In an age where digital footprints are expanding remarkably, mastering online marketing becomes a necessity. It defines the usage of digital channels to advertise products and services to stay ahead in the marketing race. Entrepreneurs and youngsters are entertained to equip themselves with the latest marketing skills in social media, search engines, email, etc.

So, how relevant will digital marketing be in the future? Does it promise a secure career in your life? Continue to read to understand scope and benefits of digital marketing courses.

The digital economy is rapidly expanding, with more businesses shifting to online marketing and e-commerce. There are a number of reasons to learn digital marketing with utmost priority. Calicut, as a major hub of edu-tech startups, offers online and offline courses with various specializations in digital marketing.

Why study digital marketing         

High demand for skills – The increasing popularity forces businesses to create their own online presence. This opens up a wide range of career opportunities for skilled marketers. Apparently, the current skill shortage ensures placements right after successful completion of the course.

Global reach and audience – The Internet breaks traditional limitations of marketing and the career opportunities of marketers. You become a part of global marketers, gaining exposure, visibility, and experience. Leveraging your skills in global market enhances your earning potential, depending on your expertise. The freelance job platforms create worldwide work opportunities and remote work options.

Flexible work environment – The IT industry has redefined work culture exists in the world. Digital marketing is also part of this, making it a popular choice for career seekers. The focus on achieving results rather than working on a rigid schedule provides flexibility to employers.       

How to start training in digital marketing

Learning digital marketing has become easier in Calicut with the rise of a number of institutes. The accessibility is easy, with online, offline, and customisable bathes and curriculum in different institutions. The basic qualifications demanded by most of them are simple, like graduation in any field, career shift, or simply wanting to expand your skill set. Before enrolling in a course, have a solid understanding of topics like SEO( search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), content marketing, etc.

Choosing a learning platform is crucial in designing your career and has to be done carefully. You can begin with YouTube channels offering introductory training in various marketing methods. The professional institutes have online and offline training under experts. Enrolling in these courses, especially offline, gives access to real world projects and a better portfolio. Find out a detailed comparison between the pros and cons of offline and online platforms below.

Comparing Online Vs Offline Digital Marketing Courses in Calicut

Choosing between online and offline mostly depends on your individual learning preference, but key differences between them still deserve attention. These points are advantages and disadvantages of classroom and online experience. Understand them and make the right choice according to your personal preference.

Offline classroom trains you in a structured learning environment, fixed schedule, and in person training. You can interact with instructor and other students to experience collaborative learning

The classrooms offer hands-on experience and networking opportunities to build a career. Calicut, which has its own set of marketing and training companies, creates a peer team of marketers during course period.

A classroom environment can help you improve soft skills like public speaking, active listening, and communication in diverse groups. These skills are essential for career growth, and teamwork helps you tackle interviews.

The cons of offline classes include high cost in fees, less flexibility, and time consumption. You also won’t have wide options available in online training like worldwide experts, courses and specialisations.     

Online courses can ensure flexible and convenient training at your preferred time, especially if you are working in another profession or need to update existing marketing strategies of your business.

Online courses provide accessibility to renowned experts and industry professionals in specialised course curriculams. You can find courses that cover specific topics, such as social media marketing, SEO, or PPC advertising. 

It is cheaper than offline courses, as there is not much expense for setting up classes. This helps students struggling with finding courses with low fees and assured jobs.

Online classes have their own issues, like lack of interactive classes, Limited access to practical and hands on training, etc. Still, the convenience and flexibility offered is incomparable.   

