid-level: $50-$100 per hour

Senior-level: $100-$200+ per hour

Project-based: $1,000-$10,000+ per project (Based on experience)

Key Factors Influencing Digital Marketing Salary in Calicut

Several factors influence the salary of digital marketing professionals, including skills, industry, location, etc. 


Entry-level positions in digital marketing agencies typically have lower salaries when compared to mid and advanced levels. Focusing on building skills, gaining real world experience, and showcasing your potential helps to improve your career prospects quickly

Skills and Specializations

You can specialize in one of any skills, from SEO, SEM, content marketing, and social media management. Combining a specific area with a broader knowledge of other disciplines makes you a versatile and valuable asset to your employer

Industry and Company Size

The industry and company size you choose to work in significantly affect your earning potential. The study between different in-house teams shows the IT sector keeps a salary range of 5-9 lakhs per annum, the finance sector provides 5.5 to 10 lakhs, and healthcare has 4-7.5 lakhs. Choose according to your interest and growth spectrum masters in your career growth.


Location affects the price tag for your skills and career opportunities. Metro cities with major corporations and tech giants can naturally provide higher salaries. The exposure and working experience can vary depending on your dedication. The potential for small cities can’t be underestimated; they offer a lower cost of living with safe and attractive salaries.

Building a Digital Marketing career in Calicut

Digital marketing has become an unavoidable part of business growth in Calicut, irrespective of the size of businesses. This has resulted in the booming of new institutes along the major locations in the city. The lack of opportunities after traditional courses attracts students to join in job promising diploma courses.

‘What, Why, and How’ of beginning a digital marketing career in Calicut 

The above-mentioned data is the right answer for why someone should choose digital marketing as their career. A new study by Magna Global, a leading media and intelligence company, shows digital marketing is expected to grow by 11.4% in India in 2024. Indian digital market turnover crossed 1.1 trillion with a growth rate of 11.8%. With digital marketing booming at these rates, investing in a course equips you for a prospective career in future.

Developing your skill set is the first step in your career, so don’t hesitate to start out with the right institutes providing digital marketing courses. Keep networking and building connections throughout your career. Connections matter in this competitive world; use professional platforms like Linked In to find top digital marketers in your area.

Try not to forget importance of Internships during the course period and freelance in the beginning stage of your career. End of the day, everything you do ‘extra’ matters in your job portfolio.

What are the most in-demand digital marketing skills in Kerala?

While there are various skills you can specialize in, the most demanding roles are search engine optimization and social media marketing. This can fluctuate with respect to specific industries and evolving marketing trends

How can I negotiate a higher salary as a digital marketer?

Negotiating a higher salary requires preparation, confidence, and an understanding of local trends. It’s better to know the average salary for your position and experience level from recruiter websites and blogs. For a solid argument, you can put forward your previous experiences in improving website traffic, lead generation and higher conversion rates. 

Which cities in Kerala offer the highest salaries for digital marketing professionals?

Kochi, Trivandrum and Calicut offer relatively high pay scales for digital marketers. Research your options carefully to choose the location that offers a good combination of salary, job opportunities, and lifestyle you prefer.

Can I get a digital marketing job without a degree?

Digital marketing focuses on skills, experience, and portfolio rather than formal education. Lack of a degree doesn’t hold you back here; with the right skills, experience, and attitude, you can build a successful career. 

What resources can I use to stay up-to-date on Kerala’s digital marketing trends and salary benchmarks?

Staying informed about marketing trends and salary benchmarks is crucial for career growth. Keeping up with industry publications and websites provides new updates and the latest news. You will get information, including job postings, industry events, and salary trends while keeping in touch with these things. 

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