Digital marketing is the best and leading industry, with immense opportunities for those who aspire to excel in the field. 

For business owners,  professionals,  marketing experts, and job seekers,  learning digital marketing and polishing the skills are essential to keep in touch and stay updated against the changing trends in the digital marketing sector

Digital marketing involves advertising and promoting products and services across digital channels and platforms.  

Studies show that an average of 4.4 hours is spent by people per day on the Internet by using computers and about 3.1 hours are spent browsing smartphones.

Digital marketing evolution provides not only dynamic career opportunities but also enhances the requirements for digital marketing experts across various industries.

Why Choose Kannur for Digital Marketing 

Kannur or Cannanore is a district well known for looms and flourishing folk art. Due to the rich heritage and culture,  Kannur is named the Manchester of Kerala.

Kannur had many places of attraction such as temples,  monuments,  hills, beaches, etc.,  making it the best place to live.

Being the sixth most urbanized district,  Kannur is an ideal place for startups,  businesses, and various companies to grow and flourish.

The cyberpark and the Special Economic Zones of Kannur,  along with the IT infrastructure have empowered the digital marketing scope in Kannur. 

Undoubtedly,  Kannur is one of the best places in Kerala that offers various career opportunities in the field of digital marketing.

Now,  let’s have a look into the best institutes and firms that offer excellent digital marketing courses in Kannur to let the aspirants build their future in the field of digital marketing. 

Aviv Digital


Digital marketing courses are common,  but unique job-oriented courses are hard to find. If you wish to have a career-oriented and advanced digital marketing course that caters to your requirements,  Avivdigital can be the best in the industry to serve you with them.

In addition to the training,  they offer you a good course refined with your future considerations helping you to grab the best opportunities. 

The institute is Google certified and Big certified, and the parent company flew high before many years itself bagging the Google partnership since 2012.

Avivdigital offers the perfect online learning facility enabling your comfort of learning and easiness to understand along with practical exposure.

Every job aspirant gets fed with the right information and good placement assistance.  The offline training of Avivdigital is available at Cochin and Calicut. 

The agency had gained enough popularity with the services extended for over 800 clients globally from 2011. The company has also experience serving clients across the US, the UK, Australia, and the Middle East. 

The AvivDigital digital marketing diploma course covers the best course elements and live training and adopts a unique style in building the best professionals and preparing them to be equipped for the future.

Why Avivdigital for your Digital Marketing Course

  • Won over 14 international awards across several fields
  • Contribution to many portals, businesses, and various websites
  • Instructor-led coaching and mentoring
  • Activity-based sessions
  • Career-oriented training sessions
  • 100% job assurance
  • Interactive learning
  • Free marketing tools

What you get from the course

  • Daily interactive sessions through Zoom
  • Live-monitoring by professionals
  • VIP groups for Facebook to engage in Q & A. 
  • The complete sessions are worth Rs. 9997 for your future references.
  • Full job assistance
  • More than 15 international certifications
  • Preparation for interviews,  mock interviews.
  • Live projects for real-time experience and exposure.

What you will learn

Avivdigital digital marketing course covers the following syllabus: 

SMM or Social Media Marketing Methods: 

  •  Facebook Marketing– Profile,  Facebook basics and accounts, tools,  Facebook pages,  groups,  uses of Facebook business manager account,  buyer personas,  Facebook custom audience, campaigns, ads and events like brand awareness video views, engagement ads, lead generation, store traffic,  conversion ads, traffic ads, messages, app install,  Reach, Messages, Facebook Pixel, etc. 
  • Instagram Marketing- Instagram business, creation of fan pages, sales funnel, UGC,  bio links, strategies like hashtag and follow-me-follow-you, Instagram growth hack techniques and tools,  campaign tracking, tips for Influencer marketing
  •  Pinterest Marketing- Personal and branded Pinterest accounts, website linking,  Pinterest profile optimization,  setting up of pins and boards,  tagging,  ads,  campaigns
  •  LinkedIn Marketing- Profile Optimization, pages,  groups,  LinkedIn articles,  collaboration, and Networking, setting up campaigns, tags, and ads
  •  Twitter Marketing- Twitter Basics,  strategies, ads
  • Snapchat Marketing-Snapchat basics,  ads, tagging, and set up
  • Social Media Tools- Automation tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite. 
  • Reporting tools – Facebook Analytics and Data Studio. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO basics,  optimizing keywords,  Ahrefs,  SEMRush,  Keywords Planner,  reporting tools
  • Introduction to Google Search  Console, how to Use
  • Activities – On-page and off-page,  tag managers
  • Link building, SEO audit,  reporting,  competitor link analysis technique,  SEO algorithms, and guidelines. 
  • WordPress-How to buy the domain and use, website hosting,  fundamentals of WordPress, theme setup, website customization

