SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to an important element of the digital marketing process for the businesses who want to be visible on the first page of search engine ranking results and thereby build a cost-efficient and persistent source of quality-based traffic.

Seach Engine Optimization consists of a set of defined rules required to optimize your website performance, thereby improving the rankings in SERP results. It helps you to enhance the website visibility and get more traffic.

SEO focuses on two main aspects. Firstly, SEO helps you understand what your target users search online so that you will be able to frame high-quality and search-oriented content to satisfy their search intent, ie. the purpose of their search.

Secondly, it helps you to build a website that search engines can crawl, index, and recognize the content.

Best SEO practices can be a great way to improve the website quality, to make it faster, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

Significant SEO features 

There are three major purposes of implementing SEO in any content your business creates.

  • Knowing and finding what the users search for, which is also relevant to the products and services you offer
  • Making ideal content that can be engaging and fill curiosity among the users
  • Giving the right directions to search engine algorithms and search engine spiders to crawl effectively, through various SEO tools and techniques.

SEO itself is a great framework, where the entire process consists of a set of guidelines, stages, and several controls.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization enhances the website ranking and helps you gain more visitors to your site. It also lets your business improve the usability and user experience of a website.

It also provides you opportunities to gain more ROI and conversion rates. SEO-friendliness of a website can let you improve the website speed, security measures, etc.

Here is an insight into the plethora of benefits SEO can cater to your website.

  • It improves the quality of traffic
  • SEO can bypass your competition
  • You can build user-friendly websites and content
  • You get more conversions
  • It is easier to build brand awareness
  • Improved cost management measures
  • SEO can add to the users visit the local store

Why is it Important To Build A Career In SEO?

Digital marketing is booming and has seen amazing growth in recent times, and people have begun to understand the importance of getting listed in the core search engine result pages, apart from mere website creation.

It is not a one-day task to get ranked in the search engine pages, especially in the first page results.

With ever-changing algorithms, you have to continuously update the SEO content, change the SEO practices, conduct in-depth research on the latest SEO trends, thereby, incorporating the latest practices and methodologies to become the best SEO professional. 

Search Engine Optimization as a career helps you to work on the frontlines when a business is concerned. It will help you to build your business trajectory and grow exponentially.

SEO in a career is an amazing opportunity to understand the substance of business, and your efforts will eventually lead to the improvement in business bottom lines.

Let’s know more about the marketing funnel.

  • TOFU or Top of the Funnel
  • MOFU or Middle of the Funnel
  • BOFU or Bottom of the Funnel

Search Engine Optimization persuades you to earn more people to TOFU by inducing them to visit your website and exploring the content they need.

This will also eventually push more people to MOFU and BOFU, thereby, leaving more chances to get qualified leads.

In short, your marketing efforts result in overall business growth, and there is so much excitement about it, too.

An SEO career is mandatory to work on the content marketing strategy of your firm and align the content objectives with SEO.

With SEO jobs, you get to research, build an ideal content strategy and get them discoverable across the web.

To drive the required traffic to your company’s content requires finding relevant keywords and analysis of competitive keywords to incorporate them into the content so that search engines pick up your content faster.

With quality backlinks, competitive keywords, and most importantly, unique and relevant content, you get more opportunities to explore the potential of SEO.

There are many courses you can depend on to grow your SEO career in the market.

Various Search Engine Optimization Job Roles


SEO Fresher/ SEO Trainee

SEO trainee, being an entry-level job, you will be working under an SEO strategist or an SEO manager.

This will be an execution-based job, where you will work on link building, keyword planning, report creation, SEO metrics, ranking, tools and techniques, and so on.

Search Engine Marketer

SEM is a broader topic that will incorporate SEO too. It requires further skills like Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), and various CRM (Customer Relationship Management) techniques, etc.

Since you will work more to market to consumers and also on a search engine basis. SEM professionals are solely more into paid searches, while you can also handle both SEO and SEM aspects.

Search Engine Optimization Analyst

This is a huge part of Search optimization, where you are assigned with core responsibilities of tracking the performance of existing content and initiatives, implementing strategies to find more opportunities to find scope for new initiatives, generation of forecasts and reports depending upon the data.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

As an SEO specialist, you should be well versed in search engine optimization for landing pages and copy.

You are assigned the responsibilities of keyword expansion, discovery, and in-depth research to implement the content-specific recommendations for SEO success.

You are also entitled to the responsibilities of collecting, analyzing, and executing the data and trends to obtain ROI with the paid ad searches and campaigns. 

Search Engine Optimization Manager

An SEO manager is mostly dealt with on the same grounds as considering the marketing manager. Both of them have similar goals, which are aligned to drive sales and brand awareness.

However, an SEO manager is more responsible to manage a role more technologically specific, which is a refined and specialized job.

The tasks of an SEO manager include website, content and social media optimization, networking and community building, link negotiation, SEO strategies, campaign planning, organization, monitoring, and SEO analysis, Digital marketing project management, market analysis, keyword research, and so on.


Beginning your own business also needs SEO skills in the current scenario. Whether it be about establishing a local or global presence, both require SEO efforts to present your business to more potential customers.

Starting your business website, blogs, social media presence, everything needs SEO practices to improve visibility and outreach.

What is the best way to learn how SEO Works?

This is an obvious question, and the answer is quite simple. The best way to understand how SEO works is to practice SEO.