The world of technology moves at a fast pace, and regular updation of tools and technologies is necessary to promote your career. Go through the course curriculum of different institutions to understand differences. A thorough research on the experience of trainers and curriculum saves you from nine snitches later. Trust your self directed mindset and flexible time management to finish courses online successfully. Do not forget to check the validation of certificate after completion of training. An industry approved certificate simplifies your career journey. Ultimately, the choice between online and offline courses depends on personal preferences and learning style.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Course

Choosing the right course is crucial in deciding your career path, and considering various factors will help you do that. Different institutions offer various courses in digital marketing, differing in course duration and content. Ensure the course curriculum aligns with your career goals and the availability of experienced trainers. Students can customize the curriculum according to their preferences. In case of professionals and entrepreneurs, this feature helps them to gain knowledge on their targeted areas. Reputed institutions can offer placements in leading marketing firms. We list three of the popular courses below, curated by industry experts of Aviv Digital in Calicut.

 Advanced  Diploma in Digital Marketing 

Advanced diploma courses in digital marketing offer a deep understanding and practical skills to start a career. The course curriculum deals with key areas like SEO, social media marketing, PPC, content marketing, etc. You can finish the course within a duration of 7 months. Anyone with a simple bachelor’s degree is welcome to join this job oriented course. You can avail of weekend and regular batches, depending on your preference. Aviv Digital in Calicut offers online and offline training for this course with a customisable curriculum. 

Diploma in Digital Marketing 

A diploma in digital marketing course is suitable for learning fundamental skills and knowledge to enter the job market. This course opens doors to positions like digital marketing manager, SEM Manager, SEO Specialist, Social Media and content manager, etc. The course has a duration of  5 months, full of practical training. If you are already in the marketing profession or working in sales, this curriculum helps you to upskill and improve your job prospects.

Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs 

Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs course is a specifically designed curriculum for businessmen to attract and convert customers online. They would gain expertise in SEO, social media marketing, and PPC to effectively advertise and drive conversion in their business. Getting an understanding of customer behaviours and buying habits helps them in tailoring business strategies for maximum impact. This short term course has a duration of 2 months, and you can complete it with hybrid classes and flexible batches in Aviv Digital. Those who are planning to start a business are also welcome to join the course. Having an idea for advertising is necessary for the growth and development of your firm.    

Profession in Demand in the Marketing Sector of Calicut

The marketing sector of Calicut is undergoing a major shift, and having an idea of upcoming job trends helps you set your career goals for the future. Most of the courses cover all aspects of digital marketing during the training period. In case of choice of specialization in one of those, refer to aspects and opportunities of different jobs to make your decision.

SEO Specialist

A search engine optimization(SEO) specialist plays a fundamental role in improving website visibility and performance on search engines. They optimize online content of a website to improve its performance. An SEO specialist uses various techniques, like keyword research, on-page optimization, managing backlink strategies, etc. Businesses in Calicut are recommended to improve their search engine marketing to overcome the upcoming entry of big corporations into the town. 

Social Media Marketer 

Social media marketing has already become part of Calicut’s advertising strategies, mostly in recent years. They develop and implement strategic marketing campaigns across social media platforms to enhance brand story, build community, and drive marketing objectives. In Calicut’s context, social media marketers understand local cultures, preferences, and trends to create positive communication with customers.

Brand Strategist 

A business strategist leads the development and execution of marketing strategies to improve performance.  Job results regularly include crafting compelling brand narratives, defining brand positioning, and creating meaningful connections between client and customer. You need to leverage creativity, research skills, and strategic thinking to lead the role of brand strategist. If you are already in the marketing field and need to develop an understanding of digital marketing, join for diploma courses which is comprehensive and short term.

Content Marketing 

A content marketer plays a strategic role in creating effective content to attract and engage with the target audience. This can include creating blog posts, articles, social media posts, etc, on a regular basis. Content development is the basic part of marketing and is likely to enhance job opportunities. 

Winding Up 

Digital marketing is one of the technological sectors assured of providing jobs in the next decades. Advertising is relevant everywhere, regardless of the business size and cities. A gradual decline in traditional marketing accelerates this growth, along with innovative inventions in technology. Calicut, a city of culture and future, demands effective marketing methods for its growth, and digital marketing welcomes this challenge. The accessibility of digital marketing courses in town quickly fills the skill shortage in industry. While offline courses provide good mentorship and practical experience, online courses offer a flexible learning environment for students.

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