SEM or Search Engine Marketing 

  • Campaign optimization,  Google ads, Creating Express account,  Google ads setup, smart campaigns. 
  • Google Search Ads, types of bidding, text and call ads, keywords, and types
  • Google video ads, stoppable ads,  Bumper ads
  • Google display ads,  banner ads,  Gmail ads,  responsive ads
  • Mobile ads,  app engagement,  app installation
  • remarketing, retargeting,  conversion,  custom audience set up
  • Dynamic shopping ads,   Google Merchant
  • Bidding,  reporting tools,  extensions 
  • Bing ads,  campaigns, tools,  optimization.
  • Google Analytics-Fundamentals, set up, event tracking,  goal tracking


  • Content plan, content strategy, setting up Adsense 


  • Master blogging, YouTube SEO, setting up and optimization of channels


  • Set up podcasts, anchor, content calendar


Book Publishing 

  • Kindle and Notion Press Publishing

Course Creation

  • Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Course, WhatsApp class setting up (5 days)

Inbound Marketing and  Content Marketing

  • Basics, content calendar

Email Marketing

  • Basics, automation, mailing list, Mailchimp

Native Ads and campaigns

  • Taboola and outbrain campaigns, native ads, campaigns optimization


  • Automation process of manychat and building funnels

Marketing Automation

  • Setup guide to Zapier and  IFTTT 

Whatsapp Marketing

  • Message automation, WhatsApp Business  setup

Note: In addition to the above syllabus, you can also avail of the 1-month career-oriented internship course, along with the mock interview, live projects, final phase project, placement assistance, and job assistance.

Know the Faculty

Avivdigital digital marketing course is laid to provide the training that meets the demands put forward by every aspirant.

This way, the learners find opportunities to get successfully mentored by professional experts in the digital marketing field. 

Here are the details of the professional faculty for the digital marketing course. 

The faculty includes Rithesh Raghavan, who is the Founder and Director of Acodez, having 17 deep years of expertise serving fields such as Sales, marketing, and IT., John P Manjaly, the Founder and Director of Acodez IT Solutions, with in-depth experience in training the students.

Vipin Nayar, who is the Founder of AvivDigital, and has experience in managing different roles like Digital Marketing Consultant, Coach, etc., Vishnu K, Adarsha TT, who are the Digital Marketing Analysts and best training faculty with recognitions like Google and Hubspot certification, and skills in managing training sessions in prior.

Course Period and Fee

The Avivdigital digital marketing course costs you around Rs.  45,000. The entire job-oriented course can be learned and completed in a 5-months duration.  


  • 15+ international certifications 
  • Bing certification
  • Hubspot Certification
  • STED council certificate
  • Facebook Blueprint Certificate
  • Avivdigital Certificate 
  • Free marketing tools worth INR 50,000 

How to Contact

Contact Number: +91 8157998844

Email id:


Folks Digital Academy


The academy is one of the pioneered digital marketing training institutes with an ultimate record in providing ideal digital marketing training. 

With the most promising education assured, the course offers excellent job opportunities and the development of required skills that meet industrial standards. The courses are affordable and live training is offered. 

What you will learn:

  • Digital Marketing Concepts
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • SMM
  • Website creation
  • Affiliate Marketing 

Course Period & Fee:

The digital marketing courses are available in a customized format and you can get training in specialized areas you wish,  through the training modules.

To know more about the course duration and the fee details,  you may contact them at the information provided below. 

Contact Details:

Email id:

Digital Buddha


The institute offers highly professional and best digital marketing courses that can be learned and used to prepare for the corporate job opportunities by the aspirants.

These courses are available at the best affordable rates to the learners. Mock interviews are also provided to face the job interviews in the future. 

Certificates are provided post the completion of this course. With eminent faculty who are well-experienced, the course is refined perfectly based on the job perspective.

What you will learn

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Development and Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Ads
  • Website & App Development
  • Graphic Designing
  • Video Development & Marketing
  • Branding & Identity

Course Period & Fee

The course duration of the Digital Buddha digital marketing course is 3 months. You get 1-1 mentoring and online live classes from this course. To know about fees and other details, you may directly contact them at the contact information provided below.

Contact Details:

Email id:

Try Socio Digital Academy


With, master digital marketing course, Try Socio Digital Academy has developed practical training focused on imparting expertise and skills to the aspirants required to ace digital marketing.