Instead of learning concepts and theories alone, you need to polish your skills in SEO by practicing them. There are various SEO techniques you need to explore with good SEO training.

To improve the ranking and increase organic traffic, you need to ensure that you are moving in the right direction through best SEO practices.

A good SEO training institute can let you reach your SEO learning goals and move towards building a secure career in SEO.

Why SEO Training Courses?


SEO Training can give you more insights on how to perform SEO and ace in your career by conducting the best SEO practices, thereby helping you to build a bright career in SEO.

When you earn the right SEO certification courses from a reputed SEO training agency, you get to be equipped with the right SEO skills so that you become eligible for most of the SEO-based job opportunities posted by big companies worldwide.

Let’s have a sneak peek at certain benefits offered by SEO.

  • It helps you be equipped with the best skills and on-page practices, keyword research, SEO architecture, Local SEO, link building, SEO tracking and analytics, website audit, etc.
  • You get the best hands-on technical expertise, familiarization with tools and SEO techniques, and can learn the SEO concepts with real-time experience.
  • You ace the SEO skills relevant to get a website listed among popular search engines and the results.
  • You can gain all the necessary capabilities and skills to build a career as an SEO expert or an SEO specialist.
  •  It is a great opportunity to learn all the basic to advanced SEO skills under one roof.
  • You can gain the best chance to improve Search engine ranking and drive more results through inbound marketing.
  • You can improve the success rates of your website and improve your analytical skills.
  • The SEO certifications you gain post-completion of the course can help you to establish yourself as a proficient SEO expert in front of companies.

Why learn SEO from AvivDigital


Avivdigital has a specialized and most refined SEO training course, specially designed with modules to impart the best training for inculcating in-depth knowledge on every aspect of SEO to the learners.

Avivdigital courses are renowned for simplicity and the hands-on experience provided for the courses they offer.

The SEO training modules are aligned to not only make you deeply aware of SEO strategies and SEO concepts but also to help you to be established as an SEO specialist, with growth optimization and strategy-based decision making.

This exclusive course can help you to understand the pain points of customers and help your website to make a unique impression when compared to the competitors.

This versatile training course is focused on helping you to manage content and website visibility.

The course is also focused on the incorporation of taking a 360 degree SEO learning approach, tools, and techniques to get SEO processes skyrocketing.

You can gain expertise in generating more organic traffic to the website with specialization in key result areas such as Keyword research, SEO analytics, link building, on-page, and off-page optimization, etc.

The course is aimed at providing end-to-end SEO training right from concept development to execution with various SEO tools with specialized training from experienced trainers at Avivdigital.

It is not only about the mastery of the course in website ranking but, after completing this SEO specialized training, you get many benefits since you can choose to be a professional expert consultant or you can also start an SEO firm, or even you can be an SEO freelancer.

Our course is not just about the expertise you have in mastering individual site ranking, but by completing the specialized training in SEO, you stand to gain a lot of advantages as you can choose to become a professional consultant or can start a private SEO firm or at least go as an SEO freelancer.

Highlights of Avivdigital SEO Training Course

  • Internationally recognized certification courses
  • Hand-on experience in live projects
  • Support of experienced trainers
  • Discussion forum
  • Real-time assignments and projects
  • Free marketing tools
  • Job support and assistance
  • Classes held by Industry-experts
  • Complete access to the latest presentations, videos

Anyone, including marketing professionals, business owners, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, digital marketing professionals, BDEs (Business Development Executives), Job seekers, Startups, or students can join in this exclusive course.


As an SEO expert, you can earn multiple benefits in your career and work with many reputed clients across the world. SEO has many branches.

You can grow yourself by getting equipped with the right skills and ace your career with more interesting skills, developed from a popular award-winning SEO training institute like Avivdigital.

Being internationally recognized, highly popular, and well-known for the simplified method of SEO coaching, you can easily learn the concepts, get the experience right in the learning stage itself, build the SEO skills in demand, and begin working on a higher pay grade.

Aviv Digital is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in Kochi, Kerala. Our globally recognized certification programs include advanced SEO training, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, and Inbound Marketing courses. We also provide detailed online classes for digital marketing courses. For more details regarding the course schedule and workshops,  contact us through a quote or call us right away at +91 8157998844 or +91 81569 9884

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO course worth it?

An SEO course is the need of the hour. You get to learn concepts and theories from books or various websites for free, however, the best SEO certification courses from a reputed SEO training institute can help you with highly structured SEO learning with real-time projects for a bright career.

With SEO courses, you get equipped with more relevant SEO skills to grab high-paying job opportunities from various giant companies.

How much does SEO get paid?

If you feel doubtful and ask yourself, are SEO jobs well paid, then yes, SEO pays you better when compared to other jobs right from the entry level.

More than 27% of SEO professionals make their earnings between 35,000 USD to 49,000 USD completing 4 years of experience.

About 32% of SEO professionals earn more than 50,000 USD to 74,000 USD having ample experience.

If experience exceeds 11 years and more, 5% of the  SEO professionals earn between 75,000 USD to 99,000 USD.

Will SEO exist in 5 years?

SEO is an ever-evolving industry, with increased searches, social media usage, increasing online businesses, and digital transformations that will continue its journey and witness more power with added capabilities in the future.

SEO will not vanish in five years, instead will add more elements to be empowered giving rise to more innovative job roles and SEO vacancies.

You can be sure about investing in a reliable SEO certification course without having to worry about its scope getting diminished.