Networking is an inevitable part of career growth in the IT sector. In case of digital marketing, constant communication within the marketing fraternity happens from the early stage of career. This helps to establish yourself as a digital marketer and connects you to potential clients and players in the field. As business author and speaker Harvey Mackey states 

“It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.” 

In the context of Calicut’s digital marketing sector, the industry has already passed its initial growth. The rise of influencer marketing and growth of e-commerce rule out current scenarios of marketing. Rising number of digital marketing agencies in Calcut also emphasises businesses have accepted the shift from traditional marketing to new methods of advertising 

Communication between marketers contributes to the personal and total growth of digital marketing industry in Calicut. Check out essential skills to build a network of experts and colleagues in your career. Remember, furnishing basic skills plays an important role in enhancing pro tips in the practical stage.

Communication skills

Effective communication is the fuel for successful networking. understand how and why communication is important below.  

  • Articulate your ideas – Communicate clearly and concisely about your expertise, interests, and goals to get a lasting impression. Confidence is crucial in communication; stand up for yourself and your values unhesitatingly.
  • Establish relationships – Communication is beyond words; maintain a positive and comfortable environment in interaction. Take care of your body language and voice tone. Neither getting trapped in overthinking or failing to maintain diplomacy matters in the game!
  • Show your value – Networking events are a chance to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Clear communication makes you a valuable addition to networking groups. 

        Building Online Presence 

While communication fuels your networking efforts, a powerful online presence acts as its launchpad. 

  • LinkedIn optimization – Showcase your expertise, highlight relevant skills, and be a part of groups and discussions related to your field of expertise.
  • Personal Branding –  Along with LinkedIn, consider building a personal website or blog. Share your knowledge and experiences related to digital marketing in Calicut. This attracts potential clients and like-minded individuals seeking collaboration 
  • Guest blogging – Contribute guest articles and participate in online discussions with established websites or blogs in digital marketing. This can improve your visibility and credibility, making you an attractive networking prospect. 

Effective use of Social Media

Social media is as important as managing Linked In. Here is how you can turn your social media accounts into a powerful tool for expanding your career relations

  • Target the right platform – Facebook and Instagram remain major social media platforms and they offer worldwide connections. Still don’t underestimate the power of local platforms like WhatsApp groups and community forums. 
  • Craft your social media feed with your field of expertise. Follow industry influencers and relevant groups within your interests 
  • Be local to be global – Go beyond general content. Share insights and trends tailored to Calicut’s business and audience. Focus on stuff like case studies, success stories, and tips relevant to the city. 

   Strategies for building a strong Network in Calicut 

Building up a strong network requires great effort and investment of time. Right strategies can make it easier although it’s still time consuming. You will gradually acquire knacks and ideas that work for you. Still, The beginning is hard, yet you need to begin. Have an experimental mind towers every approach given below, and adjust it with your personality. In case of improving personality, don’t bother to give it a try 

Attending local events and conferences 

Attending programs does matter in your career growth. While big workshops in major cities give international connections, small conferences can help to be a part of local SEO communities. The major IT parks and industrial get-togethers centered in Calicut hosting these programs are advantages for town based digital marketers. The below points sort out the specific benefits of these programs.

  • Increased Exposure: These events can offer a new set of potential connections that you won’t get to know in your day to day life. This includes industry professionals, potential clients, collaborators, and even mentors. Getting everyone under one umbrella is a thing that happens once in a while. So try not to miss it 
  • Focused audience: Unlike general networking events, these programs attract digital marketing passionates altogether. This makes it easier to find common ground and create meaningful conversations about your career. 
  • Simplified interaction: Events often sets up programs like breakout sessions, panel discussions, and introductions to make networking easier. This provides a comfortable and natural setting to introduce yourself, exchange ideas, and build rappo with everyone.
  • Knowledge and learning: Beyond networking, these events offer learning opportunities through expert speakers, workshops, and presentations. This lets you improve your knowledge and skills. The shared experiences become future interactions.
  • Visibility and credibility – Presenting your achievements and participating in panel discussions improve your visibility and connections. This also helps to establish yourself, boost credibility and attractiveness to the wider network. It also demonstrates your commitment to professional development and industry.

Joining digital marketing and business groups  

Joining digital marketing and related groups can boost your growing network in several ways 

Regular meetings and events – Groups organize meetings regularly in different forms like workshops and conferences. This provides dedicated time and space for networking and knowledge.

Online platforms – Online forums and discussion boards are assured part of groups today. It allows ongoing communication, collaboration, and resource sharing among members. 

Mentorship opportunities – Some groups offer mentorship programs or have senior members willing to guide and support newcomers accelerating the growth of everyone. 

Guest speakers and presentations – Groups invite industry experts and  successful professionals to share their knowledge and experiences. You can be a part of a larger team with prospective information from these networks. 

Collaboration and Partnerships

Expanding collaborations and partnerships is crucial for growth and success in digital marketing. Managing them requires a bit of experience in teamwork and collaborative projects. Read how to take your collaborations to the next level. 

Look beyond your immediate network – Search for potential partners beyond your usual circle including local influencers, educational institutions, community initiatives, and educational institutions. Investing in genuine connections can bring long term benefits. 

Explore collaborative opportunities – Expand collaborators through joint ventures, co-marketing campaigns, and knowledge sharing initiatives. Clear communication and collaboration can build and strengthen partnerships for a long period.

Overcoming Common Networking Challenges 

Building a strong network is not without its challenges. Understand common obstacles on how to overcome them below. Remember, networking is a two-way street, Focus on adding value, being helpful, and building genuine connections for a smooth flow of your career. 

Difficulty in finding relevant connections beyond immediate circles – This happens in the first to mid-stage of your career growth. Utilise above-mentioned steps in your career after discussions with your mentor. Overcome lack of confidence in approaching new people with preparations and cultivating confidence. Focus on genuine curiosity and mindset works in any communication. 

Inconsistent networking efforts – Failing to keep up consistency affects your relations at any part of life and career is no different. Schedule regular time for networking activities to gain consistency. Set goals to track your progress regularly and follow up them consistently to grow your relationships.

Cultivating Meaningful Connections – Remember to focus on quality, not quantity. Always prioritize building deep relationships since it’s not a short-term plan. Improve your communication to personalize interactions, along with maintaining interest in work and experiences. 

Future of Networking in Digital Marketing

The future of digital marketing will be shaped by ongoing technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors. Here are some key factors expected to influence the future of networking in digital marketing sector. 

AI and machine learning integration – AI tools could suggest relevant connections based on your skills, interests, and career goals. The expectations regarding virtual reality networking are still growing. It could stimulate physical networking events to change how global connections work. 

The changing role of social media – The chances for social media platforms dedicated to specific industries and professions are unpredictable. The importance of sharing valuable content and insights to attract potential connections will continue to grow.

Voice Search and Conversational Marketing –  The rise of voice activated devices has resulted in optimizing content for voice search and focus on conversational marketing strategies. AI-powered chatbots will play a significant role in providing real time interactions with customers.


A well-taught approach to networking is required to build meaningful connections. Taking advantage of local events, online forums, and marketing groups can open the door to new opportunities. Actively engage with your professionals, share insights, and showcase your expertise between them. Staying informed about the latest industry trends and technological advances is rewarding. Risk out of your comfort zone to embark on a networking journey in Calicut.

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