The digital marketing course also includes live sessions and real-time assignments. The students also get the opportunity to prepare their live projects and thereby to develop skills based on those fields.

With internship opportunities, the academy provides the industry standards and offers 100% job assistance to the learners.

The course curriculum is developed by professionals considering the requirement of the current industry. The students get 10+ certificates post completion of the course.

What you will learn

  • Website planning, setup
  • Email marketing, Viral Marketing, Domain Marketing
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Youtube Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • SEO, Technical SEO, Lead generation
  • Google Map Optimization, Google Analytics, Search Console
  • Online Display Ads
  • Ecommerce Marketing. Mobile app marketing, Content marketing
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Affiliate Marketing

Course Period & Fee

 The duration of the digital marketing master course is 3 months period. To know more about the fee and the other details regarding the course offered, you may contact them at the information provided below.

Contact Details:


Nexxa Digital Academy


Nexxa is a pioneered firm with in-depth expertise in training more than 500 students from various fields. With an advanced and updated course structure,

Nexxa provides best-in-industry coaching to the learners that help in the discovery of future opportunities and molding the career of the aspirants.

Nexxa digital academy offers a digital marketing course that covers all the vital lessons of digital marketing along with the quality and affordability assured.

What you will learn

Core Modules:

  • Marketing Automation

Advanced Modules:

  • Digital marketing principles and practices
  • Inbound Marketing, Content marketing 
  • Web Analytics
  • Media Buying, Planning

Marketing Specialization Modules:

  • Growth Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing and Content Writing

Course Period & Fee

Advanced Digital marketing training is available for a 2.5-month duration extended for 150+ hours.  Customized digital marketing courses are also available with the company.

To know about fee details, you can contact them at the information provided below.

How To Contact


NestSoft’s Digital Focus


The institute offers the best digital marketing courses that consider the recent trends and changes. In addition to it,  the institute also offers courses like SEO, SMO,  Content Marketing,  Google Analytics, Google Ads,  Internet Marketing, inbound marketing, etc. 

With the expertise of more than 18 years and serving with more than 500 projects worldwide, they offer live assignments and projects to the learners to get practical exposure.

The curriculum is developed by industrial experts with ample experience in the digital marketing industry.

What you will learn

  • Digital Marketing- SEO
  • Website and competitor analysis
  • Domain Name Registration(DNS), file name, directories, domain hosting, server configurations
  • HTML5, Web Design, CSS
  • Meta tag, title tag, head tag
  • Page optimization and content optimization
  • Blogger, WordPress
  • Crawling, indexing, caching
  • Search Engine Algorithms
  • Link building
  • Google Analytics, search operators
  • Dynamic and interactive websites
  • User-friendly integration 
  • URL Redirection and HTML validation
  • SMM, SEM
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google business listing
  • Google Adwords,  Adsense

Course Period and Fee

The digital marketing course offered by Nestsoft starts at INR 15,000 which can be customized as per the requirement. The course can be taken for a duration ranging from 15-120 days as per the convenience of the learner.

How to Contact

To know in detail about the various courses and for further clarifications regarding what they offer, you can contact them at the information given below:

Email id:


Digital marketing is a highly in-demand professional segment growing in multifold.  You require patience, the best marketing skills, and knowledge about the market to stand ahead of the competition.

The above recommendations can be helpful for you to make a choice on enrolling in the right digital marketing courses. 

Aviv Digital is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in Kochi, Kerala. Our globally recognized certification programs include advanced SEO training, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, and Inbound Marketing courses. We also provide detailed online classes for digital marketing courses. For more details regarding the course schedule and workshops,  contact us through a quote or call us right away at +91 8157998844 or +91 81569 9884


Which digital marketing is best? 

Social media marketing is the recently emerging trend in the digital marketing segment. 

However,  there are several other digital marketing techniques like content marketing, SEO,  SEM,  PPC,  SMM,  Influencer Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. which businesses use to frame their effective marketing strategies. 

What types of jobs are there in digital marketing? 

Digital Marketing has a vast scope of job opportunities such as Digital Marketing Manager who manages and formulate marketing strategies,  Search Engine Optimizer, Social Media marketer,  content marketing expert,  email marketing expert,  Social media manager,  SEM Specialist,  Content marketer and creator,  Ads specialist, marketing executives,  etc. 

What should I learn first in Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing requires the following skills to ace in the field.  Video, SEO & SEM, Content Marketing, Data and analytics, design-based thinking and design planning, technological skills, communication skills, etc. A digital marketing expert must be a continuous learner and ready to update the knowledge and skills in their respective specialized fields.